Masters Of Legal Studies Online

Masters Of Legal Studies Online – Earning an online master’s degree in law can lead to exciting career opportunities. Here we list the best programs available.

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Masters Of Legal Studies Online

Postgraduate training in legal studies prepares individuals for careers in compliance, regulatory and legal services. Students can specialize in areas such as corporate law, contract law and health law. Although attorneys must have a JD degree, a master’s degree in legal studies qualifies law holders to serve as arbitrators, mediators, and conciliators.

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The list below ranks the most affordable online masters of law programs in 2021. Prospective students can use the rankings to identify a program that fits their budget and career goals. General courses and scholarships for law students are also listed on this page.

Masters of Law programs prepare students for careers as compliance officers, arbitrators and human resource managers. Students undergo specialized legal training.

A master’s degree in law usually takes 1-2 years. Master of Arts students can specialize in areas such as corporate compliance, intellectual property law, and human resources law.

No, a master’s degree in law or jurisprudence is not required to practice law. Aspiring lawyers must earn a JD degree and pass the bar exam.

Master Of Legal Studies

Graduate students may earn an LL.M. instead of a JD degree. LL.M. provides legal training for careers that do not require a JD.

Students who obtain a master’s degree in law are trained in this field. Master’s degrees in legal studies often come with many other personal and professional benefits, including specialization opportunities and increased earning potential.

Master’s programs in legal studies teach students to analyze laws and regulations, apply the analysis in business contexts, and prepare legal documents. Masters students learn about the US legal system, federal regulations, and legal research. They also study contract law, compliance and criminal law.

Many programs offer electives such as human resources law, intellectual property law and sustainability. These courses help LL.M. students prepare for specialized career paths. Although curricula vary by program, many Master of Law degree programs include the following courses:

Unexpected Careers You May Pursue With A Law Degree

Graduates of master’s programs in law can obtain a professional certificate to stand out in the labor market. For example, individuals pursuing a compliance-related career often earn a certified professional certification in compliance and ethics. Fraud investigators and financial investigators can also benefit from specialized certifications. Most professional certifications require applicants to pass an exam.

Professionals with compliance and regulatory experience can earn this credential. Applicants must meet work experience requirements and pass an exam. The Board of Eligibility also sets educational requirements that applicants can meet through law courses. The certificate is valid for two years.

This certification demonstrates experience and academic training in fraud detection and prevention. Applicants must become a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and pass an exam on financial transactions, fraud schemes, law, fraud investigation and detection. Certified experts complete 20 hours of continuing education per year.

This credential can be earned by experienced financial reviewers with at least three units of management training. Candidates also need at least three years of experience in an insurance department. Applicants must complete a four-part exam in enterprise risk management, financial analysis and due diligence techniques. Certified professionals complete continuing education credits every three years to obtain renewal qualifications.

Dphil In Socio Legal Studies

Law students may qualify for several scholarship opportunities. Professional associations, private foundations and specialized organizations provide scholarships to support law degree seekers. In addition to scholarships for LL.M. students, students may apply for general awards based on their status and background.

Postgraduate students who wish to pursue a wilderness or conservation-related degree, including a relevant Masters in Jurisprudence, may be eligible for this scholarship. Applicants must attend an accredited institution and demonstrate a good academic record.

The American Law Library Association awards this scholarship to prospective law librarians and library school graduates who wish to pursue a law-related degree. Applicants must demonstrate financial need, and AALL members are given preference.

LexisNexis is offering this scholarship to the former Director of the Law Library Division, John R. In honor of Johnson. The award supports students attending accredited law schools. Applicants must have a career in legal information.

Online Master’s In Legal Studies

Florida State University is accepting students into an online law degree program. The university reports that 16,496 students participate in online classes. The school’s online offerings include a Master of Laws program. An accredited program offers a rigorous course of study that employers value. The program develops advanced knowledge and skills for a career. The school maintains a 21-to-1 student-faculty ratio, allowing teachers to give students individual attention.

Prospective students can find out more about online support services on the school’s website. The college charges affordable tuition and offers financial aid. This makes the program an affordable option for graduate students on a budget. Degree seekers at the school can expect an 83 percent graduation rate.

Texas A&M University educates online degree seekers from its campus in College Station. Students across the country can earn an online master’s degree in law from a public institution. Working professionals often maintain employment while enrolled in a flexible program.

Faculty advisors help graduate students tailor their academic experience and explore issues facing industry professionals. The legal studies program includes a rigorous curriculum that helps enrollees develop transferable skills and specialized knowledge. In addition to fundamental knowledge, software courses help students acquire industry-specific analytical and managerial skills.

Apply To The Graduate Program

The school charges affordable tuition rates to online students and offers institutional funding for eligible applicants. The institution’s financial aid advisors support degree seekers as they explore funding options. Online students pay affordable tuition rates at the school.

Arizona State University offers in-person and online graduate programs at its Scottsdale campus. The public institution offers online programs, including master’s degree options, that are ideal for busy learners. The school’s flexible master’s in legal studies program helps students earn an affordable degree.

Master’s degree students take core courses to gain fundamental knowledge in the legal field. The curriculum also includes advanced and elective courses. Faculty mentoring, experiential learning opportunities, and electives help graduate students tailor the program.

Masters are often eligible for raises and promotions after completing the program. Graduate students and graduates can work with faculty advisors and career advisors.

Llm Vs Jd Vs Msl: What’s The Difference & Which Is Best?

Degree seekers with financial need can finance their education through federal grants and loans. Students may qualify for scholarships, bursaries and employer-sponsored study programs. 86% of students at the school receive financial aid to pay for their degree.

Master’s programs at the University of Illinois at Springfield help professionals advance their careers and find new opportunities. Students learn from experts throughout the Master of Laws program, which uses a rigorous curriculum. The curriculum consists of video lectures, assignments and class discussions. In an online master’s program, students earn a degree in about two years. Students may also consider part-time enrollment to complete their degree.

Because the institution is accredited, it can provide federal financial aid. In addition to this online legal studies program, the University of Illinois at Springfield offers 11 other master’s degrees.

Regent University is a leader in distance learning. This institution offers online and on-campus graduate degree options, including a Master of Laws. Video lectures, assignments, and class discussions cover advanced legal topics. Regularly enrolled students complete their master’s degree in two years. The program may offer part-time admission for students who need more time to graduate.

Master Of Legal Studies (m.l.s.)

99% of the school’s students receive financial aid and 72% receive loans to finance their degree. In addition to this online law program, Regent University offers 36 other master’s degrees.

Regent University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, an independent accrediting agency.

Based in Los Angeles, the University of Southern California educates degree seekers in person and through flexible online programs. The private institution offers an online master’s degree in law that is ideal for busy learners. Designed with working students in mind, the affordable and accessible MSL program prepares graduates for decision-making roles in the legal field.

Faculty advisors provide graduate students with professional advice and insight into the legal landscape. The MSL program includes a rigorous curriculum that helps enrollees develop transferable skills and specialized knowledge. Master’s students develop analytical and managerial skills that they can apply in field positions.

Does Earning A Master Of Legal Studies Allow Me To Practice Law?

Online students pay affordable tuition at the school, making graduate studies more affordable. Degree seekers can discuss funding options, including grants and scholarships, with qualified financial aid counselors.

Samford University, a private institution in Birmingham, Alabama, offers online undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The school has a total of eight online master’s programs.

This institution’s online Master of Laws offers a flexible option for degree seekers interested in the legal field. Students currently working in industry are often eligible for career advancement after graduation. The school provides support services such as academic advising and career counseling to support the overall success of graduate students.

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