Masters In Marketing And Communication

Masters In Marketing And Communication – Incorporating the latest digital marketing and analytics practices, our comprehensive master’s curriculum reflects the rapidly changing global marketing environment. You can also gain two internationally recognized professional qualifications: the Certificate in Digital Marketing from the Institute of Data and Marketing (IDM) and the Global Foundation Certificate from the Institute of Advertising Practitioners (IPA) and join the Chartered Institute of Public School. relations (CIPR).

Here we have been teaching postgraduate courses in marketing communication for over 20 years. Our goal is to prepare you for a career in the increasingly complex and dynamic field of marketing communications, incorporating the growing content and new innovations of digital marketing.

Masters In Marketing And Communication

The knowledge required for Professional Membership of the CIPR and IDM Certificate in Digital Marketing is included in the curriculum, meaning you will be eligible for both upon completion of this degree. With additional study and after passing the exam, you can get the IPA Global Foundation certificate.

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Our multidisciplinary degree brings together different specializations and practices in marketing communications, while addressing some of the most pressing issues affecting marketing communications, from how to develop an authentic brand voice to hands-on experience in social media dashboards and media planning programmatic

We offer hands-on learning experiences with interactive employer-based projects that reflect industry practice and allow you to work as a marketing communications agency in a ‘real’ client-facing setting. In the past, our excellent network connections have facilitated projects with prominent clients such as IKEA, Trainline and Percol Coffee, as well as small start-ups such as MatchaNow and Boundless. During your studies you will work on a personal project based on a brand of your choice with the help of your supervisor to integrate brand strategy, consumer psychology, research and a range of communication tools and channels.

Two new additional modules allow you to specialize in one of two careers: data analysis (MSc route) or creative development (MA route), which take you deeper into those fields. On the MSc, you will explore a range of quantitative research methods and techniques, such as the use of programmatic advertising and the evaluation of media effectiveness. Master’s students focus on the planning processes commonly used in advertising agencies, of particular interest if you have a taste or interest in creativity and its application in communication.

The aim of the course is to enhance your career prospects through knowledge and understanding of industry best practice balanced with academic theory. The curriculum is designed to give you an understanding of marketing communication channels and tools, which will give you the foundation to develop an integrated marketing communication strategy that you will deliver upon completion of the course.

Institute Of Marketing Communication

It also includes the development of communication messages along with media and channel capabilities, which together execute a marketing communication campaign. It spans the disciplines of branding, advertising, public relations, promotional marketing, digital marketing communications (including direct and interactive marketing and social media) and is based on a deep understanding of consumers gained through research and brand intelligence.

All students first enroll in a master’s degree, allowing time to assess the different emphasis of each degree and to reflect on their skills, strengths and future career development. You will make the decision to pursue a master’s degree or pursue a master’s degree during the first semester of your studies. New options allow you to focus on developing creative solutions or delve into data analysis recommendations for effective marketing communication.

You will begin by understanding the psychology that underpins the attitudes, perceptions, decision-making processes and behaviors of modern consumers. You will have the opportunity to put your consumer learning into practice by collecting and analyzing data and developing research to generate insights for marketing communications. You will explore a wide range of media and platforms that deliver marketing communications messages, including advertising, programmatic buying, digital display, the growth of new media and the changing importance of data. You will also examine the key concepts of brand management as strategic assets, all aimed at creating value for customers and your organization.

Recognizing the importance of customer relationship marketing (CRM), you will explore direct and data-driven concepts in marketing communications and creative and innovative ways to engage consumers in dialogue, from personal selling to sophisticated mobile applications. We examine a range of approaches to marketing communications, from the traditional to the more modern. You will learn how to use modern digital tools and techniques, such as Google Analytics, data and social media dashboards, to evaluate marketing communications channels, including content creation and mobile. Undergraduate students explore the importance of creativity and innovation in planning marketing communications, and graduate students experience a variety of data analysis tools and methods that can be used in decision making.

Master Of Marketing And Digital Communications

The IMC project is a one-year module that takes place over two semesters and brings together all your learning. You will develop a well-researched and practical marketing communications strategy for a real business of your choice.

This module examines the role of brand strategy in the context of marketing communications, assesses contemporary concepts of brand strategy and examines its wider application. The module is taught through lectures, seminars and workshops with assessment focused on the student’s ability to apply and integrate concepts to analyse, formulate and propose strategic proposals for the future.

The Psychology and Consumer Research module draws on psychology, sociology and economics. You will explore the theoretical underpinnings of consumer behavior and apply these learnings, particularly in the context of increased consumer choice, changes in technology, media, purchase channels and globalization. You will also learn the basics of primary and secondary research to help you better understand consumers and markets and apply this to your marketing communications decisions.

Discussing a brand’s advertising is something anyone can do, but identifying the critical issues and concepts used to make a detailed analysis is something that comes with practice and experience. With frequent and varied use, a critical understanding of advertising and brand management is expected.

Masters In Marketing (digital Marketing)

This module introduces the modern digital marketing environment. A number of innovative and disruptive approaches to digital marketing communications in the modern business environment are examined in the context of sustainable business. Students will actively engage with the material as a community of practice through classroom and online participation, considering strategic, tactical, and ethical perspectives and applying them to a variety of contexts.

This module explores strategies and tools for sales enablement to attract customers and provide a short-term sales advantage. This module examines the key disciplines of sales promotion, shopper marketing, field marketing, direct mail and email marketing and customer relationship marketing, with background in retail and e-commerce and m-commerce.

This module examines the role of public relations (PR) in marketing and corporate communications and in building brands in the short and long term. Explore the origins, scope, nature and applications of PR to build and protect corporate and brand reputation in today’s business environment. Investigate the use of public relations tools and strategies to build and maintain stakeholder relationships, build trust, manage online reputation risk, and assess the value of public relations.

Over two semesters, this module guides you through the two stages of an IMC Project (Proposal and Plan), helping to synthesize the content of other modules with contemporary industry issues and theories. As well as ensuring that you have a clear understanding of what Modern IMC is and what is expected of you in both (assessed) stages, this will be the unifying core of the course, from the residency weekend to the final presentation. your IMC project (proposal and plan).

Advertising & Marketing Communications

This module is an optional option for students wishing to pursue a Master’s degree, involving them in a semester-long study of the Creative Development process involved in most creative agencies.

The module dives deep into the world of data collection, analysis and research-based marketing decision making. You will explore quantitative research techniques such as regression, correlation, ANOVA, factor and cluster analysis using statistical software such as SPSS. You’ll also learn how to interpret marketing decisions like A/B testing, measure consumer response to ads, measure individual differences, and how you can contribute to various purchase and engagement decisions. The use of programmatic buying and econometrics to evaluate media effects is also considered.

We have excellent links with relevant professional bodies including: Institute of Information and Marketing, who support, encourage and improve marketing performance with development programs to help students be the best; the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, the world’s only official authorized body for public relations professionals; and the Institute of Advertising Practitioners, established by the Royal Chartered and Trade Authority

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