Masters In Sports Management Schools

Masters In Sports Management Schools – If you are interested in becoming part of the next generation of sports business and health professionals in Singapore, the Diploma in Sport and Health Management is for you.

Play a key role in promoting sport as a way of life in Singapore and improving the health of Singaporeans. This unique course combines sport and business with personal experiences and real case studies. You’ll have the professionalism and industry expertise to build a valuable portfolio essential in today’s dynamic sporting world.

Masters In Sports Management Schools

Today’s workplace demands graduates who can communicate confidently in a variety of situations. In this module learners will develop essential 21st century skills in how to present and write effectively in a variety of professional settings. This module aims to develop effective business presentation and writing skills to suit the different communication purposes of different business audiences by mastering the key business message design principles required for effective communication in the workplace. Learners will develop the ability to use and practice audience-focused and persuasive professional language in presentation and writing, including in new and social media contexts. In addition, learners will develop digital information skills for conducting business research and principles of effective oral communication for translating key information and findings from business documents into clear presentations.

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In the 21st century workplace, communicating innovative ideas and concepts requires new business-critical communication skills. In this module, learners will develop specific and practical communication strategies, methods and skills to become effective communicators. This module aims to develop advanced business communication skills through the development of a communication plan targeting key audiences, through persuasive proposals and performance pitches. Learners will also apply digital storytelling principles to achieve the communication effects required for online and face-to-face presentations. All industries increasingly require good interpersonal and communication skills. The module will therefore assist learners by developing interpersonal skills and negotiation skills for intercultural communication and interpersonal skills for employment communication.

This module provides learners with a basic understanding of statistical concepts that are useful and relevant for business applications and decision-making. Through this module, learners will acquire knowledge of data presentation, sampling, testing and data interpretation to identify issues and trends for business development. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability, discrete and continuous distributions, statistical estimation, and regression and correlation analysis.

In a world that is becoming increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, employers value graduates who can independently innovate and develop solutions that meet user needs. In this module learners will acquire the knowledge and skills to effectively develop and refine human-centred solutions. Learners will have the opportunity to practice and experience key stages of design thinking, such as problem identification, requirements identification, idea generation, and prototyping, as they learn collaboratively using a variety of tools and testing methods.

This module aims to provide learners with a general overview of healthy lifestyles and health management in changing work, home and leisure environments. Learners will learn to develop, implement and evaluate adaptive intervention programs and health promotion activities to address lifestyle-related illnesses in the workplace at large for both consumers and workers. Holistic concepts of health are also explored in relation to social, physical, occupational and environmental aspects of quality of life. This module prepares learners for the practical application of concepts and frameworks for basic counseling on nutrition, stress management and substance abuse through behavior change tools, motivational techniques and effective communication.

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The ability to manage and visualize data for analysis is a critical skill for business decision making today. Spreadsheet applications are ubiquitous for data storage, computation, analysis, and visualization. In this module learners will acquire the skills needed to work with data using spreadsheet applications to help them make business decisions.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, fundamental management skills are relevant and essential. In this module learners will acquire the people management skills to become effective and efficient managers. This module introduces fundamental principles of management and individual, group and organizational behaviour, and their application in the workplace. Learners will study topics such as management functions such as planning, organizing, coordinating, and commanding and controlling. Learners will also be introduced to the areas of personality, attitudes and feelings, decision making and motivation, team building, organizational structure and design.

This module provides learners with an understanding of the fundamentals of economics and the framework of economic reasoning used in business. Topics include principles of demand and supply, theory of the firm, production costs, profit maximization, market structure, inflation and unemployment, monetary and fiscal policy, and foreign exchange.

In today’s business environment, employers are looking for graduates who have a good understanding of accounting principles and practices to properly interpret business transactions and evaluate business performance. In this module, learners will be introduced to the accounting concepts and principles that guide the recording of business transactions and the preparation of financial statements. Learners will also learn how different types of assets are classified and presented on the statement of financial position and understand the internal controls that protect assets. It helps academics interpret financial statements and gain insight into business performance.

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This module covers the principles and practice of management and administrative functions in sport and recreation. Learners will gain an understanding of the structure and functions of the National Sports Association (NSA), and the role they play as sports communications agents in the Singaporean sports scene. Includes component management processes and their relationship to other organizational elements such as planning, communication, decision making, leadership, administration and volunteer management.

This module introduces learners to the fundamentals of human anatomy and physiology, the various body systems and their importance to sport and exercise performance. Learners will understand the various criteria and mechanisms behind exercise program design, acquire essential skills and knowledge to supervise an exercise program, and demonstrate appropriate exercise and stretching techniques. This module also covers the science of various forms of aerobic exercise and weight management.

It offers General Studies Modules (GSM) to give you a well-rounded education. So, as well as studying modules directly related to your chosen Diploma, you will be exposed to areas outside your usual area of ​​study. By combining prescribed and elective interdisciplinary GSM, you’ll gain interesting, practical knowledge that will prepare you for the world of work and life after graduation.

The success of a business depends on the relationship between individuals and organizations. Each party to a business relationship has a set of expectations about what he or she will give and receive. Law is a useful tool for describing and defining these expectations of the parties to a relationship. This establishes a level of certainty. In this module, learners will gain an understanding of how the Singapore legal system resolves disputes in a business environment. Learners will also gain an understanding of various areas of law, such as contract law, agency law, sale of goods law and intellectual property law, which are critical to regulating business activities in Singapore.

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The module develops learners’ entrepreneurial spirit and mindset and provides a platform for them to develop and implement their innovations and creativity in a hands-on environment. Learners will learn to identify, evaluate and develop new or improve existing business ideas, as well as plan, execute and manage these commercial ventures for profit. Learners will develop a comprehensive business plan including feasibility studies, environmental studies and analysis, marketing, operations and financial strategies. Through research, case studies and sharing sessions, they will experience and understand the challenges and recovery issues faced by entrepreneurs.

The module focuses on key practical skills related to sport and health and develops an understanding of key psychological theories that underpin athletic performance. Learners will be introduced to skills such as visualization, goal setting, positive self-talk, mental skills training, and performance analysis. This module assists learners to use effective mental and motivational skills training in specified sport and health contexts. A seminar-style approach will be used to complement lectures to encourage learners to analyze, evaluate and actively participate in the learning process.

நிதி மேலாண்மை என்பது நிறுவன நோக்கங்களை அடைவதற்காக, குறிப்பாக பங்குதாரர்களின் செல்வத்தை அதிகப்படுத்தும் குறிக்கோளை அடைய, வளங்கள் மற்றும் வணிக செயல்முறைகளைத் திட்டமிடுதல், செயல்படுத்துதல், கட்டுப்படுத்துதல் மற்றும் கண்காணித்தல் ஆகியவற்றை உள்ளடக்கியது. இந்தத் தொகுதியானது, நிறுவனங்களின் நிதிநிலை அறிக்கைகள், பகுப்பாய்வு மற்றும் விளக்கம், அத்துடன் பெறத்தக்க கணக்குகள், சரக்கு மற்றும் செயல்பாட்டு மூலதன மேலாண்மை ஆகியவற்றைச் சுற்றியுள்ள கற்பவர்களுக்கு கற்பவர்களுக்கு புரிதலை வழங்குகிறது இது இது. மூலம் கற்பவர்கள் வழிநடத்தப்படுவார்கள்.

அமைப்பில் பயிற்சி, அமைப்பில் தனிப்பட்ட தொகுதியானது பயிற்சி உடற்தகுதியை உடற்தகுதியை நடத்துவதற்குத் அறிவு மற்றும் திறன்களை கற்பவர்களுக்கு வழங்குகிறது வழங்குகிறது வழங்குகிறது பயிற்சியின் வணிகத்தைப் வணிகத்தைப் புரிதல் புரிதல் புரிதல் புரிதல் புரிதல் உடற்தகுதியைத் தயாரித்தல் வடிவமைத்தல் ஆகியவை தலைப்புகளில் தலைப்புகளில் அடங்கும் அடங்கும் அடங்கும் அடங்கும் தலைப்புகளில் தலைப்புகளில் தலைப்புகளில் தலைப்புகளில் தலைப்புகளில் தலைப்புகளில் தலைப்புகளில் தலைப்புகளில் தலைப்புகளில் தலைப்புகளில் தலைப்புகளில் தலைப்புகளில்

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