Masters In Mass Communication Colleges

Masters In Mass Communication Colleges – Mass media play an important role in any democracy. Pursuing a career in mass communication and journalism offers new experiences and excitement every day. And many young minds flock to the discipline. Each year, more than 70 to 80 million students nationwide enroll in journalism (news and mass communication) programs. The competitive nature of the professional media industry requires a lot of hard work, dedication and excellent communication skills.

If you are looking for the best universities in India, as we have prepared for you this article of top 10 universities that offer courses in mass communication and media, this is the right place.

Masters In Mass Communication Colleges

Symbiosis Multi Campus. Exemplifying the motto of “Promoting International Understanding through Quality Education”, the campus works with international students from around the world who are exposed to Indian culture and hospitality. Most of these schools are fully residential and have recreational facilities such as swimming pools, concert halls and health centers. In 2002, the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, named the university as “Symbiosis Disease of an Esteemed University” in recognition of its excellent record.

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AJK Center for Research in Mass Communication is India’s premier media organization. A. MCRC Kidway worked with York University in Toronto and the Canadian Agency for International Development in 1982. MCRC offers the highest level of media education and training, professional and academic professors, and a wide variety of professional visitors. Courses in modern media, art, craft and technology are offered at MCRC.

IIMC Society, an independent entity registered under the Societies Registration Act 1867, governs the organization. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is providing funding for the development. The Institute has a Governing Council, an Executive Council and a President, which includes the Director General of the Institute, faculty representatives and prominent media personalities. On 17 August 1965, the then Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Smt. Indira Gandhi, with a small staff of two UNESCO advisers.

St. Xavier College, Auto Xavier Institute of Communication (XIC) Curriculum Department. It is a professional media center that provides a variety of training and production services. The institute is spread over two campuses, St. Xavier’s College and St. Xavier’s High School in Mumbai. St. Xavier’s College, Xavier Institute of Communication, Xavier Institute of Management and Research (XIMR) and Heras Indian Institute of History and Culture are part of the St. Xavier’s College Association Trust, Mumbai.

Website: Mass Media Courses – Mass Communication, Journalism, Advertising and Marketing, Diploma Courses and Certificate Courses from Xavier Institute of Communication (XIC). (

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Mrs. Ram. Mrs. Ram has long been recognized as India’s premier institution of higher education for women. It is now one of the best institutions in the social sciences, humanities and business worldwide. Statistical program. Among its many strengths are vocational courses in elementary education and journalism. LSR is at the forefront of knowledge and has not only kept up with the changing world, but has also been the guiding spirit behind many educational innovations.

Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media (IIJNM) is one of the postgraduate journalism and journalism schools in South Asia. The institute is located in Bangalore, the center of India’s high-tech industry. It offers an excellent curriculum that combines theory and practice to prepare graduates for jobs in the media industry. Its print, television, radio and multimedia media programs showcase the best practices in the media industry and media technology.

In many national surveys, the Department of Communication at the University of Hyderabad has been named the best university department. The department prides itself on being one of the best research centers in the country, with doctoral researchers conducting research that spans humanities and social science approaches.

The university offers postgraduate and doctoral programmes. At the master’s level, emphasis is placed on print and new media, communication and media studies, and radio-video production.

Careers In Masters In Mass Communication And Journalism

With a rich legacy spanning three decades, the CHRISTUS (Respected University) Department of Media Studies has become one of the trusted leaders in the field of media education. India Today’s MDRA survey and weekly HANSA survey consistently place us among the top ten mass communication education institutions in the country. In their 2020 survey, India Today ranked us among the “Emerging Colleges of this Century”.

In 1960, the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) was established by the Government of India in the former premises of Prabhat Studios in Pune. Now the FTII campus is housed in the former Prabat Studio premises. A pioneer in the film industry, Prabat Studios moved from Kolhapur to Pune in 1933. The ancient studio of the era still exists and is used as a production site for Prabhat’s films. The old Probate Studios are now heritage buildings. FTII students continue to work in the world’s oldest operating film studio.

In 2003, the New Delhi-based Educational Media Research Association established the National Institute of Mass Communication in collaboration with the Canadian Institute of Mass Communication in Ontario, Canada. The University of California, USA has also accredited the National Institute of Mass Communication and its courses.

Address: 84 A, 2nd Floor, D 904, Near Mata Ka Mandir, New Friends Colony, South, Bharat Nagar, Delhi 110065

Ba Journalism & Mass Communication (bjmc)

The aim is to provide students with high quality media training to use media technology as effectively as possible to adapt to the rapidly changing communications industry.

Yes, mass communication and journalism is a good career choice because it opens up many disciplines like filmmaking, radio, PR, etc.

A starting salary for communications professionals can be around $5,000. 12,000 to Rs. 25,000. However, an experienced professional can expect a salary of $5,000. $50,000 to $5,000. 1,000,000,000 a month. The Department of Mass Communication was established at Loyola in 2004 and offers a postgraduate course in B.A.

“We go the extra mile to get our kids out there, and they thank us leaps and bounds beyond our wildest dreams.”

Top Media And Journalism Colleges In India: Check List Of Best Journalism Colleges In India

The Department of Mass Communication began in 2004 and has since trained students to express their creativity with a solid background in technical expertise. We aim to provide our students with the broadest range of skills to become leading media professionals. Specialized courses focus on visual communication, filmmaking and short filmmaking. Students will also be exposed to advertising design and production.

Guest lecturers from industries such as filmmaking, documentaries and advertising, creative advertising, film projects large and small, discussions on visual communication, photography and short films are practical – we do our best to make our courses as interactive as possible. A few reasons why students love the department so much:

Our department does not offer lectures. Instead, we have conversations where everyone is a learner. The students love it and so do the teachers. Drop in for an interview.

Since our genes were born, we reach out to students and make their dreams come true. We will help too. Here are some of the most important achievements: The Department of Communication Studies was founded in 1973 on the initiative of the then Vice-Chancellor Dr. H. Narasimaiah of Bangalore University.

B.a. Mass Communication Hyderabad

Dr. E K Eapen, an expert in the field of communication, was appointed head of the communication department.

A host of well-known journalists and communication experts and academics participated in the introduction phase of the episode.

UNESCO Advisor and Professor, Development Communication IIM, dr. Neechan, UNESCO Broadcasting Adviser, Dr. H K Ranganath, UNESCO Adviser on Traditional Media. Eminent Journalist and Former British High Commissioner Kuldeep Nayar, Professor of Journalism, Former Ambassador of Qatar, Vice Chancellor, Hyderabad Dr. Ambedkar Open University, dr. A W Khan, former Vice-Chancellor of Indira Gandhi Open University, Prof. Satish Bahadur, Indian Institute of Film and Television, Pune.

Dr. N V K Murthy, Director, Film and Television Institute of India, Prof. N V Thirtha, Professor, Faculty of Education, Bangalore University.

Met Institute Of Mass Media

These eminent persons are involved in education and academic programs of the department. Afterwards prof. B A Shridhara, Prof. Leela Rao, Sri. Ramesh and Prof. Balasubramaniam were the faculty members of the department. Later, Professor H S Eshwara, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, who previously worked at the University of Missouri, Dr. succeeded Eppen as chairman. Afterwards prof. B A Shridhara, Prof. K Puttaraju, Prof. Leela Rao served as the chairman of the department and now Prof. Jagadish Prakash the chairman of the department.

The department was the first to recognize the growth of television in India and was the first to develop CCTV equipment and train students to produce television and radio programmes.

The department was encouraged by the UGC to expand to six with the approval of six posts by readers

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