Master Of Fine Arts Programs Online

Master Of Fine Arts Programs Online – The Master’s program focuses on students’ in-depth study of artistic practice. Through reflection, they take their practice forward and relate it to both current and historical art contexts. The program spans experiments, research, theory and critical self-reflection. Masters courses take the form of seminars, symposia and workshops, which are conducted in blocks. A key aspect of your studies is artistic engagement and exploration in ongoing dialogue with your mentor and external art experts. The master’s program will help you develop your aesthetic position. You will expand on the fundamentals learned in your undergraduate studies, extending them through reflection and relating them to historical and current industrial contexts. The Master of Fine Arts program is conducted in close collaboration with the Bern University of the Arts. The two Master’s courses cover the self-sphere (studio), the collective dimension (seminars and symposia) and the field of observation (one-on-one discussions and plenary discussions). Research content, media and intellectual methods are designed to increase your sense of responsibility.

Lateral entry into a different discipline is possible if the candidate shows artistic potential; In this case, contact the Head of Curriculum.

Master Of Fine Arts Programs Online

Note: International students are welcome to apply for the Master of Arts. Language of instruction is English (B2 level or equivalent).

Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture And Fine Arts University

Kelly Tissot, Steeplechase and Medallion, 2020, Installationssansicht Life, Love, Justice, Diplomausstellung Institut Kunst, Kunsthaus Baselland, 2020, Photo: Christian Knörr Vorbereitungen für die Diplomausstellung (Marc Jonas Echenberg, Christian Bechenberg 2020), Photo: Christian Knörr Vorbereitungen School no. 2 Phenomenal Ocean and the Current II Convening #2, Jusamenerbeit Meet TBA21–Academy, Venedig, Photo: Enrico Fiores. Sophie Yerly, The Last Picture 1950 – 2016 (2019), 2019, Manuel Guldimann, For the Hobby Heart, 2019. Ausstellungsansicht I-Hood, Kunsthaus Baselland, 2019, Photo: Christian Knörr Michael Etzenger, M019, M019 I-Hood, Kunsthaus Baselland, 2019, Photo: Christian Knörr Svenja Schennach, Durch-triebe-n (both stumbling and transforming), 2019, Performance an der Eröffnung, I-Hood, Kunsthaus Baselland, 2019, Photo: Www Knör : Christian Knörr in motion, Master Symposium, Presentation by Isabel Lewis, 2020, Photo: Jennifer Marilyn Scherler Wmxon in Motion, Master Symposium, Isabel Lewis, Sonya Fernandez Pan, 2020, Photo: Jennifer Marilyn Scherler, Sompsnia, Sonmax Fernandez Pan Lynn Cousy, Isabel Lewis, Sadie Plant, Quinn Latimer, Chus Martínez, 2020, Photo: Jennifer Marilyn Scherler Lysan Koenig, Song for Two Suns, 2019, Performance Am Master-Symposium Women on Earth, Mother in October 2019, Master Symposium, Chus Mart ínez, Rosella Biscotti, Sophie Jung , Quinn Latimer, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, October 2019, Photo: Christian Knörr Summer School #2 Phenomenal Ocean, Zusammenarbeit mit TBA21–Academy, Ocean Space, Venedig, Photo: Enrico, Fisher Lico, Fisher Hellwatch, 2019. Ausstellungsansicht I-Hood, Kunsthaus Baselland, 2019, Photo: Christoph Bühler Alessandro Schiattarella, Permeabile, 2020, Performance, Life, Love, Justice, Graduation Exhibition Art Institute, ühler: Photo 2019, Christoph Bühler Baselland, 2020 Graduation Exhibition, 2020, Photo : Christian Nor

We expect from our students a great curiosity and a desire to develop a better understanding of what they themselves create and what others create. A prerequisite is the ability to think differently. We expect students to be able to understand ways of thinking different from their own. The Art Institute values ​​students who are attracted to the unknown and who want to participate in the debate of art creation.

Finding your own voice takes time. Art Institute is ready to assist you in this journey anytime, anywhere. Art study doesn’t give clear answers, but it helps you find and formulate the right questions. We want you to understand that these questions—questions of art—govern public life.

Modules 1-3 are running from Semester 1 to Semester 3. In the 4th semester, you finish your master’s thesis.

Bachelor Of Arts

In Module 1, you develop the focal points of your artwork independently but in consultation with your mentors. Individual artistic development is complemented by lectures arising during plenary session courses, projects and excursions.

Module 2: Art in Context (9 ECTS) In Module 2, you complete art and media theory courses (seminars, lectures, reading courses, presentations, research). Events are coordinated with our Masters partner MA CAP in Bern and include courses offered by the University of Basel and other institutions. The focus of the module is the topic of art discourse; It is complemented by in-depth courses in theory, research and artistic practice.

Module 3: Theory and Practice, Platform Pool CH (6 ECTS) Module 3 covers the Swiss Fine Arts Platform Master’s Course in theory, technology and context. Courses are published in pools across Switzerland. The platform facilitates the exchange of students from various Master of Fine Arts programs in Switzerland.

In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in a master’s symposium in Switzerland each semester.

Master Fine Arts Campus Brussels / Sint Lukas

Module 4: Master’s Thesis Building on the experience and knowledge gained in the previous semester, students focus on the planning, preparation and completion of the Master’s thesis in the 4th semester. Graduation will be followed by a public presentation.

Through these four modules, the Master’s program allows students to integrate and advance their artistic knowledge in methods, theory and practice. Focus is on developing an independent artistic language and position. Project-based thinking and working, the ability to develop persuasive research methods, and an objective approach to experimentation and conceptualization are further focal points of the program. In addition, students learn more about theory, research and work and project management in an industrial context.

The program does not follow a specific teaching method or provide standard instructions on how to do things; Instead, it provides an environment that allows you to explore and find yourself as an artist.

Its studios and central campus. With workshops, HGK provides ideal conditions for combining craftsmanship, technical skills and the necessary digital know-how. Additionally, all students have their own 24/7 workspace in a spacious studio.

Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts (nafa)

The institute has in-house analog and digital media workshops and installation equipment and software available to students. The institute also has its own exhibition space – “Tank”, where students can present their work.

Here’s everything you need to know about enrolling in the Academy of Art and Design.

The institute collaborates closely with the Master’s program Contemporary Art Practice (MA CAP) of the University of Arts Bern, especially in terms of mentorship, exchange of modules in theory and practice, joint trips and exhibition visits. Our mentors include artists and theorists who teach at the universities and academies of Bern and Basel respectively. Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of theory and practice modules offered in Basel and Bern.

Courses are published in pools across Switzerland. The platform facilitates the exchange of students from various Master of Fine Arts programs in Switzerland.

Dphil In Fine Art

In addition, each semester students have the opportunity to participate in a master’s symposium in Switzerland.

Art History and Humanities Visiting Courses at the University of Basel: Our Master’s program benefits from collaboration with the University of Basel. Students have the opportunity to participate in selected courses and humanities conferences organized by the University of Basel.

Further collaboration partners are the Davidoff Art Initiative, Atelier Mondial, Kunsthalle Basel, Kunsthaus Baselland, Credit Agricole Financements, Nature Addict Fund and also the artEdu Foundation.

Art is a speculative practice that questions the materiality of information and knowledge and concepts and perceptions and personal treatment and social interaction.

The Best Online Art Classes In 2023

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwest Swiss Academy of Art and Design Freilager-Platz 1 4142 Münchenstein near Basel

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwest Swiss Academy of Art and Design, Institute for the Gendered Nature of Art (IAGN) Building: A 1.10 Oslo-Strasse 3 CH – 4142 Münchenstein near Basel KU The first and only Master of Fine Arts (MFA) offers ) PA in Communication Design (KUCD) within the state higher education system. Our 100% online program is aimed at working professionals and our classes are designed to fit your schedule. Although we don’t meet here, we are actively involved in our group through “in-person” Zoom meetings, critiques, and class discussions.

KUCD is a community of designers – graphic designers, advertising designers, interactive designers, illustrators, design entrepreneurs, design educators (aspiring and current) – who are passionate about their creations. Take control of creative freedom Our 100% online curriculum offers opportunities to explore personal and professional design endeavors. We empower you to create meaningful change, develop your strengths and celebrate the future of design – all through personal development and visual expression.

Small class sizes allow students to work one-on-one with faculty to develop their design voice—whether in graphic design, interactive design, advertising design, illustration, or education—to align their education with individual career goals.

Art & Design

We encourage students to think innovatively and apply more deeply

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