Masters In Education Administration Jobs

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Masters In Education Administration Jobs

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Earning an educational administration degree online provides flexibility. According to, online programs range from $300 to $1 per credit.

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Online master’s degrees in educational administration prepare students for leadership roles in education. Master’s degree holders support teachers, oversee school activities, and enhance student learning. Earning a master’s degree in educational administration also helps professionals enter the field of education.

Online registrants complete course work from anywhere. Many programs require on-site experience and hands-on hours. Students can complete these requirements locally.

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Our list ranks the most affordable online master’s degrees in education administration. Prospective students can use this list to find the best fit for their budget and career goals.

View our ranking list here Masters of Education FAQs What can you do with a Masters in Educational Administration?

Graduates may work as school principals, leaders in higher education institutions, or school leaders. The degree also leads to training and development opportunities.

Full-time students can earn a master’s degree after two years. Students can enroll in accelerated programs to graduate sooner.

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The University of Florida’s online Master of Education is one of the top-ranked programs in the country for educational administration students. The program equips registrants with advanced training that is evaluated by employers in their profession. The curriculum provides preparation for a final degree, such as a Ph.D.

The online format of this school appeals to students who value distance learning. A flexible program gives enrollees more control over their schedules and makes it easier to adapt education to other priorities. Degree hopefuls generally do best in educational settings such as these, where personalized learning is emphasized and faculty support is available to all.

Unless otherwise specified in the program, application requirements include a bachelor’s degree. The school accepts approximately 37% of applicants, although different programs report different averages. In-state students can expect to pay around $10,770 per year, which they can help finance through grants, loans, and scholarships.

Prospective graduate students can earn a degree in educational leadership from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, an institution known for developing flexible graduate programs. A master of education in educational leadership is among 17 online master’s degrees offered at the Edinburg, Texas campus. Degree seekers can earn their degree from anywhere, adding to the appeal of the curriculum.

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A bachelor’s degree in a major is a typical requirement for many graduate programs, but criteria vary by degree. Master’s applicants complete rigorous coursework that would not be possible with a bachelor’s degree alone. This credential lays the foundation for a Ph.D. or other terminal degree.

Students studying within Texas pay an average of $5,959 per year, or $13,555 if they are elsewhere. Participants can use the resources of the financial aid department to determine if they are eligible for financial aid, such as grants and scholarships. Students may also want to consider loans as an option to pay for tuition.

The University of Central Florida’s online master’s degree in educational administration is one of the top-ranked programs in the country for educational administration students. The program goes deeper into training highly skilled workers in this field compared to a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree in educational leadership provides graduates with the necessary credentials to earn a graduate degree, such as a doctorate.

The online format of this school appeals to people who see the appeal of distance learning. Students may want an advanced degree, but must handle responsibilities such as caregiving and employment. This flexible degree supports these efforts. The school makes sure that enrollees get the individual attention they need, whether they study in person or online.

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Prospective students need a bachelor’s degree to apply for this program. This school has an acceptance rate of 44%, with some variation between programs. Once accepted, students can explore financial aid options to help cover tuition, which is approximately $6,916 per year for Florida residents.

Educational administration students attend the University of West Florida to earn advanced degrees, such as an online Master of Education in educational administration. This program provides students with the advanced knowledge and training necessary for many high-level jobs in the field. Graduates earn the necessary credentials to earn a terminal degree, such as a Ph.D.

People are seeing the appeal of distance learning and it’s a draw for the school. Students do not have to sacrifice other important aspects of their lives, such as work and family, to earn this degree. The school ensures that enrollees receive the individual attention they need. whether they study in person or online.

Application requirements include a bachelor’s degree and transcript, although the department can provide more information. This school has an acceptance rate of 31%, but some variation between programs is to be expected. Students living in Florida will pay approximately $7,088 per year in tuition. Applicants can use grants, loans, and scholarships to finance their studies.

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Degree seekers at the University of Louisiana at Monroe can choose from a variety of online master’s programs. The Master of Education in Educational Administration is an excellent option for students with a bachelor’s degree in educational administration who wish to further their education with a master’s degree. Participants complete an accredited curriculum that does not require them to move or quit their full-time jobs.

Students enrolled in the master’s program in educational leadership benefit from the school’s 18 student-to-faculty ratio. The program’s rigorous curriculum provides extensive educational management training led by academics and experts. Earning this degree prepares graduates for more advanced career opportunities than a bachelor’s degree normally allows.

Paying for college is a major issue. Louisiana students will pay $6,490 per year, while students from other states will pay $18,590. Tuition is lower if students qualify for grants and scholarships. Degree seekers can also explore financial aid, which is used by approximately 41% of those enrolled in the school.

Online master’s degrees in educational administration help teachers expand their careers and help those new to the field advance to advanced positions. Earning an educational administration degree online provides flexibility. Students do not need to travel or commute to campus to participate in the less expensive program.

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The cost of a master’s degree varies by school and program. Online education administration programs generally charge a fee per credit. According to, online programs range from $300 to $1 per credit. Choosing a program with fewer credits may lead to a more favorable rate. Tuition fees for the best educational administration master’s programs range from $10,000 to $40,000. Students can reduce out-of-pocket costs by applying for scholarships and grants.

Online students save money by not paying for campus living or meal plans. However, they must budget for expenses such as books and supplies. Online registrants may need to purchase a new computer or upgrade their Internet. Some online colleges charge technology or graduation fees. Programs that include personal requirements, such as campus visits, incur travel expenses. Students must also budget for license costs. Many programs only list tuition and some fees. Candidates should research the total cost of the programs.

A degree in education administration can qualify graduates for above-average salary roles. For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), training and development managers earn a median annual salary of $115,640. This number exceeds the median annual salary of $41,950 for all occupations. The title often meets the requirements for school principal positions. Directors earn an average annual salary of $98,490. The BLS projects job growth of 8% for these professionals from 2020 to 2030.

Earning an online educational administration degree strengthens leadership, organizational, and analytical skills. Students take courses in educational research, public school finance, and educational law. These courses prepare students for leadership roles. Educational management programs include hours of practice or field experience. Online students can complete these requirements locally. See below for common courses in the educational administration program. Remember that each program establishes its own curriculum.

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A master’s degree in educational administration prepares graduates for leadership roles in education. Degree holders can also explore jobs outside of the field of education. See below for potential careers for graduates with a degree in educational administration. What is the average salary of an MBA? Well, if you want to pursue an MBA degree, there may be several potential job opportunities for you after you graduate. Once you’ve decided which industry you want to work in, you can start comparing your potential.

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