Masters In National Security Studies

Masters In National Security Studies – Are you prepared to anticipate and address issues related to homeland security, counterterrorism, and national and international intelligence? Enhance your skills through an online and on-campus Master of Arts in National Security Studies. Choose from in-demand concentrations that allow you to focus your master’s degree on a national security studies program.

It affects changes in cybersecurity, military operations, crisis management, diplomacy, strategic intelligence and other areas critical to national security.

Masters In National Security Studies

WE. Ranked among the best national universities for three years (2019, 2020 and 2022) by News & World Report. We are also recognized among the top 10 military friendship schools

Master Of Arts In Security Studies: Homeland Defense Concentration Online

The Master of Arts (MA) in National Security Studies – Cybersecurity Policy provides you with information, strategies, and legal foresight to help protect corporations and the nation against cyber threats.

The Master of Arts (MA) in Homeland Security – Homeland Security teaches you how to identify and analyze potential threats to the security of the United States, while you expand your knowledge in the areas of domestic terrorism, natural disasters and cybersecurity.

The MA in National Security – Indo-Pacific Politics will help you understand the diverse political, cultural, economic and religious issues that make up the world’s most populous region. With a vast territory stretching from Australia to India, you will explore the Indo-Pacific system, from nation building to sustainable development.

The Master of Arts (MA) in National Security Studies – International Security teaches you how to identify, assess, and prevent threats to international security as you expand your knowledge in the areas of national security and cybersecurity.

Online It Master’s Degree

The Master of Arts (MA) in National Security – Middle East Politics helps you understand the diverse political, cultural and religious issues in the Middle East so that you can develop your network as a trusted security advisor.

Provides the essential knowledge, resources, and skills needed to succeed at the graduate level. Topics include academic writing, online learning, information literacy, and government advisory and support services.

A comprehensive overview of career management principles and practices to more effectively equip students for employment and career advancement from a Christian perspective.

Qualitative and quantitative thinking, basic principles of the philosophy of science, positivist and reflective approaches to knowledge creation.

Homeland Security Degree, Master Of Arts

Examines the nature of war and peace, including philosophical and religious thought and practice, with particular reference to Christian tradition (eg, just war theory) and the formal law of armed conflict.

Examines major international relations approaches and methodologies, first, second, and third debates in the field, examines emerging themes, and identifies research questions.

It provides the necessary theoretical and conceptual tools to understand the basic strategy of Western national security policy since the emergence of Clausewitz and Jomini, focusing on the elements of national power (diplomatic, informational, military, economic) and since the First World War between the US and allied forces.

Historical development of US national security policies and doctrines; main theoretical approaches to defining national security objectives and strategies; The role and relationships of key actors in the development of US national security policy; contemporary national security challenges, including terrorism, mass weapons, and the rise of violent extremism.

National Security Studies, M.a.

Historical development of US foreign policy principles; the role of entities, interest groups and special interests involved in the formulation of foreign policy; Economic Aspects of US Foreign Policy and the Role of Ideology and Religion; Examines America’s role in today’s world.

All new students are expected to register for the semester two weeks before the session starts. Students must apply, be accepted, enroll in their first course, and confirm a payment plan for their course by this date.

Estimated Cost of Attendance: See Estimated Cost of Attendance for an example of the total cost of tuition and fees.

Whether you are a prospective student or a current student, your questions are important. Please take a few minutes to review our FAQs. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us.

Best Online Master’s In Homeland Security Programs Of 2023

“The idea was that if you’re managing in the public interest, you’re not doing it just to be a bureaucrat, but to serve the people around you. You have to be busy and know what you believe in when you go into it, stand up for what you believe is right.”

“Teachers teach real-life lessons and then relate them to God’s purpose for your life.”

“The Robertson School of Government was the perfect choice to pursue a master’s degree while on active duty. The online program gave me the flexibility I needed. This training course will really prepare you and put you at the forefront of a rapidly evolving skill set within the federal government.

“My online degree has allowed me to combine my studies with my career, making my postgraduate experience incredibly relevant.”

Security Studies & International Affairs

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Homeland Security, Doctor Of Professional Studies

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