Masters Degree In Instructional Technology

Masters Degree In Instructional Technology – Teaching and designing educational materials for students of all ages in any learning environment (school systems, corporate training, government, etc.). The Educational Technology Leadership (ETL) program prepares teachers, trainers, instructional designers, leaders, and others to design and implement technology-enhanced learning.

As a pioneer in distance education methods, our innovative online learning technology curriculum provides the flexibility to learn the most advanced curriculum from a world-class faculty at the comfort of your location.

Masters Degree In Instructional Technology

Accessible and Accredited Educational Technology Leadership Programs, accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, are offered entirely online, making this program available anywhere in the world.

Master’s In Instructional Design & Technology

Delivering Excellence As one of the first distance and online education programs in the field, the GW Master’s in Education Technology Leadership Program celebrates more than 30 years of cutting-edge developments in educational technology and design.

Strategic Partnerships GW is committed to improving teaching and learning through strategic partnerships and the implementation of new educational technologies.

Even as an online student, a GW education is unlike any other. Take advantage of our unique location in the heart of our nation’s capital and benefit from the university’s exceptional access to leading national and international organizations.

Our ETL program emphasizes leadership with an innovative curriculum and provides you with a top-notch education that prepares you for a career in a variety of industries. Through applied projects, you will gain real-world experience that will prepare you to move beyond the role of technician and become a manager and leader capable of making important learning decisions.

Online Master’s In Curriculum And Instruction

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The Master in Educational Technology Leadership provides students with leadership skills that enable graduates to successfully improve human performance and learning through technology. The curriculum focuses on teaching skills that will promote:

The following requirements must be met: 36 credits, of which 24 credits are compulsory courses and 12 credits are electives.

The Graduate Certificate in ETL is ideal for those who are already in a leadership position but have no formal training in ed tech, or for those who aspire to become leaders in the ed tech environment. Related jobs include technology specialist for a school, county or district, director of educational services, and district level educational technology coordinator.

Best Master’s Degrees In Educational Technology

The Postgraduate Certificate in Instructional Design prepares students to apply the theories, principles, models, tools and techniques of systematic instructional design in a variety of organizational settings. Related job titles include instructional designer, curriculum developer, and technical writer.

The Master’s degree programs in Educational Technology Leadership and the Graduate Certificate programs share the same courses. Upon successful completion of the Graduate Certificate, students may apply to the Graduate Program in Educational Technology and transfer all earned credits. Because the application requirements are slightly different, acceptance into the Graduate Certificate program does not guarantee acceptance into the Educational Leadership in Educational Technology master’s degree.

The Admissions Office invites you to apply for a place on our program. Please read the following listing and financial information.

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Graduate Certificate In Educational Tech. & Online Instruction

To learn more about the program, admissions process, and upcoming events, contact the admissions team at or 202-994-9283.

To apply for admission, they must submit an online application along with the following required supporting documents. There is no application fee.

*There may be additional application requirements for international applicants. For more information about any of these requirements, please visit our Admissions FAQ page.

Applications are now being accepted for Spring, Summer and Fall 2023. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

Master’s In Educational Technology Leadership

The fact that the program is completely online provides accessibility and quality for people who wish to continue their education without leaving the salaried, full or part-time job.

With a curriculum informed by the latest research-based approaches in education, technology and leadership, this program will equip you with the skills necessary to navigate the rapidly changing global job landscape in educational technology. As a graduate of the online Educational Technology Leadership degree program, you will be prepared to successfully lead the future of education and technology in your organization.

Professionals in this position research the training and education programs available to their company’s employees. After choosing the most beneficial options, they are responsible for designing and implementing programs to ensure that all employees have the right knowledge to succeed in their careers.

These professionals create effective curriculum and instructional materials to be used by educators and policymakers in elementary, middle, and high school. Their roles often include analyzing data to determine the effectiveness of academic programs and materials.

Online Instructional Technology Graduate Certificate

Annual lecture of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Moving Towards Antiracism: A Group Process Thursday, 1/19/2023, 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. We’ve talked before in this space about why now is the right time to get an EdTech degree. With technology changing as fast as it is, teachers and administrators who must use technology to reach our students are in dire need of those who can do so seamlessly.

A master’s degree in educational technology takes this further, allowing you to pursue roles as instructional specialists, school counselors, continue to work with teachers and administrators, and expand into leadership roles with your experience and training.

In many states, a person who wants to be a district or campus administrator must be certified by the state, and certification often requires a master’s degree, making one more leader.

This director’s desire is to grow our people into the professionals they want to be. With a master’s degree in educational technology, you can now take what you’ve learned as a team member and now lead and develop that department, campus, or maybe even a district.

Best Master’s Degrees In Educational Technology

An educational technology degree will prepare you to use technology in the classroom and with administrators to help them teach their employees. These programs will focus on how to integrate technology into the classroom, use technology for professional development, reach out to community members and stakeholders, and overall create more effective and efficient learning experiences.

Another way to say what an EdTech program will teach you is to analyze, design, implement, and evaluate how technology can improve teaching and learning. And I would add, reach out more to your community and stakeholders.

The first of these has been mentioned several times, but finding good leaders is so valuable that it deserves to be mentioned again. A master’s degree in EdTech opens the door to someone who not only has the educational skills to use technology effectively in the classroom, but also the skills to empower people while developing team members. In short, a master’s degree in EdTech opens doors for you that you wouldn’t have opened otherwise.

In my experience, I know of three Asst. Supervisors who started out as educational technologists and worked their way into administration because of their ability to understand instruction, integrate technology, and lead people.

M.ed. In Educational Technology

Based on the number of educational technology jobs and salaries, the median range for an educational technologist is between $43,000 (starting) and $76,000. About ten percent of them earn more than $95,000 a year. Another survey put average salaries in the mid $60,000 to $105,000 per year range.

For what it’s worth, the high end of these numbers reflect the salaries of the district and campus leaders I see regularly in the state I’ve worked in for 19 years.

As a principal, I am biased toward the educational impact that a master’s degree in EdTech can have, but career opportunities are not limited to campus or region.

There are many companies whose products are used in classrooms every day and require those who understand technology and how to integrate technology to train our teachers, sell us their products, and even design products to be used in the classroom. These companies need people who can teach and communicate about their product.

The 40 Best Online Masters In Educational Technology Degree Programs 2020

Even further from the world of education, however, are companies that need great teachers and people who use technology to educate their own employees. For four years I worked with a manager who was a company trainer over the summer and their new hires spent their first week with him over the summer as he trained them on how the company works, how to use the company’s technology, and how to create group. build. This requires educational expertise and technological know-how in a non-educational environment.

Do you think you can teach others how to teach more effectively and achieve greater student success using technology? Do you think you can train others to teach how to integrate technology into your classroom? Do you feel you can lead a team of people to achieve departmental, campus or regional goals? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your career goal may include a master’s degree in EdTech to help you achieve what you want as a professional.

The number of years varied

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