Mass Communication Colleges In Pune

Mass Communication Colleges In Pune – The media play an important role in any democracy. A career in public relations and journalism brings new experiences and excitement every day. And many young minds are moving in that direction. Each year, between 70,000 and 80,000 students nationwide enroll in journalism and mass communications programs. The competitive social media environment requires a lot of hard work, dedication and excellent communication skills.

This is the right place if you are looking for the best colleges as we have compiled a list for you in the article Top 10 Colleges Offering Mass Communication and Journalism Courses in India.

Mass Communication Colleges In Pune

Symbiosis is a multi-campus university. The campuses embody the motto “Promoting international understanding through quality education” and are partners with international students from all over the world who experience Indian culture and hospitality. Many of these properties are fully residential, with recreational amenities such as swimming pools, concert halls, and medical facilities. With its excellent track record in mind, the Ministry of Human Resources Development of the Government of India awarded the university the title of “Symbiosis Recognized University” in 2002, under which the university is now considered a university.

D Y Patil International University, Akrudi, Pune

AJK Mass Communications Research Center is India’s leading mass communications research center. MCRC was founded by A.J. Kidway in collaboration with York University Toronto and the Canadian International Development Agency in 1982. MCRC offers high quality media education and training, professional professors and scholars, and many visiting experts. Contemporary media, arts, crafts, and engineering classes are offered through the MCRC.

The IIMC Society, a private individual incorporated under the Companies Registration Act of 1867, administers the organization. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting allocates funds for development. The institute has a governing body, an executive committee, a chairman, which includes the director general of the institute, faculty representatives, and key members of the media. It was opened on August 17, 1965 by the then Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Smt. Indira Gandhi with a small staff, which included two UNESCO advisers.

St. Xavier College, the independent Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC), is an academic unit. It is an active media center that provides various training and production services. The center is located on two campuses in Mumbai: St. Xavier College and St. Xavier High School. St. Xavier College, Xavier Institute of Communications, Xavier Institute of Management and Research (XIMR), and Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture are part of Bombay St. Xavier College Trust.

Website: Multiple Media Courses – Mass Communication, Journalism, Advertising and Marketing, Xavier Institute of Communications Diploma and Certificate Courses (XIC). (

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Lady Shri Ram College for Women has long been recognized as the institution of higher education for women in India. It is now one of the world’s leading institutions in the social sciences, humanities and commerce, offering a Bachelor of Science degree. Mathematical system. Among its strengths are professional courses such as elementary education and journalism. LSR, at the forefront of knowledge, not only keeps pace with the changing world, but is also a trailblazer that has created many educational innovations.

The Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media (IIJNM) is one of the leading journalism and media schools in South Asia. The center is located in Bangalore, the heart of India’s high-tech industry. It offers an excellent curriculum that combines theory and practice to prepare graduates for jobs in the media industry. Its print, television, radio and multimedia journalism programs present the best practices of the news industry and media technology.

In many national surveys, the Faculty of Communications of the University of Hyderabad has been named as the best faculty in the university. The department prides itself on being one of the leading research centers in the country, with Ph.D.s conducting research that goes beyond the humanities and social sciences.

The university offers postgraduate and doctoral programs. At the master’s level, the focus is on print and new media, communications and media studies, and radio and video production.

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With a rich heritage spanning three decades, CHRIST’s Department of Media Studies (Deemed University) has become one of the trusted leaders in media education. The India Today-MDRA Poll and the Week-HANSA Research Poll consistently rank us as one of the top 10 educational institutions in the country in the field of human relations. In their 2020 survey, India Today ranked us as #1 among the “Best Emerging Colleges of this Century”.

In 1960, the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) was established in the former premises of Prabhat Studios in Pune by the Government of India. The FTII campus is currently housed in the former Prabhat Studio. Prabhat Studio was a pioneer in the film industry, moving to Pune from Kolhapur in 1933. The old studios from that time still exist and are used as production sites for Prabhat’s films. Prabhat’s old studios are now historic buildings. FTII students still work for the world’s oldest film studios.

The Media Research Educational Society in New Delhi established the National Institute of Mass Communication in 2003 in collaboration with the Canadian Institute of Mass Communication in Ontario, Canada. The University of California in the United States has also recognized the National Institute of Mass Communications and its courses.

Address: 84 A, 2nd Floor, D 904, next to Mata Ka Mandir, New Friends Colony South, Bharat Nagar, Delhi 110065

Suryadatta Institute Of Management And Mass Communication (simmc), Pune: Admission, Courses, Fees, Registration, Eligibility, Dates, Placement, Review, Cutoff, Hostel, Faculty, Scholarships

The goal is to provide students with high quality media training to make the most of media technology to keep up with the rapidly changing media industry.

Yes, mass communications and journalism is a good career option as it opens up different fields such as filmmaking, radio, PR and many more.

The starting salary of communications workers can be around Rs. from 12,000 to rupees. 25,000. However, an experienced specialist can expect to pay Rs. from 50,000 to rupees. 1.

Over the century, two things have become important to media aspirants: adaptability and competition. Symbiosis Center for Media and Communication (SCMC) in Pune attracts some of the best talent from India and other countries to participate in the graduate program. And while they provide them with the specialized knowledge, practical skills, and industry networks that help them build successful careers, the center’s primary goal is to develop thinkers and leaders who are more than just experts. This institute wants to be students, creators and lifelong innovators who will shape the telecommunications industry of the future, to be talented individuals who thrive in the most challenging environments.

Department Of Media And Communication Studies

A journalist who understands digital big data, a public relations specialist who can produce multimedia content, an advertising specialist who gains knowledge from cultural studies and social studies, a film director who is well versed in the principles of promotion, distribution and marketing – our students are ready to adapt to any working situation. ; this is why this institute has always been considered as one of the best social media colleges in India.

SCMC Pune believes in education beyond the classroom, most of what their students do is hands-on and hands-on – be it in-studio photo shoots, field story coverage, marketing and advertising campaign development, brand media management, documentary film making about wildlife. or volunteering in an NGO. They provide an immersive industry experience through three full-time internships, including one in engineering, and small career projects that our students spend three years at SCMC.

SCMC also offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, including movie theaters, a TV studio, sound recording facility, post-production, photography studio, journalism newsroom, digital marketing lab, and an audiovisual library. Regular field trips and visits are designed to give students first-hand experience and knowledge not only in media business but also in other important areas such as history, art, culture, nature and wildlife, science, agriculture, manufacturing and more.

Dr. Sriram Gopalkrishnan, Director of the Symbiosis Center for Media & Communication (SCMC), has worked as a public and private sector communications professional for over thirty years and leads an intellectual team with extensive industry, teaching and research experience. “In addition to what our team offers, we constantly and continuously interact with leading industry professionals and renowned scientists nationally and internationally through guest sessions, seminars, conferences and workshops. Academic research at the undergraduate level is rare, but it inspires and guides our students in publishing their research. “

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Our students have gone on to study at the world’s leading institutions, including IIM, IIT, and American Ivy League colleges. We also have an impressive track record of appointing our alumni to key roles in some of the leading media organizations in India and abroad. Many of our students graduated and laid the foundation for their own startup. We strongly encourage an entrepreneurial culture. We can

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