Masters In Counseling Psychology Schools

Masters In Counseling Psychology Schools – The primary goal is to help students develop knowledge, understanding, and skills in counseling psychology. Specifically, the program aims to teach students to acquire the necessary competencies in the following areas:

Academic mentoring programs are provided to combine modern and traditional teaching methods. Mentoring practices are offered to enable students to understand, express and communicate about them. It helps the students to clarify their doubts, assumptions and thoughts. Each student is assigned a faculty for one-on-one counseling. Academic mentoring sessions provide opportunities for students

Masters In Counseling Psychology Schools

Academia – Industry Connect allows students to apply the theoretical understanding of the subject in real-life situations. Our students are invited to interact with prominent corporate leaders to give them an overall competitive advantage. Through a variety of guest lectures, hands-on training, discussions and dialogues, students develop practical skills. Students receive internships by sending them to work places in the industry. Several activities were carried out through some academic and industrial collaborations:

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A two-day state-level workshop on cultural competence and evidence-based practices in mental health care in diverse societies organized by the Department of Psychology at the Delhi campus was held on 16

August, 2019. Forty-three participants took part in the seminar. The aim of the workshop was to sensitize mental health professionals to culturally approach mental health issues without losing its evidence base. The workshop modules were developed based on research conducted by the USIEF-funded 21st Century US-Indo Education Initiative in collaboration with MIAMI University (Oxford, Ohio, USA).

On October 21, 2019, the Department of Psychology organized a CMT seminar. Creative Movement Therapy is a means by which individuals explore their natural movements to express and process their thoughts, ideas, or emotions in order to achieve physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Movement therapists use creative/expressive body movements as a primary method for unchaining people’s bodies. from habitual patterns that restrict movement.

The session began with a discussion of mental health issues in childhood and adolescence. The discussion then focused on how these issues could be addressed by involving the family and other key members of the community. The resource person discussed the importance of multidimensional family therapy and intensive child and adolescent psychiatric services in the home to create an effective therapeutic service.

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A seminar organized by the Department of Psychology on January 8, 2020 focused on the causes and prevention of suicide and the role of the therapist with context for the mental health scenario. Dr. Sebastian Perumbilly, a powerful full scholar of Christ (Accepted as a University) at the Delhi campus presided over the session. He is known for his extensive work and contributions to the field of marriage and family therapy, and the impressive results of his prolific research.

Three distinguished speakers on “Management and Social Sciences in the Context of the Digital Age”. And in a developing world like India where the youth are the vanguard of tomorrow’s changes, this session was powerfully and interestingly addressed because of its exponential growth and technological advancements. many disciplines.

To highlight the many changes that countries have experienced and embraced, the speakers divided their topics into three parts and engaged the audience.

I’ll start with “Accountability and Integrity in the Digital Arena and Beyond: Challenges, Resources and Opportunities” by Lucy Howe Lopez, Deputy Executive Director of He introduced the organization and talked about its values. As Deputy Executive Director, he is responsible for strategic planning, financial oversight, program and project development, delivery and reporting, support services and human resources management. His experience and expertise include project management, administration, finance, fundraising, partnerships, research, communications, editing, event management and logistics.

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A Webinar on POCSO Act and Child Protection Policy was conducted through Google Meet with Dr. Surekha Chukkali, Academic Coordinator, Psychology and Post Graduate Psychology students. Resource person Mr. Neil Roberts introduced the POCSO Act to the students and briefly highlighted that this act came into force on 14th.

PO1: Demonstrate knowledge of the theoretical foundations of counseling psychology and its application in diverse contexts and populations.

PO2: Practice evidence-based and culturally sensitive counseling based on a holistic model of mental health services for individuals, couples, families, and groups.

PO3: Demonstrate an emerging professional identity and openness to sustainable personal and professional development through involvement in relevant professional organizations, continuous learning and reflective practice.

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PO5: Demonstrate critical understanding of professional, ethical and legal policies and procedures in mental health and counseling practice

PO6: Demonstrate leadership skills, creativity and social sensitivity to recognize community needs and become active agents of change.

The Department of Psychology offers a two-year full-time graduate course in Counseling Psychology. The Master’s course in Counseling Psychology is an advanced course designed to build students’ competencies from a holistic and interdisciplinary perspective.

The results of the selection process will be available in the Important Dates section at https://apps. Selected candidates will receive an electronic offer of admission which will be valid until the date specified in the offer of admission.

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All original mark sheets and one set of photocopies must be submitted for verification at the time of admission as specified below.

Commitment for pending original documents (applicable only to candidates who sat/sat the exam in March – June 2021) is currently not available and must be submitted to the Admissions Office. These documents must be submitted on or before July 15, 2021.

For any query at any time during the application and admission process, you can contact us through the following email IDs:

Applicants can apply for the program from 8 December 2020, with applications available online on the university’s website until the official closing date.

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All candidates must visit the page: https://app and register by entering NAME (as printed in Class 10th Mark Card), EMAIL-ID and password. (Provided email id and mobile number will be used to send confirmation and app status update messages). An applicant may apply to multiple programs using the same ID as long as they meet the eligibility requirements for a particular program.

Candidates belonging to any of these categories (PIO / OCI / SAARC / AFRICA / ASEAN / OTHER FOREIGN NATIONALITIES) must send the necessary supporting documents (Passport copy, PIO / OCI card copy and Class 10 and Class 11 copy). /12 Marks card) A4 size envelope ONLY by Registered Post/Courier to Coordinator, Office of International Affairs, KRISTU (Accepted as University), Hosur Road, Bengaluru – 560 029, Karnataka, India, Phone: + 91 80 4012 9439.

The admissions committee will contact the applicant only through the university’s website. Under the “App Status” link or click on the link: https://app

Note: The international student category fee structure is binding for the entire duration of the program and cannot be transferred/changed between them.

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Candidates in the above categories who have Indian educational qualifications and are eligible to apply under the Indian States Category will have to pay the International Student Category fee. The decision of the admissions committee is final.

Applicants seeking admission through the International Students (Foreign Nationals/PIO/OCI) category will have a separate application process for admission to any program at Christ University.

Students are encouraged to apply under the Indian non-resident category for programs offered by the university

Students belonging to any of the following classifications can apply for the NRI Student category and will be liable to pay the category-specific fees for the entire duration of the program

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3. Citizen of India sponsored by any institution/agency outside India even if parents are Resident of India.

4. An Indian citizen studying for a qualifying examination in any foreign/Indian program outside India.

Admission to all programs is based on academic merit and the selection process of KRISTU (Admitted as a University). Candidates must submit their 12th class final results by 15th July of the year of admission.

Candidates must read the Selection Process, Fee Structure and other details under the priority program provided on our website before proceeding with the application process.

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* If 12th grade scores are not available at the time of application, 11th grade test scores may be uploaded.

It should be noted that although this payment is fixed for two years, there may be a nominal facility from time to time to meet the increase in costs.

1. The NRI fee is applicable for the first year for candidates pursuing a foreign program (must be approved by UGC / AIU) at the qualifying examination of study in India. (Above condition is not applicable for NRI and candidates applied under NRI category).

3. To claim the India / Delhi category fee, candidates must have studied in India / Delhi for the last 7 years. (Not applicable to OCI, PIO and Foreign Nationals).

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4. Entry registration fee of INR 5000/- is non-refundable in case of cancellation of entry. This charge is in addition to cancellation charges, if applicable.

5. Then all the candidates “selected”.

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