Mba In Leadership And Sustainability

Mba In Leadership And Sustainability – 100% online delivery method through OnlineCampus (an interactive online learning environment) with intensive class discussion and collaboration. Places:

The University of Cumbria is ranked 8th in the world for quality education by Times Higher Education in 2020.

Mba In Leadership And Sustainability

In a study commissioned by Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance (2020) of over 9,500,000 former UK university students, the University of Cumbria was ranked in the top three in the north of the UK for students planning to start or run a business.

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10,950 CHF (Swiss Franc). This fee includes library access, online campus access, graduation fees, and campus student fees. Fees are paid in interest-free installments (see sample payment plan)

The scholarship, a one-week intensive research methods course to prepare your final thesis, has an additional cost of CHF 1,950 (100% online) or CHF 2,950 if you choose to attend on campus (travel and accommodation excluded). The residence fee is only charged when you register for it.

The University of Cumbria’s online MBA programs in exclusive partnership with Robert Kennedy College are recognized worldwide. After completing your studies at Robert Kennedy College, you will receive a degree from the University of Cumbria. The University of Cumbria has been granted university status and a degree conferring powers by Her Majesty’s Most Honorable Trustees. It is fully accredited by the UK Government and is duly included in the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills list of recognized awarding bodies in the UK.

There are no intermediate courses in our MBA program. We are committed to providing a unique learning experience, and there is no better way to achieve this goal than with excellent courses. They are carefully prepared by experienced instructors and are all designed to make you a more successful and effective manager.

Master Of Business Administration Sustainable Leadership (sbasl1

There are no outdated tests. Instead, you’ll receive real-life research and essays that will allow you to think critically about your company and your own career. All this may seem too brilliant, but there is one thing. we do not accept average applicants. Only outstanding individuals like our values ​​can find their way into Robert F. Kennedy College.

The starting point for the program will be a non-credit introductory module. The induction process is designed to familiarize you with the program’s design, requirements and resources, as well as how online communication, learning and assessment work. After the introduction, you should be familiar with academic life, including academic writing, library services and library access, OnlineCampus access, and academic support services.

The way people are managed in organizations plays a key role in the success of companies. In a rapidly changing organizational environment, we consider factors such as social, technological, economic, environmental, political and legal considerations. Through a series of real-life studies, you will be asked to make decisions that will inevitably affect the (work) lives of your employees. These are of course supported by key concepts including group dynamics, motivation and leadership, group behaviour, communication, power, conflict and prejudice in the workplace, organizational culture and how to manage and understand change within an organisation.

You will reinvent the airline business, redefine the boundaries of retail, manage online sales for a department store and learn how to focus on your customers. It seems like a bold prediction, but it’s just content marketing management led by a marketing expert.

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Lessons in market segmentation, environment, research, innovative sales, global marketing, and strategy planning and execution will ensure that your marketing vision will never be the same. A specific marketing plan for your company or your own business will be your final assessment, giving you flexibility and effective learning outcomes that you can evaluate and implement in no time.

Business is profit and sustainability can only be achieved with proper knowledge of effective financial management. Oxford and Harvard Business School Professor David Duffield will expand and strengthen your knowledge of financial accounting, management accounting, budgeting and financing.

Again, the course director doesn’t just say numbers. He will relate each topic to real financial situations where you, as a manager, need to evaluate the financial performance of successful companies and develop sharp analytical skills using tools such as decision tree analysis.

Financial management is about successful financial results. By the end of this course, you will not only know the basics, but you will be able to master all aspects of advanced financial management and analysis.

Pillars Of Sustainable And Rural Tourism

The aim of this module is to explore the nature of leadership and in particular its role in the development of sustainable business and business practices. Among other activities, you will analyze and evaluate the business ideal for sustainable practices in selected industries and organizations, explore opportunities for implementing sustainable business practices for selected industries and organizations, analyze personal leadership style and its development, and assess personal relevance and impact. a leader in the business of sustainable change.

This unique module aims to enable students to become aware of ethics, responsibility and sustainability in different global settings. It provides students with an insight into sustainable development, corporate governance, responsible business practices and the ethical dimension of organizational policies and practices.

Faculty from the University of Cumbria will guide you through daily sessions enriched by contemporary cases and teamwork in this innovative and unique discipline.

There will be an opportunity to take this up as residential accommodation at the University of Cumbria in the UK.

Leading Sustainable Business Transformation

Cloud Computing, Linux and Open Source Software, Social Media. These are just a few of the technological innovations and challenges presented to tomorrow’s managers.

This module aims to enable you to develop a conceptual and comprehensive understanding of the manager’s role in leading the effective management and use of information, information technology and information systems and applying them in an organizational/strategic context.

Successful management of financial assets, whether for an individual, small business, or large corporation, requires knowledge of financial markets, how they work, what instruments and investment vehicles are available, and what macroeconomic forces act upon them. . This module is designed to give you a broad understanding of the financial markets (separated from a narrow specialist approach), but with enough information about many of their components to enable you to make your own investment decisions and communicate with your specialist advisers.

Special attention will be paid to portfolio composition and management of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), mutual funds and other innovative instruments such as structured products. Students taking this class will be able to access the Morningstar Investment Research Library and run a simulated portfolio through the OnlineCampus Trading platform.

Mba In Sustainable Development: Courses & Universities

In partnership with Harvard Business School’s Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, Robert Kennedy College offers this excellent course developed by Professor Michael Porter, Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School and a leading authority on corporate strategy and competitiveness. Taught by Robert Kennedy College Associate Dean and MBA Professor David Dufill, Harvard Business School professor, this course examines the determinants of national and regional competitiveness from the perspective of firms, clusters, subnational units, nations, and groups of neighboring countries.

The course addresses not only government policy, but also the role of companies, industry associations, universities and other institutions in competitiveness. It draws examples from both developed and developing economies and addresses competitiveness at several levels. Students taking this elective have access to exclusive video lectures by Professor Porter and are required to attend a residency session in Zurich, Switzerland. The technological revolutions of artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, IoT and Fintech are transforming the way we do business. And increasingly, companies are being measured by sustainability standards. HKUST will provide you with the powerful interdisciplinary skills you need to lead in the new era of business.

HKUST will not only provide you with a solid business foundation in core areas such as accounting, finance and statistics, but also a good command of the latest business technologies. Equally important, it will provide a clear vision of sustainable and ethical business leadership and how to achieve it.

The HKUST program offers a wide range of cutting-edge business technology courses that will empower you with the knowledge to integrate technology with business.

Is A Green Mba Worth Your Time And Money?

All of our technology courses cater to students from diverse backgrounds. During orientation, you will be asked to take a crash course in Python programming. Python programming is a very marketable skill that is increasingly in demand by companies seeking to make data-driven business decisions.

You will gain a fundamental understanding of this programming language and learn how it can be applied to different areas of business.

Responsible leaders work together to shape a sustainable future. Through courses such as ESG, Green Finance and Business Ethics, you will broaden your perspective on sustainability and learn how companies can operate in a more sustainable way.

You will also get to attend a series of comprehensive seminars and

Mba Sustainability Management

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