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Masters In Health Education Salary – PUBLIC sector NURSES here will get a pay rise, a wider scope of work and better career progression, in new moves to retain them and attract new faces.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is taking these steps, it announced yesterday, even though the attrition rate is down, as more nurses are needed to meet the growing healthcare demands of the aging population.

Masters In Health Education Salary

The Ministry of Health estimates that 1,400 additional nurses will be needed annually by 2020, in addition to replacing those who quit. Last year, the nursing population grew by only about 1,100.

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The big change is how much nurses will get paid. The Ministry of Health announced yesterday that approximately 23,000 nurses in public health and medium and long-term care facilities supported by the Ministry of Health will receive a salary increase of 5 to 20 percent over the next two years. From December this year, he will also receive an additional semi-annual annual gratuity.

This, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said at yesterday’s awards ceremony for nurses, was to ensure their pay was “commensurate with their growing role and competitive with the market”.

“Nurses play a very important role. They are on the front line; they are in the field. They are the backbone of our healthcare workforce,” he said.

The changes were proposed by the National Nursing Task Force, which was created in December 2012 to set the course for the profession. Gan yesterday officially accepted his 15 recommendations in four broad areas.

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Registered nurses, the lowest level and mostly Institute of Technical Education (ITE) graduates, currently earn about $1,975 per month in public health settings. Registered nurses with graduate degrees earn about $2,500.

“By increasing their compensation, we hope to mark greater recognition for the profession,” Gan said. Addressing the nurses at the ceremony, he added: “I’m not Santa Claus, but I think you deserve it.”

Older and experienced nurses will have more autonomy after the new changes come into force. This includes the authority to make certain diagnoses or order certain medications and treatment.

For example, a nurse can immediately prescribe the appropriate medication for a diabetic patient experiencing a hypoglycemic attack, rather than waiting for the physician’s approval.

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“We want to give our nurses more autonomy so they can take on more responsibility and perform more complex roles,” Gan said. “That way we can get the most out of their potential.”

A new National Nursing Education Council will also be established to coordinate nursing education at different levels.

Previously, nurses enrolled in the ITE had to obtain a minimum average grade of 2.8 – out of a maximum of 4 – before they could continue their studies to become registered nurses. Now, as long as registered nurses have at least three years of work experience and a good report from their employers, they will be able to apply for a refresher course.

“I am very happy for the registered nurses who are my colleagues,” said Changi General Hospital senior nurse Zarina Ahmad. “It’s a shame they couldn’t go further because of all the restrictions.”

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The Ministry of Health accepted the 15 recommendations of the National Working Group for Nurses. They aim to develop and enhance… Posted by Ministry of Health on Wednesday, August 6, 2014.

While nurses welcomed the news of higher pay yesterday, many say they are looking forward to the bigger role they can play in nursing and teaching.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health (MOH) unveiled a revamp of the nursing profession, which includes a pay rise of between 5 and 20 per cent over the next two years, to make it more attractive.

Among the changes recommended by the National Nursing Task Force, nurses will also be helped to take on more roles.

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Public health institutions will support senior nurses who want to teach, for example in polytechnics that offer nursing courses in addition to patient care. The Ministry of Health will also work with these organizations to better facilitate working flexibility and part-time work, which will also benefit nurses with children.

“Creating more advanced nursing roles adds depth and provides opportunities to make nursing even more exciting,” said Chief Nursing Officer Catherine Koh of the National University Hospital.

A newly opened position is that of Assistant Nurse, which is expected to be filled by Changi General Hospital Senior Nurse, Zarina Ahmad. The role will put her on a leadership path and see her mentoring younger colleagues. “There’s more empowerment,” the 40-year-old, who has been a nurse for about 20 years, said of the new job.

Experienced senior nurses will also be able to diagnose and administer treatments in certain situations without first obtaining authorization from a doctor.

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For example, they can order an x-ray to check if a feeding tube has been inserted correctly, or initiate preventive action against a schizophrenic diagnosed with suicidal tendencies.

“Many of them are already competent to do some of these things,” explained Mr Yong Keng Kwang, director of nursing at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. “But before they couldn’t, because of certain restrictions.”

Nurse Karen Koh, 38, who works in the cardiac rehabilitation unit at the National University Hospital, believes the added autonomy will allow her to make better use of her qualifications and experience. The master said, “We are trained, we have the capabilities, and we are always there, at the bedside.”

Health economist Phua Kai Hong believes the reshuffle could lead to “a huge increase in the number of nurses in the public sector” and make private healthcare more difficult. He suggested that the private sector could also raise wages.

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A record 81 nurses were recognized by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday (August 6) with Nursing Merit Awards for their outstanding performance and dedication to the health sector.

The award, which began in 1976, recognizes nurses who have demonstrated consistent and outstanding performance over the past three years. Each recipient will receive a medal, which is worn as part of the nurses’ uniform, and a cash gift of $1,000, up from 200 in previous years.

Increasing the value of the award is one of the recommendations of the National Nursing Task Force to increase recognition of the work of nurses. The task force, which was established in 2012 to review and determine the future direction of the nursing profession, had the 15 “broad” recommendations accepted by Health Minister Gan Kim Yong on Wednesday.

Gan said: “Through their dedication and commitment, they have touched the lives of many patients and their families. My ministry is committed to continuing our efforts to support and promote the nursing profession.”

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MORE men are applying to be nurses, if the numbers at polytechnics and health institutions are anything to go by.

At Nanyang Poly (NYP), 18 percent of the 600 students in its nursing course this year are men. This is up from 14% in 2010.

At Ngee Ann Poly, male students made up 15 percent of the cohort when the nursing program began in 2005. Since then, that percentage has increased to 20 percent.

“Career prospects are very good because we have an acute shortage of nurses,” said Ms. Wong Luan Wah, NYP Director of Nursing, College of Health Sciences.

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The additional demand for nurses is expected to average around 1,400 each year by 2020, the Ministry of Health said.

Regional health clusters such as SingHealth and National Health Group (NHG) have had more male nurses in the past five years. A cluster is usually based on a hospital, but includes institutions such as polyclinics.

The number of male Singaporean nurses and permanent residents employed by SingHealth increased by 52 percent, the spokesperson said.

Part of the reason for this is that nursing is no longer considered an exclusively female profession. “Nursing is no longer stereotyped or perceived by the public as a predominantly female job,” said NHG CEO Chee Yam Cheng.

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And nurses can be helpful in some situations. “An added advantage is that their physical strength allows them to give us a hand when it comes to managing the movement of immobile patients,” said Dr. Tracy Carol Ayre, Group Care Director, SingHealth.

Tan Tock Seng Hospital senior nurse Christopher Soh, 38, who has been a nurse for 13 years, said no day is the same. “We see a diversity of patients here. No patient is the same.”

A MOVE to narrow the pay gap between public and private sector nurses may not stem the flow to private institutions, according to nurses interviewed by The Straits Times.

Asked about the government’s plans announced this week to increase the pay of public sector nurses, eight nurses who left public institutions for private practice said pay was not the only driving factor – a working environment less stress was also a key factor.

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A nurse, who declined to be named, said she was “very busy” at the public hospital where

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