Mit Online Masters Data Science

Mit Online Masters Data Science – This master’s program is designed for professionals looking to advance their careers. This program equips you with the technical skills necessary to build an outstanding career in data science. With a superb blend of machine learning, big data analytics, and statistics, this program aims to prepare you for analytical and leadership roles in a wide variety of fields. Gain experience in applying machine learning, predictive modeling, solving problems with real-world data, learning how to work effectively in teams, developing strategic and tactical recommendations, and manage processes, jobs and people.

Consolidate your foundational knowledge and apply this understanding to specific problems, get flexible training in data-driven research, and develop competencies to work in a variety of programming environments.

Mit Online Masters Data Science

Join and learn at your own pace. Explore our vast electronic library, access your study materials online anytime, anywhere. Attend live and recorded lectures and presentations tailored to your program and participate in discussions on our platform. Access learning materials even on low-bandwidth internet on an advanced digital platform that can be used on your phone, laptop or desktop.

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Gain real-world insights from industry-focused modules and projects. Learn from faculty with decades of rich industry experience and expertise, and interact with mentors and professors to understand industry-specific challenges and opportunities.

Easy financing options in the form of low-interest loans and partial payment facilities for students to secure their seats seamlessly.

The scholarships are open to military personnel, meritorious students, people with disabilities, MAHE graduates, and graduates of Academy of General Education (AGE) colleges.

≥ 90% or ≥ ≥ 75% (aggregate) at entry level from an accredited Board/University to receive a 15% or 10% tuition scholarship respectively.

Statistics And Data Science Micromasters

MAHE online degrees and certificates are widely accepted by governments, business organizations and higher education institutions for careers, higher education and future prospects.

Dr. Asha Kamat is an Associate Professor in the Prasana School of Public Health and Professor and Dean of the Department of Data Science. He also instructs the Ph.D. Health sciences academics and graduate students, resources for seminars and training programs conducted by the data science department, in-house judges for various UG & PG courses, and responsibility responsible for providing statistical advice to researchers at all levels.

Dr. Manjunatha is Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics. He is the coordinator of the Center for Advanced Mathematics and Statistics Research, guiding research and being associated with important national projects. He participates in organizing national and international conferences, seminars and lectures.

Dr. Vasudeva Guddattu is Associate Professor in the Department of Data Science, Prasanna School of Public Health, Manipal Institute of Higher Education.

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Dr. Sudarsaran is an assistant professor in the Manipal Department of Information Science. He teaches multiple linear and logistic regression, applied multivariate analysis, probability and statistical inference, and programming with R & Python.

Ms. Keerthana B is Assistant Professor – Senior Scale at Manipal College of Information Sciences, Manipal. He uploads course grades to his intranet and prepares students’ annual reports.

Mr. Raghudathesh is an Assistant Professor in the Manipal Department of Information Science. He teaches IoT security, architecture, and IoT networking.

Dr. Prathviraj N is Assistant Professor – Senior Scale in the Manipal Department of Information Science. He teaches text analytics in healthcare and real-time operating systems.

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Dr. Ashma Dorothy Monteiro is Assistant Professor – Elective Degree in the Department of Data Science, Prasana School of Public Health, Manipal Institute of Higher Education.

Dr. Naandish is Assistant Professor – Senior at the Manipal Department of Information Science, University of Manipal. He coordinates projects at the Medical Imaging Research Institute (MIRS), Kasturba Medical College, University of Manipal.

To ensure our students are industry ready, we provide each of our students with additional tools and resources. In addition to e-learning content for our programs, we also offer free access to professional certifications, regular talks by industry leaders, and courses from universities. top school in the world.

Get ready for your first cloud world with free access to Google’s Cloud Platform curriculum. MCA and BCA students can practice with concepts, practical labs, assessments, and projects on topics such as:

B. Sc. (applied Statistics And Data Analytics)

We regularly host webinars with industry experts so our students gain practical insight into how things work in the real world.

After deciding on the program of your choice, an application can be submitted online at www.mahe. By providing the required details After providing the required details, a MAHE admissions counselor will contact you to assist with the application process. Alternatively, you can contact us at 972-972-8805 149 or at international_admissions@mahe. Email us and we’ll help you through the registration process.

To complete the initial application process, you must provide your personal information, education details, work history details, pay a $50 application fee and upload qualifying documents.

In an online program, teaching and learning takes place on the MAHE learning platform. With each course, learners have access to the curriculum designed on the MAHE educational platform. This course is usually a combination of text, video and interactive tests. Each course is structured around learning modules in the form of learning units. Learners must view the e-guide, read the e-guide, take the test, and participate in discussion forum activities.

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In addition to extensive educational resources, the university also offers live lectures/webinars by MAHE faculty members and industry experts, where students can interact directly with industry experts. about the topic.

The university provides a dedicated course coordinator for each course. The course coordinator can be contacted through the learning portal using “Ask your chat forum”. Students can also interact with the course coordinator during the webinar.

You must spend at least 15-20 hours per week watching concept videos, reading tutorials, taking exams, participating in discussion topics, and participating in live webinars (recorded sessions are also available). available on the MAHE Learning Portal).

After the university confirms your admission, you will receive a certificate to access the MAHE education portal. Students can then start accessing learning resources and begin their learning journey.

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The assessment system is designed, developed and implemented on an accurate and fair basis to bring out the best in students and prepare them for a successful career. Assessment of student performance will be based on Internal Assessment (IA) and End of Semester Examination (ETE). The IA and ETE rating ratio is 30:70.

Internal assessment is based on general participation in discussion forums, performance in assignments, performance in graded unit tests, and content access rates.

At the end of each semester, students are required to take an online exam at the end of the semester. Students must score at least 40% in the Internal Assessment (IA) to be eligible to take the End of Term Examination (ETE). Students must score at least 40% on the final exam to pass a subject.

The university uses a grading system of 10 – A+ (10), A (9), B (8), C (7), D (6), E (5), F-Fail (0).

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If you do not complete a lesson or subject on the End of Semester Examination (ETE), you will have to retake the test whenever the university organizes by paying the required fee/exam.

The minimum duration of graduate education is two years. However, the program’s credits are double in length, meaning students can complete the program in four years.

MAHE is one of the top ten universities in India and has been recognized as an “Institute of Excellence” by the Ministry of Education, Government. India According to UGC regulations, universities ranked in the top 100 universities in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) are allowed to offer programs in online mode in the category of “Law”. “.

Yes. According to UGC regulations, an online degree must be considered equivalent to the award for a degree offered through the regular mode. From probability and statistics to data analytics and machine learning, gain the skills you need to tackle complex data challenges.

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There is a growing demand for professionals with data, analytics, and machine learning skills. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that demand for data science skills will drive employment in this field by 27.9% by 2026. Data scientists are employed by organizations across industries appreciated because they can tackle complex challenges with data and make critical decisions. Building processes are not only in high demand, but there is a significant shortage of qualified data scientists, with 39% of the most detailed data science positions requiring a degree higher than a bachelor’s degree.

This program in Statistics and Data Science (SDS) was developed by MITx and MIT’s Institute of Data, Systems and Society (IDSS). It is a multidisciplinary approach consisting of four online courses and a fully dedicated exam that gives you the basics to understand the methods and tools used in data science. as well as hands-on training in data analysis and machine learning. You will cover the basics of probability and statistics as well as learn, implement, and test data analysis techniques and machine learning algorithms. This program prepares you to be an informed and effective data science practitioner

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