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Health Science is a new academic focus that will help you prepare for an entry-level healthcare management role or a master’s or professional degree.

Masters In Reading Education Jobs

The Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) is a new course of study for students interested in a career in healthcare. Because BHS programs combine natural and social science coursework with hands-on training, this degree prepares you for a variety of career opportunities. Many graduates choose to enter the health care field as practitioners, researchers, or administrators.

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At BHS, you may be interested in entering the workforce or pursuing a master’s degree or professional certificate to deepen your experience and develop your career. Let’s take a look at the roles and qualifications you can explore with a Bachelor of Medicine.

Below you will find the eight roles available at BHS. We’ve gathered salary information and job growth where possible from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and Glassdoor. While the entry-level requirement for every job is a bachelor’s degree, you may find that companies and organizations have different qualification and experience requirements.

Every community has different health needs, and sometimes community members may need help navigating the services available. Community health workers are intermediaries who facilitate community members’ access to a variety of health services. Community health workers may also conduct outreach, participate in education, or even provide specialized services such as blood tests.

Many people turn to publications or websites for valuable health information. A medical writer is a journalist who focuses more on health-related topics. They can work as a freelance writer contributing to multiple outlets or as a staff writer in one specific area. Many medical writers have a solid medical background and some laboratory experience.

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Answering many medical questions requires expert knowledge of mathematics and statistics. Biostatisticians are the medical scientists who find the answers. They design studies, collect and analyze data, and interpret results to produce reports that inform health policy and strategies. Biostatisticians may work in federal or local governments, academic institutions such as universities, or research laboratories.

Pharmacists educate doctors about new and existing treatments. They do not “sell” a drug to inform a doctor of its existence and benefits, so they are well informed about the potential treatment for their patients. Due to the unique nature of their work, pharmaceutical sales representatives often need to have scientific knowledge to discuss their products.

Substance abuse counselors provide guidance and support to people who use drugs or alcohol to cause harm. They may work with patients one-on-one or in groups to discuss the reasons for drug use, ways to cut back, and other constructive ways to build healthy habits.

Navigating the healthcare system can be difficult, which is where patient care advocates, sometimes called healthcare advocates, come in. They often work one-on-one with patients, helping them understand the disease, find the best treatment, and even contact insurance. billing issues. Patient care advocates may work on behalf of a hospital or medical facility or may work independently.

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A patient’s cells can reveal a unique picture that can lead to better diagnosis and treatment. Cytotechnologists work in laboratories, examining cells under a microscope and looking for abnormalities that can help diagnose disease. Cryotechnologists may work in hospitals, universities, or research laboratories.

A dietician works in the field of nutrition. They may focus on counseling, meeting with individual patients or groups to learn, plan meals and diets, and discuss behavioral motivation. Or they may work in nutrition research, learning and experimenting with new foods. Nutritionist roles typically require a bachelor’s degree, although you may find that companies require a master’s degree for many roles.

Students who study medicine as an undergraduate often do so to earn a master’s or professional degree. Those interested in becoming a doctor may choose to study medicine instead of the traditional “pre-med” route, such as biology or chemistry. Those interested in senior healthcare roles can prepare for a master’s degree in a specific field, such as public health, by first serving at BHS.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in medicine, you can pursue higher education, including degrees in:

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Earn a master’s degree in population and health sciences at the University of Michigan. Learn about public health challenges at a cutting-edge research institution. Or, take the next step in your health career with Yale’s Health Informatics MasterTrack® certificate, which can count toward the Yale School of Public Health’s Master of Public Health (MPH) degree.

This information is provided for informational purposes only. Students are encouraged to do additional research to ensure that the courses and other degrees they are applying for meet their personal, professional and financial goals. Master of Education (MED): The specialist route is a course-based program that provides students with a systematic understanding and critical awareness of current issues and/or new ideas, many of which are at the forefront of or informed by. an academic, study or professional practice area in one discipline. The goal of the Master of Education program is to ensure that courses and sequences provide a rigorous, coherent, rigorous, credible, and high-quality academic experience that trains students to be leaders of professional practice in the field of research.

This track is a two-year program consisting of 12 semester courses (36 credits) in a specialized field. Students complete eight courses in a specific field of study and four research courses that focus on research methods, program evaluation, collaboration, and field-related reading and writing research.

Our MED programs are innovative, up-to-date and professional programs designed to produce professional professionals. Graduate programs in education have designed and structured medical studies as a possible pathway to a professional doctorate (EdD).

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Topics are offered face-to-face, fully online, and blended options (a combination of face-to-face and online. Blended topics begin with face-to-face classes at the University of Calgary, with online tracking during the summer. Courses 2 (Fall), 3 (Winter) and 4 (Spring) is available entirely online, please check each topic to confirm delivery method.

Integrated subjects begin with face-to-face classes and online follow-up during the summer at the University of Calgary. Courses 2 (Fall), 3 (Winter) and 4 (Spring) are fully online using Desire2Learn and Zoom.

Online courses are conducted both in an asynchronous environment (D2L) and in a synchronous (real-time) environment (Zoom), which allows teachers to actually meet and talk with students and exchange ideas. In a live exchange, listen to group class presentations. works with whiteboard access. Usually no more than 5 sessions in 13 weeks (fall and winter) and less than 6 weeks (spring and summer). More information about online delivery can be found on the Delivery and eLearning website.

This program is designed for adult educators, professionals, those involved in non-profit/community-based organizations and initiatives, and higher education leaders. This specialized degree offers graduates the opportunity to acquire highly professional education and learning to enhance knowledge and skills in both creating and supporting the development of educated and sustainable adult learning communities that thrive in diverse settings.

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This theme explores and explores the skills and methods current and aspiring school leaders can use to promote effective communication, such as committing to professional learning, demonstrating visionary leadership, leading a learning community. , enabling Indigenous students to succeed by providing instructional leadership, leadership capacity development, management of school and district activities and resources, understanding and responding to community context, and effective administrative support. Graduates of this program may apply for the Alberta Certificate of Educational Leadership and the Superintendent’s Leadership Certificate.

The group-based master’s degree in education consists of a total of 36 credits (12 half-courses). Graduates must complete their courses consecutively.

Students must complete all program requirements within two or three years, depending on the program’s course schedule.

(a) A four-year Bachelor’s degree from the University of Calgary or an equivalent degree from an accredited institution. Diplomas and degrees from foreign institutions are evaluated as equivalent to those of the University of Calgary.

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B) A minimum GPA of 3.00 (on the University of Calgary four-point scale). It is based on the last two years of an undergraduate degree consisting of at least 10 full-time equivalent courses.

C) a written statement stating the applicant’s reasons for participating in a graduate program in education.

D) Fulfillment of English language proficiency requirements. Proficiency in English is essential for successful continuation and completion of graduate programs in the School of Education. Applicants whose first language is not English must meet an English language proficiency requirement before being admitted to graduate programs in education.

(e) Two References – References

What Is A Master’s In Education?

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