Masters Degree In Outdoor Leadership

Masters Degree In Outdoor Leadership – The Master of Outdoor Adventure and Expedition Leadership (MOAEL) is designed to meet the needs of outdoor adventure leaders and educators in regional, national and international communities. This program is designed for outdoor educators and adventure leaders seeking a high-level graduate program with a strong foundation in theory and experiential learning, providing students with the interdisciplinary skills needed to understand and develop new concepts, technologies, methods, and trends in outdoor adventure. leadership. area. MOAEL provides outdoor adventure leaders with the experience, knowledge and tools needed to advance into leadership roles and shape the future of this dynamic industry. Above all, students understand and embody the concept of a “researcher’s” mindset: determination, flexibility and curiosity to meet the demands of an uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

Upon completion of the program, students will gain leadership skills relevant to the outdoor adventure industry, with an emphasis on learning to transfer and direct their talents to any endeavor. In short, MOAEL students acquire the skills to lead any group in any environment toward any goal. To achieve this goal, students develop their own regional, national and international expeditions to gain the skills necessary for experiential leaders and modern adventurers. Our students become leaders, activists and researchers; develop their own unique and innovative leadership styles to shape the future of the outdoor adventure industry and face the varying, imprecise, multiple and ambiguous obstacles and challenges associated with any journey of change.

Masters Degree In Outdoor Leadership

MOAEL incorporates a cohort model where a new cohort begins each fall quarter and progresses through the academic program together. The cohort model fits the expedition mindset perfectly; teams participate in close-knit learning communities of 10-12 students that encourage their members to think deeply, participate actively and work together towards a common goal. Cohorts are inherently student-centered and designed to foster collaboration, with each cohort member serving as a leader and learner. and students are encouraged to support everyone’s contribution to the group. Members build strong bonds through shared learning experiences, thoughtful in-depth group discussions, and an intensive and demanding extended international research trip.

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MOAEL courses are offered on the main campus, off campus, nationally and internationally. The course consists of five consecutive semesters, which begin in the fall and end during the following fall, including the summer quarter. In the fall, there is a comprehensive self-assessment course, a postgraduate research methodology course and an adventure leadership course. In the winter quarter, there are two theoretical courses that focus on adventure programming and risk management. During the winter, students apply the course content to the planning of the intensive undergraduate course in the spring and the international program in the summer. During the spring quarter, OAL students are helped to supervise and teach during the intensive spring quarter. The summer quarter includes a five-week international research trip. The second fall semester consists of reflection, including a final paper that includes a presentation at a professional conference synthesizing the students’ graduate experience. Students also take six to twelve elective graduate courses during the fall and winter.

In order to promote innovation and creativity in the field of outdoor recreation, research is needed that increases information about outdoor adventures. Every MOAEL student must write a thesis during the program. Students begin the methodology course in the fall and continue their research in consecutive quarters. Each graduate student works with a graduate supervisor who helps guide and monitor their progress. Students complete their research during the second quarter of the fall and present their work at a professional conference, such as the Association for Outdoor Activities and Education.

The cohort plans and implements an international research trip that combines the team’s shared experiences, individual skills and knowledge into a culminating journey of change. The expedition uses an adventurous and investigative way of thinking to promote the cause. In other words, an expedition is an adventure with a purpose: an adventure that changes and positively affects the world. Each field trip includes a final document that will be shared with the community during the fall semester. The research trip challenges all aspects of the student, mentally, physically, academically and spiritually. The Outdoor Leadership Field School is a credit course held in May. It is an adventure-based research trip experience that gives students the opportunity to develop and practice leadership skills through wilderness immersion.

During the course, students gain self-confidence and learn the skills to travel (hiking, camping, climbing and kayaking) outdoors and work effectively in a group. Participants have the opportunity to earn certificates from the association for wilderness education outdoor leadership and from the Leave no Trace organization for environmental ethics.

Outdoor Leadership Experience

An outdoor adventure in a wilderness environment for several days is a unique opportunity for fun, escape, interaction with nature, self-reflection, shared experience and a transformative educational experience.

“One of the best ways to learn is experiential, where you fully understand what you’re learning.” -Daniel Ezell

“I was able to grow both physically and mentally during the outdoor management field course.” The experience will challenge you and take you to new limits. These boundaries will definitely enhance your leadership skills for future endeavors. I recommend this course to all majors if you really want to challenge yourself and grow.” – Bowen Jackson

The 2023 experience will take place in the Boundary Waters Wilderness from May 13 to June 1. The Boundary Waters is a glacially carved landscape and designated wilderness area that straddles the US-Canada border and is part of the Superior National Forest.

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“The Outdoor Leadership Course was a great opportunity to grow in my confidence, outdoor skills and see some of the most amazing scenery around the country. It was challenging but refreshing and allowed me to develop a passion for the outdoors.” -Derrick Charo

Contact dr. Kelli McMahan, clinical assistant professor and outdoor education and leadership coordinator, at Kelli_McMahan@ or 254-710-3712 with questions. In the Outdoor Ministries program, you will learn to use your outdoor knowledge to facilitate education and spiritual development. With the Natural State and the Ozarks at your fingertips, you can pursue your passions, earn your certifications, and develop your leadership skills.

Students have the opportunity to earn certifications in Wilderness First Response, ACA River Canoeing or Kayaking, Swift Water Rescue, Challenge Course Instructor, and Archery.

Guide and guide students in their spiritual walk with Christ and give them tools to help them grow in their faith.

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About the Outdoor Leadership Ministry Students leave the Outdoor Leadership Ministry with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the outdoors through hundreds of hours of field experience they accumulate during their time on the job.

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The most valuable skill I learned from OLM was a “hands on” approach to problem solving. This fostered better self-awareness, learning to utilize the talents of those around me, and developing a variety of skills that are directly applicable to the OLM field of work.

You are ready to develop your spiritual development and serve others in a growing field. The outdoor recreation economy generates $887 billion in consumer spending annually and directly supports 7.6 million American jobs. (External Industry Association)

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Home to the Buffalo River, the Ozark Mountains, dozens of parks and campgrounds, and 218 miles of soft-surface mountain biking trails, Northwest Arkansas is a practical and beautiful place to study outdoor leadership.

Partnering with Northwest Arkansas Community College to offer wilderness medicine residency. Students can graduate as certified and licensed Wilderness Emergency Medical Technicians.

Go further, faster! With the accelerated master’s program, you can complete your State Department undergraduate and master’s degree in just five years – saving you money and setting you up for even more success.

Dr. Greg Robinson is currently an Assistant Professor of External Leadership at John Brown University. He was previously the program director of HoneyRock, Wheaton College’s leadership development center, and president of Challenge Quest, LLC in Pryor, Oklahoma, director of Adventure Quest Recreation, LLC. Dr. Robinson holds a Ph.D. Organizational Behavior and Management from the Union Institute and the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. He also holds an M.S. in counseling from John Brown University. Dr. Robinson’s professional career has focused on experiential learning, team development, leadership development, facilitation and consulting in the context of organizational change efforts. He is the author of The Paradox of Leadership: Influence Others by Defining Yourself; Teams for the New Generation: A Guide for Facilitators; Adventure and the way of Jesus, the teachings of the way: Using experiential activities to study the way of Jesus; and Leading from where you are: how everyone can help or hinder a collaborative culture. He is survived by his wife of 28 years Ginny, his daughter Keely and her fiance Nick LaTurner, his sons Kobe and Kyle, and

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