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Masters In Communication And Leadership – MA in Presence and Strategic Communication We are now in the era of collaboration, when it is simply not enough to manage the needs of citizens and customers. The multidimensional role of the consumer now requires new forms of engagement, open innovation and co-branding in terms of strategy and actual execution. This program will give you the tools to successfully manage your business through the new challenges presented in today’s dynamic digital world. The Master’s Program in Strategic Marketing and Communication is designed for business visionaries, strategic communications professionals, and brand managers. Providing you with a 360-degree view of the world of marketing and communications, the program shapes influential leaders who drive business growth through brand management, communication, marketing, and reputation management. The Master’s Program in Strategic Marketing and Communication is a 10-month programme, beginning with a common core period in which you, together with students from other Marketing, Communication and Sales master’s programmes, learn the essentials to sharpen your creativity and analytical; Trade, business, strategic and digital skills. After the Common Core period, you will then enter a special selection programme. On the programme, you will also have the opportunity to participate in an optional certification or international experience. *2023-2024 intake starts September 18th.

Private University Degree This is a Private University Degree from Universidad * and Doc- School Business. More information than getting a secret college degree from the university. * The University is officially recognized by the Spanish Education Authorities, and awards official university degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees), which are specially organized and approved by the Spanish Ministry of Education, and special university degrees (Master’s) which are organized by the University specifically for the application of studies specialists and the continuous renewal of education Higher, while maintaining standards of educational excellence. Both types of degrees are equally supported by the rigor and prestige of the university.

Masters In Communication And Leadership

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Expect… a 360-degree view of communication and marketing. The program prepares professionals for their organizations through strategic decisions of agile methodologies and application of new trends in creating business value through branding, communication, marketing and reputation management. Students can move into roles such as Brand Manager, Communications and Crisis Manager, Communications Manager, CSR and Social Impact Manager, New Media Strategist, Risk and Crisis Manager, or more.

Base Period We believe that every career path in Marketing, Communications and Sales requires a general competency in several key areas. Our approach is simple: first, it lays the foundation on a strong foundation; Then give yourself a special way by completing one of the unique master’s programs under the MARCOM umbrella. The Business School first applies the foundations core period, which we focus on in Term 1. During the six weeks, you will cover the building blocks that will help you develop your creative, analytical, commercial, business, strategic and digital skills. know how. You will also acquire the perfect combination of strong and powerful skills that will turn you into a versatile professional who will succeed in any field of MARCOM.

Managing a Corporate Business To work in business, it’s essential to understand the basics of how they operate and the impact branding, communications and marketing professionals have on the overall bottom line. Dig deeper into reputation management, strategy, entrepreneurship, ethics and corporate governance to get the full picture.

Strategic Communication and Commitment On this course, you will cover core topics such as brand and corporate identity, strategic marketing, storytelling, strategic sponsorship and partnership management, and public affairs.

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Communication and Marketing Strategies Gain the marketing and communication skills that will make you a valuable future team leader. Take courses such as digital marketing, content marketing, internal communication, change management, and integrated marketing communications.

Communication and Marketing Tools and Techniques Regardless of sector or location, if you specialize in branding, marketing or communication, you need to know how to think analytically and leverage data to make key decisions. In this programme, you will master topics such as research methods in marketing communications, insights for decision making, communication planning, measuring intangible assets and key performance indicators.

Objectives of the Master’s studies in Strategic Business and Communication The University shapes students into future and outstanding professionals, using methodologies that bring innovation and practice to the fore.

Acquire the latest skills and knowledge to develop from the ground up, not only in communication and marketing strategies, but also in contingency strategies, administration, brand management, corporate social responsibility, and reputation.

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Our faculty is made up of a diverse group of academics and professionals who bring educational rigor and real-world experience to the classroom.

Companies need modern professionals to lead and control their organizations with more flexible methodologies and applications of the latest trends in creating business value through brand and reputation management.

Access the university’s unrivaled network of 60,000 professionals worldwide and a careers section to help you build important relationships.

We understand that it can be difficult to choose your path in the world of Marketing, Communications and Sales (MARCOM). We are here to guide you on your MARCOM career path from the start with the support of our recruitment and admissions team who will closely monitor your career, skills and career goals to ensure you choose the right program for you. All of our full-time programs begin with a common core period of two months, designed to provide you with the key foundations for success in this career path. This first-time foundation also gives you the basics that you want to do the right way in MARCOM.

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However, if after completion of the program and this base period you are concerned about changing to another MARCOM programme, you will be able to change the program after meeting with the Academic Program Steering Team to validate this change and understand how it will affect your future career. Program changes are also subject to availability, but we will always put you first and give you the flexibility you need at this point in your life.

Employment Sector Enhancers After completing your programme, you will be able to specialize with an optional additional term in the two areas most relevant to your Marcum journey. During this September-December build-up period, you’ll enjoy career counseling with numerous hands-on projects, company visits, learning-driven learning, and networking opportunities to add to your work placement process. The Defense Sector Booster program will incur additional costs and you can either enroll prior to joining the university or while you are doing your MARCOM master’s work, to share academic team deadlines. We will have a limited number of slots reserved for these two runners, and the earlier you go, the better.

MARCOM FOR THE TECHNOLOGY COMPANY: Find out how leading tech brands have focused on success and growth for 10 years and learn their best practices in branding, marketing, and sales. Customers will discover the latest trends in the world of technology and become a global top player in MARCOM.

Marcom FMCG, Luxury & Fashion: Unlock the knowledge to increase sales and business with customers around the world by learning from the CEOs of today’s most relevant brands. Discover the industry secrets behind key marketing strategies and experiential marketing strategies and learn how these brands stay competitive, relevant and sustainable over time with the latest digital marketing tools.

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Madrid is one of the most popular cities in Europe for Gen Z travelers, and one of the most popular French cities in Spain, with a great and affordable public transport network, fascinating underground culture, and a legendary night. But Spain’s capital is also home to reputable international companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple, creating countless opportunities for professional experiences. Madrid is one of its leagues and provides the perfect backdrop for a unique learning experience.

“The university’s hands-on, entrepreneurial approach has helped me see myself as a professional, with unique benefits to the business world.”

Dual Degree Tailor your education to your specific interests and passions with a double degree to give your career a boost Interdisciplinary training to change the pace in the new world of work. The combination of this program with an MSc in Management (if you have 0-2 years of experience) or an MBA in International Business (if you have 3 or more years of experience) will put you on the doorstep of two exciting worlds; A broader skill set and competitive differentiation with a sharper focus. Choose your dual degree based on years of experience:

More about our activities We organize a wide range of events, from conferences and master classes to networking and IT sessions. The Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership Studies equips you with the skills to understand your audience and deliver a clear educational message. The best means of persuasion and the development of power. You can hone your interpersonal communication skills, focus on presenting data or improving your marketing strategy. Our graduates leave our program with the following skills:

Pdf) Bridging Transformational Leadership, Transparent Communication, And Employee Openness To Change: The Mediating Role Of Trust

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