Master In Mass Communication Colleges

Master In Mass Communication Colleges – Most people have serious misconceptions about what mass communication really is. Some think it’s just about studying communication, while others think it’s just about newspaper and radio broadcasting. The fact is that large-scale communication is a broad field of knowledge that is relevant to everyday life. In one way or another, everyone is connected to the big world of communication several times a day.

If you’re interested in breaking news, creating content for different brands, or maybe you have ideas and messages you’d like to share on a radio channel or podcast, mass media could be the right career for you!

Master In Mass Communication Colleges

First, let’s explain the meaning of this word. Mass communication is often defined as the process of creating, sending, and receiving messages through all media simultaneously. It’s an incredibly broad field that covers branding, entertainment, marketing, public relations, and more. Mass media often travel through traditional media such as newspapers, radio and television, or through the Internet such as social media. It is an exciting course of study because of its flexibility and the extent to which it has evolved with the development of new technologies and media. Especially since the advent of social media and its prevalence in our current lives, great communication has never been so enjoyable. It’s an important creative way to get your message across the world!

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As I mentioned above, Mass Comm has a wide spectrum. There are many professions in which you can choose your career.

Below is a brief overview of the various skills in mass communication and career prospects in them.

Examples of broadcasts are news on television, radio stations, or any time you choose to read news articles online.

This involves the collection, preparation and distribution of informational materials. This can be demonstrated in traditional forums or online.

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Marketing is often described as creating value for customers. In the world of marketing, you need to grab the attention of customers and convince them to choose your product or service over others.

One of the ways the market affects you is why you choose the electronics you use today.

It is often related to marketing, but it mainly focuses on promoting and selling the product.

Advertising is everywhere. Whether at home, when you want to watch videos online or when you go out, look for billboards and screens.

Top 10 Journalism And Mass Communication Colleges In India

PR refers to how a company / organization maintains a positive image in the public eye. This is done by planning public appearances, organizing press releases and managing bad media.

Since it is a broad field of study, certain skills will need to be acquired in order to pursue a public relations education.

Different universities may require different sets of criteria for a public relations degree/bachelor’s degree. Below is an overview of the requirements you need to meet to enroll on your foundation or degree.

For your bachelor’s degree in communication, below is a brief overview of the general entry requirements for a public education degree:

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Again, each university has its own requirements. To find out more about the criteria you must meet to get into your desired university, contact us now!

Here is a list of the best private universities where you can pursue your studies in General Assembly in Malaysia.

INTI prices vary depending on the industry you choose. If you would like to know more about the program structure, fees or entry requirements, contact us now! ›Communication and Media › All Articles on Communication and Media ›DU Graduate College of Printing and Mass Communication

Looking for a career in media? Check out the list of best DU colleges to study journalism and public relations below.

Mass Communication Course

After finishing 12th grade, many students want to go into journalism. While many students aspire to be journalists, many others dream of becoming editors, newsreaders or PR (public relations). No matter what public relations major you choose for yourself, it’s important that you get a good reputation in college for a successful career.

The University of Delhi, also known as the University of Delhi or DU, has colleges that offer students valuable courses in journalism and communication. Admission to major communication courses offered at DU is based on merit as well as entrance exams.

Below is a list of top colleges offering Journalism and Communication courses in DU. You can view the list of colleges listed below along with the admission process, cut offs and category wise placements.

Indraprastha College for Women introduced its first public relations course in 1999 and is now known as one of the best colleges in the country for undergraduate communication courses. Some of the most famous alumni of the college include Salma Sultan (television journalist), Aruna Roy (politician and social activist), Madhumita Raut (classical Odissi dancer), Kamala Laxman (author of children’s books) and Meira Kumar (politician).

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The college offers Bachelor (Hons) Multimedia and Mass Communication (BMMMC) courses to students and offers admission based on the Common University Entrance Examination (CUET) 2022. The seats offered by the colleges in the BMMMC course are as follows:

Established in 1956, Lady Shri Ram College for Women (also known as LSR) is another college of higher education in India for women. The college is situated on a beautiful campus of 15 acres in South Delhi and has an enrollment of around 2000 students. Honorary graduates of the college include Shoma Chaudhuri, Nidhi Razdan and Sujata Singh.

The College offers undergraduate (Hons) Journalism courses to students. Until 2021, admission to Lady Shri Ram CollegeUG is based on Class 12 / HSC exam results. However, from 2022, admission will be through Central Entrance Examination (CUET / erstwhile CUCET) conducted by NTA. For PG course, Delhi University Entrance Examination (DUET) score is considered.

The Daily Press School is currently the one and only DU faculty that offers journalism courses to students. The college was established by the university in 2017 and is situated in a lush green and spacious campus at the University Sports Stadium in the North Campus of DU.

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The college offers a five-year integrated program in journalism in Hindi as well as in English and offers admission to students based on the 2022 Common University Entrance Test (CUET). The types of places colleges offer for journalism courses include:

The Press Department of Delhi College of Arts and Business was established in 1989. The department offers students BA (Hons) Journalism courses with an integrated curriculum focusing on all forms of public relations including advertising, public relations, documentary filmmaking. Journalism graduates are well placed in some of the leading media institutions such as like like NDTV, India Today, Headlines Today, The Hindu and so on.

Maharaja Agrasen College of Delhi University was established in 1994 and covers an area of ​​10 acres. The college offers various facilities for the students, including girls’ hostels, fully stocked libraries, central computer labs, large sports facilities, etc.

The college offers two undergraduate and graduate journalism programs in journalism and graduate degrees in television and news production. Admission to the courses offered by the college will be based on CUET 2022 scores.

College Of Mass Media And Communication Technology

The Institute of Housing and Utilities, founded in 1961, began offering undergraduate journalism courses in 2017. The institute currently offers BA (Hons) Journalism courses for students who “engage in both theory and rigorous implementation of projects in an interactive manner, with discussions and workshops”. Field visits, celebrity discussions, festivals, as well as experience working with various media,” says the official website.

The college will offer admission to candidates for the UG Journalism course offered by them on the basis of UG CUET marks from this year.

Established in 1964, Kamal Nehru College is a NAAC accredited A Grade College with CGPA 3.33. The college offers Bachelor of Journalism (Hons) courses to students and offers admission on the basis of CUET UG scores.

The Department of Journalism at the University of Kalindi was established in 1995 and has been offering Bachelor of Journalism (Hons) courses to students ever since. The department is known for its modern infrastructure in the form of multimedia studios, studios and audiovisual laboratories, as well as equipment for electronic video production. Graduates of the department are placed in some of the leading print and electronic media like PTI, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Pioneer, News X, Zee News and so on.

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Kalindi College offers admission to BA (Hons) Journalism courses offered to students based on CUET UG scores.

Established in 1971, Bharati College is located in a quiet campus in West Delhi. The college offers various infrastructural facilities like theatres, studios and so on to the students.

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