Local Sites To Sell Stuff

Local Sites To Sell Stuff – I’m going to work through the nuts and bolts of using apps and websites to sell stuff locally. Selling our old stuff was a key tool in our arsenal to become millionaires. Here’s our walkthrough with the tools we used!

I remember when we first started trying to sell our old stuff locally. I’ve spent way too much time going from website to app to forum post trying to figure out which are the best tools to use. It was both frustrating and confusing.

Local Sites To Sell Stuff

I went through this department because you don’t have to. In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you that we’ve been selling stuff locally (and online!) for years over many thousands of transactions. Heck, it was the basis of my second major business success: turning a hobby into a business.

Best Sites Like Craigslist To Help You Sell Your Stuff Faster Story

Before I get into the weeds of all the tools and how to use them, I wanted to give you some inspiration as to why you should be selling your old stuff in the first place.

It always amazes me how often friends and family will simply throw away perfectly used furniture, electronics and household items.

Jenni and I are definitely not perfect in this regard – it’s frustrating to see how much trash goes into the trash (instead of the recycling bin) every week. And sometimes we feel a little lazy and take the car for a trip around town when we could be riding a bike. But we must try to improve!

Although I’m often the one who ends up adopting the unloved things from friends and family, it’s striking that people don’t “automatically” know how to take simple steps to sell, donate or give away their things.

Apps & Websites To Sell Stuff Locally (detailed Guide How)

It feels natural because I’ve been selling my old used stuff to pay for my new and improved stuff since I was 14. I still have my Heatware account with suggestions from the year 2000 (CD-ROM 24X)!

Even if you really don’t think your old stuff has any value, why not try it on and see if it’s for sale?

If it’s really not worth it, why not donate to Goodwill for the tax credit or put it in the gift section of Craigslist?

Perhaps most predictably, recent studies show that money spent on experiences tends to generate more happiness than spending money on things. You can get into a cycle of selling your old used stuff and replacing it with newer used stuff. You’ll have more money for what’s most likely to make you happy: experiences and your own financial freedom.

How To Make Money Using An Online Neighborhood Marketplace

Follow me on the surprisingly simple path to learning how to get rid of your old “junk” that might as well have a diamond in the rough.

Here are some of our favorite apps and websites to sell your stuff locally as we try to answer the question “how do I sell my stuff locally” for free!

There are several ways to sell your old stuff online and meet locally to do the actual exchange.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg although it represents the biggest sites. For example, many people love Poshmark even though it is focused on a specific category of items: clothing and accessories. It’s also better suited for off-premises sales where you’ll need to handle packaging and shipping.

Things To Sell To Make Extra Money Easily

Before the days of eBay, Craigslist, and other places to sell things locally, consumer-to-consumer sales were often done through newspaper classified ads. In general, the lists were not free.

Today, eBay still offers local consignment listings, and you generally don’t pay commissions until a sale is made.

EBay is a good option if you’re not in a rush and want a listing to live somewhere for a while. This is especially true for higher-priced items (think collectible furniture), which may attract interest outside of your area, where someone is willing to drive you to the deal.

However, there are better options for all but very niche circumstances than local eBay pickup. So where can you sell your stuff online for free?

Tips And Tricks For Selling Your Stuff Online

For most categories, Craigslist remains free. You can create an anonymous account in minutes. The site still retains the look of the web in its early days with a very simple design.

My Craigslist account is kept active with a constant rotation of items from around the house and sometimes from neighbors, friends, and family who don’t feel like doing the heavy lifting.

I think Craigslist doesn’t have a great reputation, but I’ve never had a problem. Just be aware that many, many different things and…

Although I had no problems, Jenni once listed some shoes and asked for some foot photos to go with them.

How To Sell Stuff On Facebook: The Best Tips For Success

Craigslist anonymity has its pros and cons, of course. Be sure to check out the security section below, and this applies to any local transaction meeting!

The Facebook Marketplace website has a very modern interface that is easy to use to list and sell your items locally.

Facebook has a large audience, can use existing profiles to help build trust, and has its own built-in messaging system. They even created a supplier review system.

If you already have a Facebook account, I’ve had a lot of success selling our old stuff on the Marketplace platform and would recommend it. Having Facebook’s opt-in system helps prevent spam “interesting” emails. The Facebook profiles behind each post also help keep everyone a little more honest.

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You can even spend a few dollars to “boost” your list if it makes financial sense to do so.

Nextdoor seems like a nice modern cross between Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace while you focus on your local neighborhood to find buyers – I’ve made a lot of great sales!

The Nextdoor website is a much more interesting case. The platform is known as “Facebook for neighborhoods”. It’s kind of like what your local paper used to be, but run by your neighbors, with a discussion forum. This lends itself to a “rankings” section.

While images are important, more attention is paid to captions and description. The lists also seem a little more “sticky”.

How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace: Tips For Sellers

I would estimate that over 80% of our local sales came through these two places to sell things locally: Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

However, Facebook Marketplace’s audience size only seems to be growing. People seem a little less concerned with “getting a deal” and haggling on Facebook Marketplace as well.

Of course, we’ve been doing this for over a decade. The other side of selling things locally is catching up in recent years: apps!

The 2000s saw the sudden availability of everyone to sell things online: the explosive growth of the online flea market with eBay. Nowadays, there is a growth of apps that make it easy to download the crap from your home, locally.

Introducing Sell For Good, Empowering Neighbors To Support Local Nonprofits

OfferUp and Letgo are very similar programs competing in this space. Its goal is to make it as easy as possible for someone with a smartphone to open the app, take a photo as the basis of their listing, enter a price, and perhaps categorize or title the item.

The focus of its listings is on the photo, as the app uses a visual list of what’s for sale to help shoppers find what they’re looking for.

It is arguably the easiest and lowest barrier to entry to the options available for doing local sales. That said, I don’t find them to be good options. Buyers tend to be less interested in details (again, focus on visuals). They are looking to spend a little less because the programs have built-in trading systems.

I think they are good options if you are in a hurry to sell or sell a lot of things. A good example of where they fit in well is if you’re moving house and need to quickly reduce clutter.

Where To Sell Your Unwanted Stuff Online And Earn Extra Cash

Be wary of attempts to convince you to make your ads available nationwide, which will require shipping, possibly fees, and risk with your buyer.

I’ve summarized Nextdoor’s offering in the Best Websites section above, but you should know that they have a great, modern app with similar features.

The app acts as an interface to the same set of tools and listings, so you can create your initial listing using the desktop to edit photos, add descriptions, and research more easily.

You can use the app to keep up to date with minor changes, price adjustments and communications with potential buyers. Nextdoor has its own messaging system that works well with email and the app will let you check things very easily.

Ways To Buy And Sell Safely On Facebook Marketplace

Listings on OferUp and Letgo seem to slip away pretty quickly. Nextdoor seems to be a bit stickier, which I think helps with our sales.

Facebook Marketplace has been one of my favorite apps and places to sell stuff locally, it has a great interface and a massive audience!

The regular Facebook app has the marketing system built into it. As with the Nextdoor app, you’ll have access to all the same listings and similar tools as the web version.

Facebook’s application tools are a little more comprehensive than Nextdoor’s, and people tend to do that

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