Masters In International Security Studies

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Masters In International Security Studies

This Erasmus Mundus joint master’s degree brings together European and international partners to deliver an integrated curriculum incorporating theoretical, empirical and applied approaches to security, intelligence and strategy. You will study across Europe and may be considered on a competitive basis for on-the-job training opportunities with an internship organisation.

Graduate Courses By Major Field Core Courses

The program is structured around a series of mobility periods over two years of study, each with 1 academic semester at the three universities in the program. During Year 1, you will undertake a series of core courses and training in research methods covering the main topics of the programme.

In Year 2, you will choose a professional concentration that includes a number of additional courses. A fourth flexible mobility with electives for independent study (dissertation) and workplace study with a relevant non-academic intern is also included.

The mobility periods are designed to enable you to develop diverse perspectives on the three core themes of the program and promote outcomes based on valuable knowledge and practical skills that will provide you with future career opportunities.

Students may be exempted from Strategic and International Security Studies and choose a module from a list of specific options instead if they can demonstrate that they have completed an equivalent module in International Relations or A-level Security.

Degree Title Master Of Arts In International Security Studies. University University Of Reading

You must choose a major thematic concentration and complete at least four courses (including the core course). You can choose a fifth course from one of the options offered to accumulate the required number of credits. (Additional courses can be added to the concentration and all courses are available)

During this period of flexible mobility, you will return to your primary supervisor’s university headquarters. This will be your official academic home during this time. During this period, all students must complete their independent research portfolio, which includes a thesis. Depending on the research topic, you may be based at a fourth location of our partner partners for some time during this mobility period. Some students will have the opportunity to do a 6-8 week internship related to the thesis topic. These are offered by our non-academic partners and are available on a competitive basis.

The University of Sgow endeavors to offer all programs as advertised. However, in exceptional circumstances, the University may withdraw or modify a programme. For more information, see: Student Agreement.

Graduates of this program are prepared to work in security-related positions in public functions, public administrations, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, multinational business corporations, private security companies and risk analysis. Some may enjoy doing a PhD and doing research.

A Podcast From The Centre For International Security

The fees charged to students reflect the fee and funding regime established by the European Commission for Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Programmes. This means that for this programme, the fees paid by students from program countries (EU, EEA [Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein] and ERASMUS countries [Turkey, FYR Macedonia, Serbia]) are the same as those paid by students from united kingdom

The fees listed here cover tuition only. The University of Slough can only charge fees in GBP published in pounds sterling and may take into account the exchange rate at the time of payment. As the program includes several mobility periods, students (funded and self-funded) will have to pay their own airfare. between each selected partner.

The prestigious Erasmus Mundus scholarship program is available for admission to the International Master in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies. The University of Sgou is the leading partner of the consortium of universities that developed this joint master’s degree. Other degree partners include Charles University (Czech Republic), Dublin City University (Ireland) and Trento University (Italy).

Banco Nacional de México (Banco de México) offers special loans to students who wish to enroll in graduate study programs. The University of Sgow has partnered with Banco de México FIDERH to offer a rate discount to Banco de México FIDERH loan holders. For more information, see the FIDERH website.

Security Studies: An Introduction: Williams, Paul D., Mcdonald, Matt: 9780415784900: Books

The University of Sgou offers a discount to all successful students of the Fundación para el Futuro de Colombia (Colfuturo) enrolled for postgraduate studies at the University of Sgou.

The University of Sgou offers a 25% discount to successful CONICyT students completing postgraduate studies at the University of Sgou.

CONACYT offers a non-refundable stipend, health insurance and health insurance of approximately $20,000 per month (for the UK, health insurance scholarships are not offered as students are already covered by the National Health System) University of sgow Graduate studies at the University of sgow 30% discount for successful CONACyT students who have completed their studies.

In response to the unprecedented economic climate, the University is offering a 20% discount on all postgraduate study programs for graduates commencing their studies in the 2023/24 Academic Session. This includes University of sgow graduates and those who have participated in the University of sgow study abroad or Erasmus programme. Discounts apply to all full-time, part-time and online programs. This discount can be awarded in conjunction with most college scholarships.

International Security Studies An Der Uni Der Bundeswehr Studieren

2.1 Politics, international relations, history, territory, cultural studies, law, sociology, criminology, human geography, computer science, language sciences, world studies, psychology, media studies, journalism, degree in modern languages ​​or business or not. Based in the UK. The other subjects will be considered individually. Candidates with relevant work experience in policing, security, intelligence or risk analysis will also be considered. Only academic background in engineering or IT will be considered for track A.

International students with less than the required degree should contact our partner institution, sgow International College, which offers a range of pre-Masters courses.

For international students, the Home Office has confirmed that the University can choose these tests when assessing their English language ability for visa degree programmes. The University offers a secure English Language Test (SELT) approved by the UKVI, but we do not require a specific UKVI SELT for our degree programmes. Therefore, we are still accepting the listed English tests for admission to this program.

The University of Oslo accepts evidence of the required language level of a previous English course. We consider other BALEAP accredited courses.

Consulate General Of India, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

We are proud of our diverse university community, which attracts students and staff from over 140 countries. The Master in Diplomacy and International Security offers graduates of many academic levels the opportunity to gain experience in important areas of international cooperation. It will also attract professionals interested in filling positions that require extensive knowledge of diplomacy, history and security issues.

Diplomacy and international security are among the most pressing issues facing the world today. The program is unique in that it provides students with a historical understanding of contemporary issues and enables them to develop a deep understanding of diplomacy. The program examines major international security issues and provides students with opportunities to address issues of importance in today’s world.

This master’s program offers a truly versatile experience. Based on the academic experience of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, you will be able to choose the classes of the Faculty of History, Government and Public Policies and the Faculty of Law.

The course is linked to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and the Consular Mission in Edinburgh. Students have the opportunity to interact with distinguished diplomats and foreign policy experts who contribute to the program.

Pdf) The Prospects And Dangers Of Artificial Intelligence On International Security: The Case Of A Sino American Arms Race

The course has been shortlisted for a prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship for 2023/24. It provides opportunities for talented and motivated people to gain the knowledge and skills needed for sustainable development, for those who might not otherwise be able to study in the UK.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences will be on hand to provide you with all the information you need to start your postgraduate journey at the University of Clyde. Register for upcoming events below:

The MA in Diplomacy and International Security introduces and introduces you to contemporary and historical issues related to the subject of the course, examining them from a historical, political and legal perspective.

The course will be organized in core and optional classes. Core courses focus on the evolution and practice of diplomacy and provide students with the necessary research skills. The dissertation allows for original historical research and an extensive written work.

Master Of Advanced Studies In International Affairs

There are two main modules and you can choose additional classes from each school. Your experience is enhanced by studying with students from other degrees.

Master’s students also write theses. You will study a topic of your choice under supervision

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