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Merchant Solutions Credit Card Processing

We specialize in cash rebate, a program that eliminates monthly credit card processing fees paid by merchants.

Credit Card Payment Processing & Gateways From American Express, Visa, Mastercard And Others

Gas stations have been doing ‘it’ for years: one price if you pay for gas with cash, or a little more if you pay with a credit or debit card. Retailers have been able to do the same for years, and it’s even more important in this environment.

This is called a cash discount, and it gives you the ability to virtually eliminate your credit card processing fees. You could be paying $1000 a month in fees or $2000 or more. With a cash discount program, you pay processing fees. , every month, whether you process $15,000 number of cards per month, $35,000 per month, $100,000 per month, etc. Your total monthly cost is a small flat fee of $64.95.

Let us show you how you too can take advantage of the cash discount and apply those savings to your payroll, other monthly expenses, your savings… it’s up to you.

We are here to help you. To better understand the program, watch the short 2-minute video below.

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“I chose to use the cash discount program at my place of business so that I could eliminate monthly credit card processing fees to help my business. It has worked well and I have had no complaints from customers. I think every seller should consider this program, especially with the pandemic we’re dealing with today. John | Gennaro’s Pizza, Westfield, NJ

“We have been taking advantage of the cash discount program since summer 2020. I can’t believe we waited this long to do this! We no longer pay credit card processing fees, which greatly helps our bottom line. I don’t see why any trader shouldn’t take advantage of this program. Barbara Flower Shop, Westfield, NJ No matter what type of business it is, almost every business will reach a point where they absolutely need to process credit cards to accept payment.

This helps in building a strong customer base and selling more solutions and services. Credit cards are easy to use.

So whether your business accepts payments through POS or other terminals or online payments, credit card processing is your choice!

Credit Card Processing Vs Merchant Services

Now, as a business/entrepreneur you don’t need to have in-depth knowledge of the entire process, but it is important to have a general understanding of the process.

Customers make purchases and select the credit card option to make payments. Credit card processing is the entire process of transferring the amount from the card payment to the settled funds in the bank account when the customers initiate the card payment and the merchant begins accepting the payment through the card.

This includes everything and anything that happens behind the scenes to transfer money to a business / vendor using a customer’s credit card.

Customer – A cardholder who selects a credit card payment option to make purchases and payments.

Merchant Service & Credit Card Processing Leads

Issuing Bank – Customer Bank / Cardholder Bank. These banks issue cards on behalf of credit card networks.

Card authentication takes a few seconds and it takes an average of two to three days to settle the funds in the merchant account.

Now you know the basics of the credit card process. The next challenge is choosing a payment processor.

Choosing the right payment processor for your business is a complex challenge. Here are some determining factors,

The Payments Industry Landscape: What Does It Look Like Today?

In conclusion, credit card processing is essential for business. And a fast, secure, reliable and easy-to-integrate processor can help save time and effort for you and your customers.

Get connected and get started with one of the most secure payment solutions in India. We provide best services for credit cards and other payment methods.

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