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Masters Of Music Education Online – UNM is pleased to offer a Master of Music degree with a concentration in music education. This program is specifically designed for currently licensed music educators who are looking to further their education. Most states require a master’s degree within 5 years of obtaining a teaching license or as continuing education.

This training course is designed to help existing teachers improve the quality of their teaching, increase their musical skills and knowledge, and better understand the current problems of music education. One of the important goals of the academic course is to improve the student’s ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing. The UNM Music Education Program offers a comprehensive music education program that provides a strong practical, theoretical and philosophical foundation.

Masters Of Music Education Online

Note: Completion of this degree from the UNM College of Fine Arts does not guarantee licensure approval by the Department of Public Instruction, as additional requirements apply to students seeking New Mexico administrative licensure. The University of New Mexico cannot confirm whether this program will lead to advanced licensure or certification in your state. Before applying for admission, check with your state board of education to make sure you are eligible to receive licensure or other forms of certification upon completion of the program. Please contact the music department for more details.

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Find out what a UNM music professor had to say about a master’s in music education in this recent blog post.

A) Develop an advanced musical understanding demonstrated by the ability to work independently and make artistic and intellectual decisions in a specialized area.

C)   Contribute creatively to your community by contributing to the development of musical cultures that are essential to a vibrant and diverse society.

A1) Students will express and demonstrate advanced knowledge of unifying elements and principles of music and its historical context.

Music Education (k 12)

C1) Students promote the cultural life of New Mexico and beyond through scholarly writing, composition, teaching, directing, and/or performance at the professional level.

The total cost per credit hour is $428.12 for basic training. A student technology fee is charged each semester. It is $150 in the fall, $150 in the spring, and $20 in the summer. Additional fees may apply depending on the class. Additional fees are often for textbooks, additional course materials, and collection fees.

For more information about this program, visit the UNM Department of Music website. Additional admission requirements can be found on the Office of Graduate Studies website.

To apply for this program, in the “Program” section of the UNM Graduate Admissions Application, select:

Music Education, Mat

MMU’s degree requirements with a music education concentration are offered as a Master’s II program (with project). A student must have at least 31 credit hours to receive a degree. About the program

Masters of Music (MMU) – Managed program in music education for current teachers with valid teaching licenses.

With the exception of MUSE 598, which must be taken at the end of the program, these courses can be taken in any order and completed in less than 18 months, taking two courses concurrently.

Special course units are designed for accelerated/managed program students and are offered periodically. Search for courses in the current course syllabus with the course comment ‘Managed program students only’. Contact Olivia Tucker and George Nicholson for more information.

Doctor Of Musical Arts

Music education project (2-hour course that is repeated twice and studied at the end of the program)

*Students must take one of the two theory courses listed above (MUS 520 or MUS 523) and one history course (MUS 530) to meet the degree requirements. Students must choose two other fields from the list. This online program is specifically designed for educators who are pursuing an advanced degree without retreating from their careers. It can be completed in one or two years. By integrating social change practices into the music classroom, graduates will be equipped to amplify the voices of students from all backgrounds, create and create music from diverse cultures, and view music education from a holistic and egalitarian perspective.

We recognize your passion as a music educator to make a difference in the lives of our students. You may feel that replacing the cost of a master’s degree will be difficult. Fortunately, we’re here to help. That’s why grant funding and look to other sources of support—school districts, federal loans, and more—to help you reach your full potential and encourage your students to do the same. .

We know that your time is your most valuable asset, and you need to keep working while you pursue your degree. While the time requirements of other graduate programs are inconvenient, we have designed a program that fits your life. Do you want to speed up your studies? Earn a master’s degree online in one year. Need a little extra time? The two-year program is a great opportunity to expand the curriculum and stay with the opportunity for the rest of your life. Either way, this online program gives you the freedom and flexibility to apply what you learn in your classroom in real time.

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Students learn most effectively when lessons are based on what they already know: their culture, language, beliefs, and life experiences. Culturally responsive teaching values ​​these aspects of each person and connects teaching to each student’s life. It prepares teachers to understand and engage students in a personal, appropriate and respectful manner. As a result, our culturally sensitive music education increases engagement, increases confidence, raises expectations, improves performance, and better understanding in the classroom.

As a music educator, you have the power to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of young people through music. By focusing our lessons on students’ cultural identity and lived experiences, they awaken their potential and discover learning experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

It is proud to empower music teachers to be agents of change, and we are here to help you overcome financial barriers and open the doors to an innovative master’s degree program. We have successfully expanded our program, making it economically affordable for our students with scholarships and financial aid.

The fully online Master of Music in Music Education program is designed to fit around your life so you can study on your schedule. Gain insights to create personalized and engaging learning programs. Using culturally responsive education to create an atmosphere of belonging. And more with continuing education.

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Read on to learn more about the Master of Music in Music Education program and how you can not only become the music educator the world needs, but one your students will never forget.

“Every child has the right to be inspired by positive musical experiences, find ‘home’ and connect with others through music.” Just as our close-knit community of music education professors and students inspires others, we’ll prepare you to do the same for your future students—to impact their lives in ways you never imagined. “

The doctor. Erin Zaffini (DMA, Boston University) is an assistant professor of music and music education at Kane State College, where she supervises student teachers and teaches undergraduate music courses in general music education, music curriculum and assessment, and comparative music. He teaches. She is also a faculty member of the Professional Development Group at the University of New Hampshire, where she teaches pre-service teachers how to integrate music and movement into their classrooms, and teaches early childhood music and movement. . Additionally, she currently teaches general music, vocal and instrumental K-5 at Stoddard and Washington elementary schools in New Hampshire. Teaching general music preK-8, choral music, instrumental music, handbell ensemble, musical theater. He is an active clinician across the country, serving as the Eastern Division representative for the NAfME General Music Council, Academic Coordinator for the New Hampshire Music Educators Association, General Music Program Director and Instructor Program Coordinator, and serving on the Music Advisory Committee. Teachers magazine. the doctor. Zaffini is the Project Manager for the Education of Music Teacher Educators at the Association for Music Teacher Education and the National Association for Music Education. He is a recipient of the Keene State College Excellence in Teaching and Excellence in Performance awards. He has recently published articles

The fully online Master of Music in Music Education (MMME) degree program is designed for educators who are pursuing an advanced degree without abandoning their profession. The program, which can be completed in one to two years, is based on ten years of experience preparing musicians to become teachers through academic programs of study, including a one-year degree offered in Cambridge, MA.

Advanced Certificate In Music Education

This program is uniquely designed to integrate social change practices into the music classroom. Graduates of this program will be prepared to strengthen the voices of students from all backgrounds, create and create music from different cultures, and approach music education from a holistic and justice-based perspective.

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