Masters In Data Science Programs

Masters In Data Science Programs – In 2020, the future of data science careers is brighter than ever. Why? According to Glassdoor’s Best Jobs in America lists for the past four years, data scientists rank high in job demand, job satisfaction, and pay, with an average salary of more than $100,000 per year.

So, who are data scientists today? What are the requirements to be a part of it? Our friends at 365 Data Science used publicly available data from 1,001 LinkedIn experts, including junior, senior and senior data scientists, to answer these questions.

Masters In Data Science Programs

40% of data scientists surveyed currently work in the US; 30% of the sample is from the UK; 15% work in India; 15% from collections in other countries.

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50% of these members are currently employed by Fortune 500 companies, while the remaining 50% work for non-ranked companies.

According to research, there are twice as many male data scientists as female. Yes, they speak two languages ​​— usually English and their mother tongue; four out of five have at least a master’s degree; and it takes 8.5 years of work experience in general to become a data scientist. Nine out of 10 use Python or R, and about 80% have at least a master’s degree. Additionally, the typical data scientist in 2020 has held the title for an average of 3.5 years.

Education is one of the three parts of many startups. This makes perfect sense, as an apprenticeship can demonstrate your skills to future employers, especially if you don’t have years of professional experience.

According to our data, the most common data scientists in 2020 have a bachelor’s degree (13%), a master’s degree (56%), or a doctorate. (27%) as their highest degree. Yes, data science requires a high level of expertise. So, while the data science field admits applicants who must have a graduate degree, a master’s degree will increase the chances of success. What about the doctor? degree? Well, judging by the numbers, it is more than this money than what is needed. Based on research over the past 3 years, this explains why the percentage is the same

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As an example, more than half of the data scientists currently working are already employed. 11% started as data analysts. Others came from academia (8.2%), initially as interns (7%), IT (2.4%), consultants (3.8%) or engineers (2.7%). 12.5% ​​transferred from other companies.

Data science and analytics, which accounted for 21% of data scientists, is the most likely degree to get you into data science in 2020, followed by computer science (18.3%) and traditional statistics and mathematics (16.3%), the data. showed .

It is true that data scientists come from different backgrounds. However, no single degree can prepare a person for a good career in data science.

That’s why it’s not surprising that data scientists rely heavily on personal preparation. In fact, 41% of the sample included online courses on their LinkedIn profiles. This is a consistent trend over the past two years (40% in 2018 and 43% in 2019).

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74% of members use Python, 56% are proficient in R, and 51% are proficient in SQL. In terms of popularity, SQL grew 40% (36%) since 2019, approaching R.

When it comes to Fortune 500 companies and programming languages, the overall use of Python and R shows that large companies are rethinking their data organization. As unstructured as open source systems can be, unlike Matlab and C, many companies are turning to Python and R friendly these days.

What about coding in the country of employment? In 2020, Python is the undisputed king of programming languages ​​in every country. SQL seems to have no power over Python, and is gaining popularity compared to previous years.

Data speaks louder than words. And, by the numbers, data science is increasing and continues to grow. Another thing is that in the year 2020, the university is starting to meet the growing needs by expanding the educational offerings and related degrees.

Master’s In Data Science

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