Masters Degree In Business Law

Masters Degree In Business Law – Program Overview This advanced dual degree is designed for ambitious young professionals who are ready to launch a successful career in the legal and business worlds. With the double degree of Master of Management and Master of Laws (LL.M.), students can supplement their management foundation with a deep understanding of international law. Upon graduation, students of this discipline will have the specialized legal skills and business knowledge they need to stand out in this competitive market. In today’s globalized world, international transactions are conducted in different jurisdictions on a daily basis. It is therefore essential that lawyers are aware of the various legal frameworks and systems that may affect their clients’ operations. During this program, students will receive two recognized business school and law degrees, equipping them not only with international law experience, but also with the leadership skills they will need to lead teams and drive positive change. With this comprehensive set of tools, students will become empowered leaders ready to make a significant impact in the international legal and business sectors. When students join, they become part of a diverse community of professionals from around the world. Our impressive academic faculty consists of leading international lawyers and business professionals who ensure that our curricula are constantly updated in line with today’s markets. In addition, students of this dual degree can benefit from an unparalleled professional network and contacts with some of the world’s leading law firms, ensuring their professional career success from day one.

WANTED… an academically challenging dual degree that combines practical skills with a global focus to make an impact in an international context.

Masters Degree In Business Law

MORE ABOUT THIS DOUBLE DEGREE This double degree is a combination of the following two programs. See their websites for details.

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“I came to unleash my potential as an American lawyer, but the global vision I gained through the LL.M. program inspired me to unleash my true potential as an international business lawyer.”

OFFICIAL DIPLOMAS Master of Management and Master of Law (LL.M.) are official degree programs. Students must meet the following requirements in order to apply for an official university degree upon completion of the master’s program. If the educational prerequisites are not met and/or if the requirements are not met in time, the student will not be able to apply for an official university degree issued by the Spanish government. In this case, the pins will not be official according to Spanish educational regulations.

At the university, we have carefully organized related subject areas to create unique pathways that contain similar programs. By following these paths, you can take control and find the right program for you. Explore the field and find a specific program that suits your career goals.1 SWISS QUALITY EDUCATION LL.M in International Business Law offered by Robert Kennedy College Zurich in exclusive partnership with the University of Cumbria, ranked 15th in the UK (2014 Guardian University Guide for Law) Degree recognized worldwide 1

2 The University of Cumbria is ranked 15th in the UK (2014 Guardian University Guide for Law) Robert Kennedy College The Swiss Premier Private College Welcome to your new future University of Cumbria LL.M at Robert Kennedy College Limited has up to 40 unique guides Try its University of Cumbria 2

Pre Masters. Business, Law And Social Sciences

3 University of Cumbria in International Business Law with Robert Kennedy College The University of Cumbria offers a first-class education at its campuses in England, wherever you are, thanks to an exclusive partnership with the highly regarded Swiss university Robert Kennedy College, you can benefit from its 190 years of experience in providing an outstanding British learning experience . in the business field, as well as in the field of operations and management. It is often a means of promotion to middle and senior management, demonstrating a wider range of skills and knowledge than in business. As the global development of commercial law continues to grow and evolve, this program offers an opportunity. The Master of Laws is a key management qualification for lawyers and managers who want to strengthen their legal knowledge; Research shows that an LL.M. a catalyst for people with strong career aspirations. The University of Cumbria is now offering students the opportunity to complete a Master of Laws through blended learning, allowing them to study while working. The University of Cumbria is ranked 15th in the UK Law Study Rankings (2014 Guardian League Table). The University of Cumbria’s LL.M qualification continues to be the gold standard for career development outside the legal sector, including those practicing law in commercial and 3

4 A brief overview for those looking to develop their career to qualify in just one year. A dedicated and experienced team of teachers, excellent student support, affordable tuition with interest-free payment plans and the ability to fast-track and complete the program within 12 months are just a few of the elements that set this program apart. The mentors who teach the program are legal professionals with extensive experience in the 4 academic theories and the practical application of these theories. The Introductory Advanced Legal Skills module and the International Alternative Dispute Resolution module are taught by University of Cumbria Program Manager Ann Tanaraj, Barrister and Senior Lecturer in Law, and other senior academics from the University of Cumbria. dr. David Costa, Dean of Robert Kennedy College, who leads the International Investment Law module, has extensive experience in the field of investment law, including postdoctoral training at the University of Basel in Switzerland and graduate studies in American law at the University of Washington. in Saint Petersburg. Louis Law School and Northumbria University School of Law, Newcastle. In addition, dr. Costa is a regular guest as a market strategist on international television networks such as CNBC and Bloomberg. Study at a top private college in Switzerland and graduate with students from 150 different countries with a world-renowned Master’s in International Business Law from a traditional British university. The Online Master of Laws (LL.M) in International Business Law is a key management qualification for lawyers and managers who wish to strengthen their legal knowledge; Research shows that an LL.M. a catalyst for people with strong career aspirations. The University of Cumbria is now offering students the opportunity to complete a Master of Laws through blended learning, allowing them to study while working. Duration Minimum 12 months, maximum 3 years. Mode of delivery Mainly online via OnlineCampus (interactive online learning environment) with intensive discussion and collaboration in class and a one-week mandatory stay. The residency takes place in Great Britain and is organized by the University of Cumbria. Places The number of places per semester is strictly limited to 40.

5 Ranking The University of Cumbria is ranked 15th in the UK in the Guardian Law University Guide (2014). The tuition fee is CHF 10,000 (Swiss Francs), including library access, online campus access, degree fees and University of Cumbria entrance fees. Commissions are paid in interest-free installments. The registration fee for the entire program includes all courses and tutoring of the final thesis. Living expenses such as flights and accommodation, as well as a tuition fee of 2,000 Swiss francs for accommodation and some textbooks you will need for the course, are not included in these costs. Dates Four dates per year (winter, spring, summer and autumn). Global recognition The University of Cumbria’s online LL.M program is globally recognized. The University of Cumbria has been granted university title and degree-awarding powers by Her Majesty’s Most Honorable Privy Council. It is fully recognized by the UK Government and duly included in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills’ list of recognized UK universities. 5

6 About the University of Cumbria The University of Cumbria has its roots in the Society for the Promotion of Fine Arts, founded in It was officially formed on 1 August 2007 by the amalgamation of St Martin’s College, Cumbria Institute of Art and the University of Cumbria. Lancashire Central Campus. The university has campuses in Carlisle, Ambleside and Lancaster and a specialist teacher training center in London. The University is also in the Lake District of Cumbria and has strong links and close working partnerships with the four FE (Further Education) schools in Cumbria (The Lakes Colleges, Furness College, Carlisle College and Kendal College) to provide Higher Education (HE) at local level. The University district offers a high-quality learning experience in a stimulating environment that enables students to reach their personal and professional potential wherever they study. It strives for learning that is innovative, flexible and student-centred and uses the latest technology. The University also works closely with employers, schools, colleges and agencies in the region to deliver research, scholarship and knowledge transfer, build excellence and support social, cultural and economic development in support of the engagement agenda for sustainable communities. The University of Cumbria therefore recognizes that its students are

University Of Adelaide Offers Double Masters Degree With French And German Universities

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