Masters In Higher Education Salary

Masters In Higher Education Salary – But as we all know, what we actually do has far more consequences than the knowledge we develop in our early years. Any program you choose to enroll in opens the way for future friends, career opportunities, and connections.

Additionally, the college degree you choose will determine your future earning potential, especially in the first decade after graduation. If jobs in your field are in high demand, it can lead to long-term financial success, helping you pay off expensive student loans and save money.

Masters In Higher Education Salary

Today’s chart comes to us from Reddit user /r/SportsAnalyticsGuy and is based on PayScale’s annual survey of 1.2 million undergraduate users in the United States. You can access the dataset here.

Inside The World’s Largest Higher Education Boom

Mid-Career Percentiles: Salary data for 10 years after graduation, percentiles (10th, 25th, median, 75th, and 90th)

In other words, average salaries show what people started making after graduation, and the other part of the table shows what people make 10 years after graduation. Low-income earners (10th percentile) are in the low range, while high-income earners (90th percentile) are in the high range.

The highest-paying career in college is for medical assistants, with an average starting salary of $74,300. The downside of this level is that over 10 years, their income will increase by only 23.4%, and they can quickly lose potential jobs.

In contrast, the largest increases in earnings went to fields such as mathematics, philosophy, economics, marketing, physics, political science, and international relations. All of these levels represent a 90% or more increase from average starting salary to mid-career salary.

Academic Capitalism And The Faculty Salary Gap

Additionally, the occupations that saw the highest average career salaries were all across the engineering spectrum: chemical engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, and aerospace engineering exceeded $100,000. They were usually very well paid. .

As a final note, it’s important to recognize that these data do not necessarily correlate with current levels or the job market. The data set is based on people who graduated at least a decade ago – so it doesn’t represent what graduates might experience today when starting their careers.

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Getting a higher education anywhere in the world often comes with significant tuition fees. In Singapore, the total tuition fee for a bachelor’s degree can range from $25,000 to $170,000 depending on the school, duration and type of study.

While some of us pursue further education as a hobby, others pursue a university degree as a form of investment to secure a good career. However, not all degrees are created equal, as skills, knowledge, and job market demand (and corresponding wages) vary. Some of us may wonder how much salary we can expect after graduation, given how much our education costs.

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The following data tables are calculated using data from the respective universities’ 2021 Postgraduate Employment Survey (GES). Note that:

This guide covers local university courses only. Apart from Singapore Digipen Institute of Technology, SIT has no other overseas university programs. For more details visit SIT Courses website and SIT’s GES.

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It is important to consider all factors when choosing a course. Some courses are more expensive and prestigious than others, but do not immediately translate into higher salaries.

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Based on the NUS 2021 GES survey, a Bachelor of Dentistry degree with a total 4-year tuition fee of $120,800 is not a higher starting salary compared to spending $33,000 for a 4-year Bachelor of Computer Science.

Another interesting finding from the GES survey is that the average starting salary for an NUS Bachelor (Hons) degree is $3,650, which may be a departure from the more typical. That’s another $220. A popular NUS Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting) (Hons), with an average starting salary of $3,430 and tuition fees of $5,800.

However, we should be careful not to make decisions about courses without considering the full range of careers we want. Professionally accredited degrees such as dentistry and accounting are valued for their unique expertise.

Focusing only on the initial salary can be a mistake. Having a good career isn’t just about commanding a high starting salary. There are many factors to consider such as personal interest, industry development and career path.

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After graduation, our degree does not set us on a career path. According to a 2019 survey by Google, 53% of Singaporeans are employed in a job unrelated to their degree. Education is a lifelong journey and should not end when we graduate.

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