Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles

Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles – Bathroom is also considered as the most important part of the house. As it is a place where family members can relax comfortably, “cleanse” the daily stress. Therefore, to have a beautiful bathroom space, tiles are the most essential material; It is not only aesthetic but also provides a layer of protection. Since the bathroom space is constantly in contact with water, the wrong choice of tiles can lead to water infiltration, back leakage, destruction of the building and can be dangerous. Glass mosaics are the best selling tiles in bathroom with excellent water resistance up to 95% and high aesthetics. Let’s explore the tips for choosing this tile pattern and how to use a beautiful glass mosaic for the bathroom below by Viet Huong Ceramics!

Before deciding to buy decorative glass mosaic for luxury bathrooms, you need to decide where the mosaics will be used. You can use tiles to set up a small area or cover an entire bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles

Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles

But according to Viet Huong Ceramics, there is no need to use glass mosaic for the entire bathroom. Glass mosaics can be used in the bathroom, behind the toilet or on the wall in place of the sink… Glass mosaics for bathrooms are beautiful on some levels because the nature of the mosaic is so eye-catching. Make the space soft and luxurious. Most importantly, this is a quality brick model, so the price is not cheap; Yes, tiling an entire bathroom will cost you a lot of money.

Add Interest And Texture With Luxury Bathroom Tiling

Glass mosaic is a kind of high quality material. Hence, the price is higher than other common bathroom tiles. In addition, its price depends on the color and design of the tiles, the pattern it has. So after determining the location and area to be laid, calculate the number of tiles required and calculate the total cost to get the best option for your home.

Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles

When choosing a glass mosaic in the bathroom, choose a color that combines with the rest of the details in the bathroom. Because mosaics are naturally like shiny diamonds, when used in bathroom tiles, they reflect each other with lighting and metal fixtures. You will be amazed at the elegance and look this bathroom mosaic creates.

The dealer is a decisive factor in choosing a beautiful decorative glass mosaic. Because a reputable brick distributor will always have products with clear appearance and clear labels on each product.

Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Besides, since it is imported from the original source, without middlemen from multiple suppliers, the price reaching the hands of the customer is very affordable, close to the original price.

Viet Huong Ceramics believes that it is a leading unit specializing in providing many types of tiles imported from well-known countries; With a distinctive design and high quality, it fully meets the luxury and class needs of the owners.

Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles

– Before using a beautiful glass mosaic in the bathroom, the surface of the structure must be flat, dry and clean. In this way, when tiling, the new tile guarantees adhesion, limiting peeling and deterioration. If the base layer or wall is dirty or rough, you need to smooth it.

Luxury Bathroom Washing Area With The Mirror And Shower Beside The Pattern Wall Floor Tiles, The Wooden Cupboard And Counter Is Holding The White Flow Stock Photo

In addition to your chosen bathroom mosaic, you will need to prepare the following materials and tools:

Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles

Mix the tile adhesive according to the manufacturer’s ratio. Generally, the mixing ratio of water/glue = 1/4 (by mass) or 1/3 (by volume). It is recommended to use a mixture so that the glue does not clump, is too loose or too dry.

– Apply the adhesive mixture to the surface to be painted, tilt it horizontally at an angle of 60 degrees and use a notched trowel. Place the tile over the freshly applied adhesive and press firmly with your hand or use a rubber mallet to tap the surface evenly. It is recommended to build from the bottom up to prevent the tiles from sliding, and note that you also need a support tree underneath.

Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Roughly 24 hours after the mosaic is finished, grouting begins. Because then the tile adhesive is completely dry. If the grout is applied while the grout is still wet, the water in the grout will be trapped. Residues or undissolved salts can cause stains when water evaporates.

At a 45° angle, press and use a rubber squeegee to pull towards the brick joints. Use a damp sponge to wipe excess glue from the surface before drying. At the end of the grinding process, the surface should be allowed to dry for about 30 minutes. Then use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe off excess glue. Clean again after an hour to prevent the circuit from cracking and foaming.

Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles

Finally, after completing all the above steps. Use a soft cloth and a special soap to clean, leaving the surface shiny like the original. I wish you success in laying glass mosaic in a beautiful bathroom.

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Check out Viet Huong Ceramics’ work using glass mosaics to create luxury bathrooms below! Luxurious bathrooms and striking hallways can be elevated to a level of opulence by using high-quality tiles. Timeless style can be imparted to the home through careful design, while Concept’s in-house design team will work with you to create and define your preferred style and color scheme.

Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles

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At Concept, we make sure to work with the most up-to-date bathroom designers and manufacturers and the latest styles for all luxury and private client renovation projects. Villeroy & Boch continues to expand its market with new innovative styles that add the finishing touch to luxury and relaxation.

Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Luxury Bathroom Tile Patterns You Will Love

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Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles

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