Masters In Political Science Programs

Masters In Political Science Programs – , “Political science majors develop excellent communication skills and critical thinking,” making Political Science one of the “top 10 college majors” in the country!

Political Science courses introduce students to the study of government, politics, policy, and the state, with subfields of political theory and philosophy, international relations, and foreign government. foreign and comparative politics, public law, research methods, public policy and American politics. . I challenge you to explore the fundamental questions about governance: How should the state and society be organized? How do the values ​​of civil society and the economy influence political thinking? Who should exercise political power and who should not? What constitutes justice?

Masters In Political Science Programs

As a student in Political Science classes, you will not only gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics and processes of governance, policy-making and world events, but also the analytical skills needed to succeed long-term work, including critical and integrative thinking by conducting in-depth investigations, and communicating effectively. Result? You will be prepared for an exciting and rewarding career in any field, from law and administration to business and academia.

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Interested in majoring in Political Science? Learn more about the programs we offer and what you can do with an undergraduate or graduate degree in this exciting field of study!

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Master’s Programs In Political Science

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With career aspirations to become a policy maker, it seems inevitable that Erin Wright will one day finish… Learn more about the top online political science majors this year and find out how these programs can lead to careers in fields ranging from politics to business and media. .

Earning a master’s degree in political science online can lead to many attractive job opportunities both in politics and outside of politics. Many online political science master’s programs teach not only politics and public policy, but also the legal system, international relations, history, and media. Some online political science master’s programs also allow you to set your own schedule. You get the same knowledge as live students while you can work full time and take care of family and personal obligations.

But how do you know which program best meets your needs? To help you start your search, we’ve listed this year’s best online political science programs based on important criteria like affordability, availability of online education, and student support. See which programs are at the top, and read more in the guide to learn more about how to get a political science master’s degree online.

Best Master’s In Political Science Online Programs For 2023

To be eligible for this ranking, universities must meet the following criteria based on government data provided by the Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System (IPEDS).

After creating a list of eligible colleges, OMD’s data science team assigned a weight and ranked the colleges based on a combination of affordability, availability of online learning, and more.

Each ranking on the OMD uses the latest data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), which colleges and universities across the country self-report through surveys by the Department of Education of the United States.

Sul Ross State University’s Master of Arts in Political Science program is designed for students interested in developing their careers in political science. They will be ready to teach and research at the university level, to teach in secondary education, in political or administrative careers, or prepare for graduate studies. Students will study topics such as voter participation, the impact of term limits, social behavior and political affiliation, policy analysis, institutional authority, and more. There are many opportunities to conduct research in political theory, public administration, public policy and institutional agency in local, state, national and international communities. Students can complete the program entirely online, allowing them to balance their other personal and professional responsibilities. Thesis and non-thesis options are available.

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Indiana University Bloomington’s political science MA is a fully online program for students interested in studying the methods and techniques political scientists use to analyze and interpret political institutions and behavior. They will study the role of politics in society, the application of knowledge in political society, do research and major schools of political thought. Graduates will be prepared for careers in education, policy analysis, lobbying, national security, public service, and more. Students choose between two tracks: world politics or American politics. Admission requirements include a bachelor’s degree from a regionally recognized institution, a minimum 3.0 college GPA, official transcripts, and a 250-word personal statement explaining your background and reasons for joining the program.

The University of Nebraska Omaha’s online master’s in political science offers students a fully flexible online program with the opportunity to conduct interdisciplinary research. All students learn a broad foundation of political science in topics such as research, government and politics, international relations, constitutional law, foreign policy, leadership and political theory. They also have the opportunity to incorporate other subjects including criminal justice, geography, history, media, and more. Graduates will be prepared for a variety of careers in a number of fields. The program offers thesis and non-thesis options. All students start in the non-thesis option, but can apply for the thesis option after 15 credits. Students create a curriculum with their chosen elective courses and choose between two degrees: US government and politics or international affairs. Admission requirements include a statement of purpose, writing samples, resume and letters of recommendation.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University’s online Master’s in Political Science are entirely online and provide students with a strong foundation in political science majors and a background in scientific research methods. The department is relatively small, which allows close interaction between students and teachers. Students complete courses online, through graduate courses conducted asynchronously. Graduates will be prepared for careers in academia and government or will be ready to pursue a doctoral degree. Admission requirements include a minimum GPA of 3.0, GRE scores, and required TOEFL/IELTS scores, if applicable.

You can complete the University of Illinois Springfield master’s program in political science entirely online, which allows for work and personal flexibility. Graduates have specialized knowledge in US and international politics, policy, political campaigns, and research. Students choose an area of ​​focus in American national and state politics, comparative politics, international relations, political theory or public law. By working closely with faculty members, they can customize their degrees to their interests and choose electives in their field of study. There are also graduate research, internship and assistantship opportunities. To complete the degree, students choose from a comprehensive test, a dissertation or a participant/observer case study. Admission requirements include a bachelor’s degree, an application form, transcripts, writing samples, test scores, and application fees.

Best Jobs For Graduates With A Political Science Degree

While the online political science master’s programs listed below did not make our list of the best for 2023, they are still worth your consideration. Check out our detailed articles below and see if they have what you’re looking for.

The American Public University System’s 100% online Master’s in political science explores topics such as American government theory, foreign and domestic policy, and political philosophy. It prepares graduates for careers in government and the military, as well as politics, nonprofit management, and any career that requires strong interpersonal and communication skills.

For this two-year, 36-credit program, students choose one of four majors: Government and United States Government, Comparative and Developmental Government, International Relations and Public Policy. Graduates analyze fundamental theories of government and apply them to current political systems, evaluate different political systems, and evaluate the people and processes involved in policy planning. Tuition is $370 per credit hour, but active duty military students pay only $250 per credit hour.

The University of Illinois Springfield’s online Master’s program in Political Science is designed for professionals who hope to begin a career in politics or education. This customizable program covers most electives. Courses include Comparative Political Culture, Introduction to the American Legal System, Probation, Legislative Policy, Environmental Law, American Foreign Policy, Russian Politics and Poverty, Law and Justice. Students will also complete a concluding assignment in the form of a thesis, comprehensive final exam, or case study.

Master Of Arts In Politics

The political science department is also home to the award-winning Model United Nations and Model Illinois Government groups. Alternatively, students can choose one of four majors: National and State Politics, Comparative Politics/International Relations, Political Theory and Public Law.

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a strong background in politics, social sciences or history. All online students pay the same tuition rates.

Earning a master’s degree in political science provides a strong foundation in debate, analysis, research, and writing. These skills can lead to success in politics and beyond, as graduates assume leadership roles in both private business and public office.

With a master’s degree in political science, you open yourself up to new job opportunities

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