Masters Degree In Law And Public Policy

Masters Degree In Law And Public Policy – Ready to make a transformative, lasting impact? The online and on-campus Master of Arts in Government Law and Public Policy expands your knowledge of politics, competitive politics and the law so you can become a transformational leader. From America’s historic founding to the present day, you’ll learn the history and inner workings of government to help your organization shape policy, navigate regulations, and initiate change.

Expand your knowledge of how politics, competitive politics, and the law intersect to impact leadership, management, and your organization.

Masters Degree In Law And Public Policy

For three years (2019, 2020 and 2022), the US Ranked among the top national universities by News & World Report. We are recognized as one of the top 10 military friendly schools

Program In Law And Public Service

, 2020. Experience the difference through the Master of Arts in Government – Law and Public Policy program.

WE. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019 Highest average regular weekly earnings for workers with bachelor’s and master’s degrees

Current issues in media law and ethics governing the creation, production, distribution and ownership of media content with a focus on new communication technologies and services. Issues addressed include intellectual property, freedom of the press, privacy, obscenity, defamation, licenses and contracts, associations and unions, and consumer rights and protections. Cross-list with JRN 614.

Customary law of contracts and principles governing the formation, execution and termination of contracts (offer, acceptance, consideration, conditions, material breach, damages, third party beneficiaries, assignment, fraud law and statutory differences from customary law). Cross-list with MLAW 521 and EHEA 506.

Master Of Laws (ll.m.)

Examines the history of the Constitution, the creation, powers and limitations of the 3 branches of the federal government, the powers and rights of the states, and the powers of local governments (towns and cities). Cross-listed with LEI 819 and MLAW 619.

The Bill of Rights (including the delicate relationship between church and state, freedom of speech and freedom of worship), rights to liberty, equal protection, and the subsequent emergence and consequences of due process and judicial policy arising from the 14th Amendment – doing (“the right to privacy”, “the right to intimate sexual choice” and “the right to die”). Cross-list with EHEA 508, LAW 820 and MLAW 620.

It presents historical and contemporary legal issues that shape and continue to shape colleges and universities today. Discusses legal issues relating to the college and its trustees, administrators, and staff. Investigates the legal basis of higher education in the United States to include constitutional provisions and federal statutes that influence higher education policy. Prepares emerging managers for preventive lawsuits in an increasingly contentious environment. Crosslist with EHEA 503 and 803.

Concepts and methods; Presidential institution, including the role of elections, ideology and party politics; ways to measure the success of presidential initiatives; Executive power and relationship with the Legislative and Judicial Powers; Relations with the media, NGOs, lobbies and with international actors and institutions.

Harvard Kennedy School

Methods and concepts for studying legislative policy; Contemporary issues, including the historical and contemporary process of legislative policymaking, as well as relations with the executive and judicial branches, the role of lobbies and special interests and polarization, the design of congressional districts, and the role of ideology in Congress.

Introduces basic concepts and vocabulary for additional training in cybersecurity policy and business. It examines questions such as: How does encryption work? What is a code? What is blockchain and what is critical infrastructure? Also, suitable for students who don’t want to get a concentration or certificate but want to familiarize themselves with these issues.

It describes key health decision-making structures at the federal, state, and local levels and examines important issues such as race, poverty, gender, and the intersection of health. It presents the main ethical and philosophical principles related to the management, planning and distribution of health from a Christian perspective.

An overview of the basic legal principles of health care law. Topics covered include an introduction to the field of forensic medicine, medical evidence in litigation, advanced medical malpractice topics, and the structure and operation of the health care delivery system. Cross-list with LEI 743 and MLAW 643.

Iris Centers Offer A Host Of Interdisciplinary Ma Programs, Ma Certificates & Phd Minors In International And Regional Studies

It focuses on administrative and organizational concepts involved in managing complex healthcare organizations. Provides an understanding of the structure and function of operations within the health care system.

Historical development of US foreign policy principles; actors involved in shaping foreign policy, the role of interest groups and special interests; economic aspects of US foreign policy and the role of ideology and religion; Considers America’s role in today’s world.

All new students are expected to check in for the session start date two weeks prior to the semester. Students must apply, be accepted, register for their first courses and confirm a plan to pay for their courses before this date.

Estimated Cost of Care: View Estimated Cost of Care to see an example of the total cost of tuition and fees.

Der Bewerbungszeitraum Für Den Master Of Public Management 2022/2023 Ist Gestartet!

Whether you are a prospective student or a current student, your questions are important. Please take a few moments to browse our FAQs. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us.

“What sets me apart from other graduate schools is my Christian application to public policy issues. My faith is fuller because I have managed to integrate a biblical worldview with national and international political issues.

“”My online degree has allowed me to combine my education with my career, making my postgraduate experience incredibly relevant.”

“What strikes me is character and ethics – a commitment to glorify God in everything we do. I am grateful to be part of a place that impacts this world for all eternity. Overcoming our failures, we can see the power of God can do.

The Law & Public Policy Program

“The internship provided invaluable experiences – from working for a congressman to working with the Kurdish government in Iraq.”

“Your time in school and obviously shapes how you think, how you approach things… provides a serious educational environment that fosters growth in those areas.”

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