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Masters In Business Education Online – Headquartered in Singapore, it is a global graduate school with over 3,000 learners worldwide. Since its establishment in 2007, it has partnered with leading universities in the UK and the US to provide top-notch postgraduate education for working professionals in Asia.

Invest in rewarding postgraduate education at Asia’s leading professional graduate school. Offering an extensive suite of postgraduate courses designed to equip professionals with the skills to excel in high-growth areas such as business sustainability, the green economy and the digital economy, as highlighted in the Skills Future Singapore (SSG) Future Economy Skills Needs Report 2022.

Masters In Business Education Online

The nursing economy includes professional clusters of jobs and skills involved in counselling, development and teaching. By 2022, nearly 40% of job openings in emerging occupations globally will be in the nursing economy. This is an excellent career choice as its skills are transferable across many sectors from early childhood to adult education.

Management Master’s Degree Program

A green economy is about living, working and pursuing growth while maintaining environmental sustainability and protection. Do you know? Today, more than 450 jobs across 17 industries require green skills. The rise of green business models and practices will create more jobs and demand for green skills in the future.

As a major driver, digitalization is now pervasive in almost all industries. Today, digital economy jobs are in demand across all 23 industries and an Industry Transformation Map (ITM) is available. Frontier Technology skills are important and transferable, making them a great career choice.

Work with renowned industry partners and professional bodies to ensure your qualifications are recognized by employers. Our trusted industry partners include SAFRA, SGInnovate, Society of Human Resource Professionals (Singapore), NTUC, Singapore Association for Artificial Intelligence, International Consulting Association and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Singapore e2i Institute (Employment and Employability Research Institute) and the EC Council.

When you join, you are welcome to join our vast international and diverse network, where you can connect with like-minded professionals from over 30 countries and learn from expert teachers from Asia, the UK and the US to inspire you maximum potential.

In Demand Jobs You Can Get With A Business Degree (2023)

Register today for one of our many events, from engaging webinars to one-on-one meetings – or visit our city campuses.

IAC is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) in consultative status with the United Nations (UN) (ECOSOC, WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF and ILO)

As a graduate school dedicated to preparing working professionals, it is regularly featured in the media and publications including ChannelNewsAsia, Straits Time, 93.8 Radio, TODAY Newspaper and There are a lot more

The impressive curriculum available only through an MBA sparked my interest in pursuing a graduate degree. Now, I feel much more prepared to really challenge myself in any given business situation and feel like I’ve become a leader who takes risks.

Is An Mba Degree Really Worth It?

Throughout the MBA program, we studied and collaborated together on projects and really saw each other in action. These experiences prove to each other that we have what it takes to succeed. The network has also opened doors to opportunities that never existed before and will continue to do so in the future.

Not only did Roehampton have great fun learning, but it was also an exchange of ideas with a supportive and like-minded group of course partners from over 15 different countries, as well as extremely talented managers who brought a diverse mix of cultures and industries experience.

Many thanks to the faculty and staff for guiding us one-on-one with your professional advice on coursework. Critical debate and analysis in the classroom by students and lecturers enriches the content of this MSc.

“This is my second course. The instructors are great, sharing best practice tips and questions about current events in the industry. The number one quality I like about the instructors is that they are very patient, well prepared and concise. I highly recommend to managers Listen with an open mind as I have personally benefited greatly from her advice in my professional life” ”

Southern New Hampshire University

“I really enjoyed the course and hope to further extend what I have learned into practice. It has been an enriching experience, especially for an adult learner. My experience has been very beneficial to me. The course was very interesting, The instructors are very professional and qualified. I will definitely introduce this program to my friends.”

Founded in 2007 with the motto To Pursue, Achieve and Achieve, has proudly assisted more than 2,800 managers and executives in the multinational corporate sector and professional industries in more than 38 countries.

After successfully completing part-time study such as an Executive MBA, Masters or Graduate Diploma, our graduates have worked at DBS Bank, Citibank, AXA, UOB, LinkedIn, Apple, GE, ST Technologies, Johnson Controls Jobs in companies such as Singapore National Employers Federation, Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), Raffles Medical, MediaCorp, National University of Singapore, Singapore Airlines, Ministry of Defence, Singapore Armed Forces and many more!

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The Graduate School is an advanced degree-granting school that generally requires learners to be well-established candidates who have either completed an undergraduate degree or have more than 8 years of work experience. In contrast to traditional schools, which focus on academic theory and research, graduate schools focus on professional development.

The Graduate School is registered with the Private Education Commission under Skillsfuture Singapore and complies with the Private Education Act. Also a member of the AACSB Business Alliance Group and the EMBA Council.

M.s. In Business Analytics

Graduate school is a more intensive course of study than other studies, with higher expectations for the quality and quantity of your work. Postgraduate courses also require a more focused study of a specific discipline, with an emphasis on practical experience and case studies.

A Graduate Diploma is an advanced diploma, usually awarded after a Bachelor’s degree. Postgraduate diplomas are usually shorter in duration than master’s degree programs and should be considered as an additional specialization that enhances an individual’s overall employability. For Postgraduate Diploma qualifications offered in Singapore, the awarding institution must be registered with Skillsfuture Singapore and the Council for Private Education

Postgraduate Diplomas are considered Level 7 qualifications under the RQF (UK). Postgraduate qualifications are usually awarded in the UK, Canada, India, Australia and New Zealand. Similar to the Graduate Diploma, the Graduate Diploma is usually completed after a Bachelor’s degree programme. In some countries the terms Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma are used interchangeably, while in others Postgraduate Diploma is a higher qualification.

If I am a self-funded candidate, do you have a financial plan to help me pay for my education?

Master Of Education In Teaching And Learning Degree From The Clemson University College Of Education

Once you have decided on the course you are interested in and you can qualify based on entry requirements, we can arrange installment plans or loans through our banking partners to ensure your dreams and career are never out of reach.

Course duration depends on your chosen field of specialisation, typically you can complete a Graduate Diploma in 6 months and a part-time Masters in 12 months. Please contact one of our consultants for more details.

The master’s degree awarded to you is exactly the same as a master’s degree awarded by a UK or US campus. You are invited to attend a graduation ceremony in Singapore or on campus.

Yes, to meet the growing demand for graduate education globally, most of our courses are delivered via ZOOM Live Stream, allowing you to study anytime, anywhere. All lessons are also recorded for easy review.

Master Of Business Administration

A typical group consists of Singaporeans working in Singapore, permanent residents and expatriates. Due to its flexible online delivery model, more and more professionals who are not based in Singapore start our postgraduate programmes.

Study grants are available to a small number of students at non-profit organizations and government agencies. For more information on study loans available, please contact our admissions staff to find out more.

While a bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional qualification is recommended, candidates over the age of 30 with extensive work experience may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our project consultants for more information.

Program fees include tuition, academic services, required reading and textbooks, e-learning resources, and web-based information services. The one-time application fee is S$200 plus GST. All costs are clearly stated and there are no additional hidden costs.

Masters Program (available Online)

All of our courses are designed for working professionals. Learners who are unable to meet course requirements are advised to defer their studies. There is no academic penalty for deferment. Please check with your respective program advisor for extension deadlines for your respective programs.

No, there is no minimum attendance requirement. While there are no minimum attendance requirements for our programs, it is recommended that students attend 75% and above of all classes. Students who cannot attend class are strongly encouraged to watch all recordings before attempting any assessments or coursework.


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