Mass Email From Excel Spreadsheet

Mass Email From Excel Spreadsheet – For example, I have the following data range in a worksheet with columns Name, Email, Registration Code, and now I want to send a personalized greeting and my own registration code to each email address in column A. The following methods may help to solve this problem

With Word’s mail merge feature, you can accomplish this task quickly and easily. Follow the steps below:

Mass Email From Excel Spreadsheet

1. Launch a new blank Word document, then choose Mailings > Select Recipients > Use Existing List, see screenshot:

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2. In the data source selection window, select the workbook containing the data range you want to use, and click the Open button, see screenshot:

3. In the resulting Select Table dialog box, please select a worksheet with the data range you need, and then click the OK button, see screenshot:

4. The email main document and address list are linked. Now you can edit text messages and add placeholders that indicate where unique information will appear in each message.

(1.) To insert your personal greeting name, click Mailing > Insert Merge Field > First name, first name and last name will be inserted into the message, and the field name will be surrounded by «».

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(2) Go to type the message and insert the registration code where you need it, see screenshot:

5. After composing the message, you can click Preview Results on the Mailings tab to preview the email and make changes before the merge is actually completed.

6. After confirming no problem, you can send email to separate recipients, please Mailing > Complete and Merge > Send Email, see screenshot:

8. And then click OK, emails are sent to individual recipients with their respective registration codes, after sending the emails, you can go to Outlook to confirm whether the emails have been sent successfully.

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With Kutools for Excel’s Send Email feature, you can quickly send personalized emails to multiple recipients with various attachments from Excel to Outlook. At the same time, you can send Cc or Bcc messages to a specific person Get the free trial of Kutools for Excel now!

In addition to the mail merge function, the following VBA code may also do you a favor, do this:

1. Hold down the ALT + F11 keys and the Microsoft Visual Basic application window will open.

3. Then press F5 to run this code, and a window will pop out to remind you of the data range you want to use, see screenshot:

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4. And then click OK button, emails will be sent to separate addresses one by one with their personal registration code. After sending the emails, you can go to Outlook to confirm whether the emails have been sent successfully.

If you have Kutools for Excel, with its Send Email feature, you can quickly send personalized emails to multiple recipients with different attachments as needed.

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2. In the Send Email dialog box, select the data range you want to use, and then provide the recipient’s address, attachment and subject you need, see screenshot:

Mail Merge Plus Excel

3. In the edit box, enter a personal greeting name, select a name from the drop-down list, and then click Insert Placeholder to insert names into the message, see screenshot:

5. After filling in the email content, select the send mode you want, you can send using outlook or specified server, refer to screensnhot:

Note: If you want to use a different server, please click Outgoing Server Settings to set the sending mode, see screennhot:

6. Finally, click the Send button to send the emails. When finished, a window will pop up to remind you of the upload status. See screenshots:

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This code worked great, thanks a lot But I only have a little problem, I’m trying to change the code to specify in advance the cells I want to fetch and email because I created an excel file. I want to toggle the checkbox for a specific array of cells Example: Fix all my data to be between A2:C6 so when I run a macro I don’t have to select it anymore. Thank you so much for everything you mentioned above

Can you change the code to attach multiple files to an email? It will be a great help Thanks in advance.

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Is it possible to add a code that will download my normal email signature as well? When selecting an email range, my excel spreadsheet is filtered, but when I run the macro, it also fetches the hidden rows.

When you apply Kutools for Excel, it can help you insert subjects based on cell values, you need to select the Subject Column Header in the dialog box as below screenshot shown:

I’ve tried and tried to get my email signature but it just doesn’t seem right! Do you have some code I can add to do this?

This is awesome, I need help every time I need to attach different PDFs to different emails

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You need to enter attachment path in cells first, then apply Kutools, see below screenshot:

I used your code below to send mail and it works perfectly, can you help me convert it to code to send PDF attachment?

I need to send more than 100 mails so it’s hard to attach files every time Does Kutools follow the given path and send the mail automatically?

If I have data for multiple customers and some customers have 1 more data… and I don’t want to send separate emails to the customers but can send them in tabular format in the email. How to send only 1 email to a customer?

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Hi Steven, have you found a way to do this? We can help you with a simple web portal

But I’m trying to test and I’m not sending anything to the email Also no error message.. I wonder what happened?

I have a list of email addresses in Excel that I need to send emails to and to cells except email addresses and I have the below script but I need to send 100 emails in 1 hour how can I satisfy your support?

Our excel email tools can help you solve your Set Conditions issue as below screenshot shown:

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With this feature, you can also apply CC, BCC and also insert multiple attachments.

Apakah method that comes from lakukan pada word 2007 soalnya saya coba lakukan di file pdf nya tdk terkirim.. tarikasha

For some reason this code sends all the other emails in the list Is there any reason why it doesn’t send to everyone? I directly copied the code above and didn’t change anything

To solve the problem, apply the following code: (Note: you need to add column CC to column C)

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I used the above VBA code “Send individual bulk emails to a list from excel using VBA code”. I’m wondering if I can email some people who require notification based on Excel, asking them to send reminders to people who have their contracts coming to an end? I can’t send an email and I know it’s because of the code itself Can anyone help me solve this problem?

I want to send an email with a unique subject, how can I do it with this VBA?

I need code to automatically send draft emails from sheet2 to every 5 members in the list given in sheet1.

After sending the first 5 messages, the code should mark them as “sent” in a new dedicated column, then wait 60 seconds before sending the next set of 5 emails.

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Monthly emails are a simple way to increase your email marketing ROI Can be sent to a group with similar interests, business relationships or expectations

The important aspect is that mass emails need to be tracked so that all data can be compiled correctly, and this is what Mass Emailing from Excel does.

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