Machines That Use Nespresso Pods

Machines That Use Nespresso Pods – Our top tips on how to properly use compatible pods in your Nespresso machine and what to do if they don’t work

Nespresso compatible capsules from other brands offer more variety if you want to move away from regular Nespresso coffee, and they also save you money.

Machines That Use Nespresso Pods

While some early compatible pods malfunctioned or may have even damaged the Nespresso machine, there are now many compatible pods available that work well and can brew great coffee that rivals Nespresso’s own range.

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In this guide, we answer some frequently asked questions about using compatible pods and give you the best tips on how to use them successfully, based on our experience of making hundreds of espressos with compatible pods in our Nespresso flavor tests.

You may have a favorite Nespresso coffee you can’t live without, but it’s worth experimenting with compatible capsules. There is a wide range of products available that can be cheaper and more convenient to purchase.

Nespresso capsules can be purchased in Nespresso boutiques located in major cities as standalone stores or in selected John Lewis and Selfridges stores. The capsules can also be purchased online through the Nespresso website or on Amazon and eBay.

If you order online through the Nespresso website, buy at least 50 capsules with free standard delivery and order at least 100 capsules with next day delivery to eligible postcodes.

How Does Nespresso Work?

Nespresso-compatible capsules, on the other hand, are more readily available – both in supermarkets and online – so you can slip them into your trolley along with your weekly groceries. Many are the same price as Nespresso, but some – especially supermarket brands – are cheaper and you don’t have to pay for delivery. Read on to find out more about where to buy them.

Over the years we have tested Nespresso compatible coffee pods, made hundreds of espressos using a wide range of popular brands and found that each brand generally worked fine, but getting the best results is an art. It is worth taking extra care when inserting the capsule, so follow our tips below:

If you have an older Nespresso machine – or a brand new one – double check the fine print when purchasing compatible cartridges.

Some indicate that they work best in specific machines. There are no compatible capsules for the Vertuo model, it adopts a different design and has a unique coffee making mechanism. If in doubt, ask the pod manufacturer.

Combined Coffee Machine

If you’re looking for a new machine, check out our Nespresso machine reviews to find the best one.

Compatible capsules may have a slightly different shape than Nespresso capsules, so it is most important to take the time to insert the capsule and make sure that it is placed correctly in the machine.

If the machine does not close easily, do not push it down, but check that the sachet is positioned correctly.

We found that it may be necessary to press harder on the capsule holder than with the Nespresso capsule.

Pod Coffee Machines

Don’t forget to empty the used capsule container frequently – an overfilled capsule container may prevent new capsules from loading properly.

If you still have problems, you can contact the capsule manufacturer for advice or contact the retailer for a refund.

Nespresso-branded capsules used to be the only type you could use in your machine, but a 2014 French court ruling forced Nespresso to work with compatible capsule manufacturers and you can now use Nespresso-compatible capsules in most Nespresso Original coffee machines with confidence automatically voiding your device warranty.*

Damage caused by compatible capsules will not be covered by the warranty, but it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to prove that any defects that occur during the warranty period are the result of compatible use of the capsules and not the materials or workmanship of the device.

Can You Use Original Nespresso Pods In Vertuoline Machines?

Always check that the capsule you are using is compatible with your specific Nespresso machine model. Most compatible capsules are not intended for use in domestic or commercial machines, and some have additional exceptions.

*Please check compatibility with your specific model first. Note: Nespresso Vertuo machines do not accept compatible capsules. Find out more in our guide

For more advice on your rights, please see our refund, repair or replacement guide.

The mix of plastic, foil, and ground coffee grounds can make used coffee pods difficult to recycle, and many home collection centers will not accept them. The good news is that with Nespresso you have more options than with some brands of coffee capsules, but what you need to do varies depending on whether you use Nespresso’s own capsules or compatible brands.

What Coffee Pod Type Is Compatible With My Coffee Machine?

Supermarkets have a limited but growing range of Nespresso compatible capsules, most of which we have tested. It’s an easy way to try a new flavor without having to buy larger quantities like you do online.

Online, you can purchase Nespresso compatible pods from retailers such as Amazon, as well as from specialist online coffee retailers such as Gourmesso, Fine Coffee Club and Real Coffee. Some offer different starter packs so you can try different coffees and find your favourite.

When buying online, there is usually a minimum purchase amount and delivery costs vary – but it is often free if you buy more than a certain amount.

In our 2020 taste tests, we compared coffee capsules from online-only brands with Nespresso offers from brick-and-mortar stores. View full results to find the best Nespresso compatible capsules.

Reusable Nespresso Pods At Amazon—starting At $13

Not all Nespresso compatible capsules are reusable, so check before purchasing. For more information on reusing coffee capsules, see Reusable, recyclable and compostable coffee capsules

The best-known capsule coffee brands outside of Nespresso are Dolce Gusto, Tassimo, Lavazza and Illy. The capsules of these brands are more available in supermarkets, so there is less demand for compatible capsules, but a few are available online.

You need to decide what brand of coffee pods you want before choosing a specific machine, as each system only works with one type of pod. Here is a brief summary of the main differences:

Like Nespresso, these brands focus on espresso-based coffee with an optional milk frother accessory for whipping cappuccinos. If espresso is your favorite drink, one of these machines can be a good alternative to Nespresso.

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These brands offer a wider variety of beverages, including tea, hot chocolate, and coffee with milk (prepared from powdered milk capsules), such as lattes and cappuccinos.

We’ve found a few Best Buy non-Nespresso pod machines that are easy to use, make great coffee – and cost less than their Nespresso counterparts, so check out our coffee machine reviews to find the best option for you.

It is also worth considering the new Nespresso Vertuo system. This uses a different extraction method and a new capsule design than the original Nespresso models. Learn more about comparing the two Nespresso systems in our Nespresso Original vs. Nespresso Vertuo guide.

Check out our guide to the best pod coffee machines in 2022 for in-depth advice to help you compare brands of pod coffee machines.

Ways To Use Coffee Pods

Buying a hottie or a bag of wheat for a loved one this Christmas? Here’s what you need to know Blog A complete guide to compatible coffee pods and which machines they fit in. Published March 27, 2017

The fight is real! You just bought a new coffee machine because someone recommended it, or the guy in the store was super friendly and you couldn’t resist, but now you’re wondering which capsule goes with that particular coffee machine? Where can I get the capsules? Can I only buy original capsules or are there compatible products on the market at a much better price?

First of all: it’s a jungle, so there are more types of machines and pods than you can imagine. To make it easier for you, we have listed the most common systems below and explained which capsule fits which machine. Please note that the following list will never be complete. There are simply too many machines on the market, not enough space to list them all.

If you can’t find your machine, please contact us (preferably send a photo of your machine) and our coffee experts will tell you exactly which sachet is right for you!

Starbucks By NescafÉ® Dolce Gusto® Coffee Pods

Nespresso, although not the first capsule on the market, has been the most successful so far. In recent times, sister system Nescafé Dolce Gusto has stolen some market share. Do not confuse the two systems, the capsules are not interchangeable. However, there are many machines on the market that can use genuine or compatible Nespresso capsules.

Capsule shape: strong V shape, approx. diameter 37mm, height 30mm. Features of the capsules: Some are made of aluminum but most, especially the compatible ones, are made of food grade plastic with aluminum caps, 100% safe to use in your machine, read more.

Watch out for… Keyword compatibility such as Nespresso or Caffeluxe, compatibility with market-leading machines Prices: Genuine Nespresso capsules start at R6, from £50 to R10 per capsule. Compatible products are available from PLN 3.49 per pod, mainly when purchased in bulk (50, 100 or 200 packs).

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