Mike Morse Law Firm Salary

Mike Morse Law Firm Salary – Mike Morse’s brother-in-law, a Metro Detroit attorney, controls a bank account that hides multimillion-dollar profits from the MRI center, which Morse keeps secret and unethical. According to newly opened affidavits in Federal Court,

An affidavit signed last August by his ex-wife-in-law. It opened last week. This is part of a civil lawsuit by State Farm Insurance pending in US District Court in Detroit.

Mike Morse Law Firm Salary

In the affidavit, the woman recalled that when she and her husband, Marc Radom, Morse’s brother-in-law, divorced. Radom tells her that he does not want any divorce attorneys for fear that the bank account will be discovered. Rad Control has funds from the MRI Center.

Claim: My Husband Helped Mike Morse Hide Mri Center Money

“I don’t remember how much he said he had in his account. But I understand it’s about $3 million,” former Amy Radom, who divorced Marc Radom in 2016 and is now Amy Rosenberg, said in the affidavit. Say it’s not our money. It’s unfair for us to take any part of it, because the money belongs to Michael (Morse).

The affidavit continued: “Mark said Michael’s name was not on the list because it is unethical for a lawyer to own an MRI business. After that conversation I decided to get an attorney to represent me in my divorce.”

Rosenberg’s affidavit is one of the supporting documents for a lawsuit State Farm filed in 2016 against medical clinics, doctors, chiropractors, and entrepreneurs. In this case it relates to a not guilty car insurance manufacturer.

Although Morse was not a defendant in the lawsuit, State Farm alleges that a prominent attorney used his son-in-law at the time to hide his stake or partnership in the now-closed MRI center, known as Horizon Imaging, and set it up in the Medical Office Building in 695 W. Twelve Miles in Berkeley.

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Horizon Imaging was in business from late 2010 until about 2015 and, according to State Farm, “played a major role in the fraud schemes involved” in the lawsuit by providing “medically unnecessary” MRI machines to patients, many of whom were customers. Law Firm of Mike Morse

Owning an MRI center may violate Michigan attorneys’ rules of procedure because attorneys are not allowed to allow any commercial interests

A recent legal reform of Michigan’s no-fault insurance system, signed into law May 30 by Governor Gretchen Whitmer, prohibits awarding attorneys’ fees to attorneys who have a direct or indirect financial interest in a donor. Medical services that treat their clients

The new law would introduce price controls starting within two years to curb excessive charges by no-nonsense carriers.

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An independent media investigation in 2017 found that Horizon Imaging was one of the highest rated MRI centers in Metro Detroit. Charges over $5,000 per photo for patients who pay for no-fault car insurance. Hospitals typically accept payments of less than $1,000 per MRI for patients who pay with private health insurance.

Morse is one of Michigan’s most well-known attorneys and has had television and billboard ads advocating the largest personal injury law firm in the state.

Last year, State Farm first raised allegations that Murshid was a Horizon Imaging secret by MarkRadom, the brother of Harriet Morse’s ex-wife, and Mike Morse and Harriet Morse’s divorce in 2014.

Neither Morse nor Morse’s attorneys responded to letters this week seeking comment for this article. Attorneys for Honigman, Miller, Schwartz and Cohn have previously said State Farm’s allegations against Mercery were not true.

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“State Farm has a huge economic interest in trying to prevent Mike Morse from representing injured people in getting the fair compensation they deserve from State Farm,” Weinstein told the Free Press last year.

Mark and Amy Radom met in high school in West Bloomfield and dated while attending the University of Arizona in the late 1980s, Mike Morsell being a college student at the time.

Radomes married in 1995 and moved to Florida. After experiencing financial troubles that led to bankruptcy, the couple moved to Michigan around 2010, according to the affidavit. He rented a house in Huntington Woods near the house where Mike and Harriet used to live. Morse live

Marc Radom initially got a job with a company in Southfield that provided loans to people likely to win personal injury lawsuits. According to Rosenberg, Radom said Morse helped him find work.

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The affidavit stated that Rosenberg was unaware that Radom had another job during that time, working at an MRI center in Madison Heights called BioMRI. Z, who treated some of Morse’s clients.

The center’s owner, Clarkston physician Dr. Ram Gunapalan, pleaded guilty in 2017 to conspiracy to commit media fraud. She claims that Morse demanded that he hire Marc Radom for an $80,000-a-year marketing job there.

“I know hiring and paying Radom is under the table for Morse,” Gunapalan said in the affidavit. “It is clear to me that if I don’t use Radom Bio-Magnetic, I will lose my Morse references.”

In early 2011, Marc Radom worked at the Horizon MRI Center. Rosenberg said in the affidavit that she believes his annual salary at Horizon is about $100,000 for work related to marketing the MRI center to a physician and attorney

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It was not known who owned Horizon Imaging, she said at the time, and she was surprised to learn during the divorce that she and Mark’s mother, Sharon Radom, had signed papers showing they owned parts of the MRI center.

Sharon Radom, who died in 2014, had multiple sclerosis. Need help from caregivers and are often confused and unaware of their surroundings “I don’t think she could agree to starting a business or making any decisions,” Rosenberg said in the affidavit.

Of her own signature Rosenberg said “During our marriage there were many instances where Mark handed me a signature page without supporting documents and asked me to sign it. He convinced me that it was appropriate and necessary for me to ‘sign'”.

Marc Radom’s attorney said Tuesday that Radom denied his ex-wife’s “unsubstantiated and unsupported statements.” And this affidavit is the latest attempt by State Farm to discredit Radom and Morse.

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“It should be noted that the affidavit was written after State Farm realized that (Amy’s) testimony under review could not be supported, which resulted in State Farm canceling the scheduled surrender,” said Mark Radom’s attorney, Peter Joelson of Joelson-Rosenberg. an email. “Nothing in the affidavit can be admissible as evidence remotely.”

In court documents claim insurance companies on paper. The majority of Horizon Imaging’s ownership interest is held by Mark and Amy Radom through an entity known as “HI Investor LLC”, however “substantial evidence indicates that the actual owner of this interest is Michael Morse”.

Other Horizon Imaging partners include LLCs linked to local businessmen Corey Mann, Vincent Celentano, and Bloomfield Hills chiropractor Scott Zak, according to court documents.

State Farm alleges that Morse received directly or indirectly at least $1.6 million from the bank accounts of “HI Investor” and that he would profit from unnecessary MRI scans performed on his clients from Horizon “under a regime that did not have Mistakes Attorneys will get a one-third reduction in medical expenses paid for by car insurance.

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In 2014, these accounts paid $555,925 for a home adjacent to Morse’s. which was later demolished to make way for the Morse House addition. The State Farm Claims account also paid for some of the Morse family’s expenses. Including Cranbrook lessons for Morse’s teenage daughter. said the believer

State Farm also alleges that physical therapy clinic owner Jason Rossett, 51, of Bloomfield Hills, paid $88,000 in 2015 to a contractor who built the addition to the Morse home. The insurance company said the Rosette clinic had treated more than 30 patients. In a lawsuit represented by the Morse law firm

Last month, Rosset pleaded guilty in US District Court in Flint to a criminal tax case. He admitted a plan to convince car accident victims to use illegal means to obtain police reports. Morse was not charged with wrongdoing in this case.

Amy Rosenberg’s affidavit says she recently reviewed the couple’s 2011 personal tax return, which she used Radom to file, and was shocked to learn that they reported 1.8 in income that year. “I think Mark makes about $100,000 a year when he works full time for Horizon,” she said.

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Rosenberg also described the delay in filing for divorce. When Add Line contacted her to accept the agreement or go to court she was informed that Morse had offered to pay. “hundreds of thousands of dollars” if she signs a document proving her identity. As the owner of the MRI center, she says she approves of its activities

In late 2017, after Rosenberg received a subpoena in the state farm case, she said, Radom called her and asked to meet her at the Royal Oak Café to discuss their children. They separated last year.

After a short talk, Radom begins talking about the summons. Remember Rosenberg. And he tells her if she complies and the documents “especially Michael’s,” “everyone’s going to fall,” and it’s all her fault.

“Mark also said that this would ruin our lives. The life of the son, the life of Michael Harriet and their daughters,” the affidavit said. “This made me very sad. As I left, Mark followed me into the street. You yelled at me if you “talked up” and documented the FBI would knock you down.

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