Modern Boho Mantel Decor

Modern Boho Mantel Decor – The other day I decided I wanted to do a quick errand…not a big deal…right? A quick run to Home Depot for some materials for the project, a stop at the craft store and maybe some groceries… easy peasy…

…so I changed her belly and baby clothes, let the toddler melt in the pot,  quickly put her hair in a messy bun and had just enough time to apply mascara and lip gloss. I totally forgot to brush my teeth…

Modern Boho Mantel Decor

Modern Boho Mantel Decor

We all gathered around the door as I put the baby in her car seat with toys and a blanket. I forgot the treasure box so I ran to her room and grabbed it.

Black & White Casual Boho Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas

I put the binkies in a diaper bag along with some snacks, a water bottle and other toys. I also make sure we have extra diapers and wipes…no wipes. Return to the bedroom to fill the portable container with tissues.

Modern Boho Mantel Decor

I am now preparing the baby and watching the baby in her seat. She was still in the lock, hair completely messed up … no shoes. I asked him to take the shoes and the bracelet. She’s wearing shoes…on the wrong feet. She passed them with her right foot as we laughed.

I smiled and said, “Jacket time!” She looked at me and smiled… I saw the baby and saw the spit… too late to change… I took a kitchen towel from the kitchen and washed it better.

Modern Boho Mantel Decor

Vintage Fall Mantel Decor

A little girl came up and announced with a big smile that she was going to run with her jacket behind her…mmmmm… “Mommy shut me up” she says.

A little girl stood in front of me with messy hair, her hands tucked into her zip-up jacket. Under his chin is a huge bundle of cloth – a hat. So I asked him to turn around and zipped up his jacket….

Modern Boho Mantel Decor

If I had to do one thing that day… I had to leave with the lucky girl.

Modern Boho Fall Mantel Ideas

She pulled the hood over her face and joked that she couldn’t walk aimlessly… I opened my eyes and smiled.

Modern Boho Mantel Decor

That day… as usual a crazy day, she decided to try something new… a new look. A new look at an old thing.

Going out the door is not a small thing in our house … but it made a happy day and a very happy baby. So it might be true… maybe the back is the new front…

Modern Boho Mantel Decor

Beautiful Fall Mantel Décor Ideas

Is there anything in your life that you can look at differently or look back on? It might surprise you!

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Modern Boho Mantel Decor

I hate spam too! Don’t worry that your information will *never* be shared or sold to third parties.

Christmas Mantel Ideas 2023

Don’t miss anything here! Join us to create amazing things with your hands and get lots of inspiration. We’ve been renovating our 1891 home for the past couple of years and it’s been a lot of fun bringing some modern touches to our turn-of-the-century Victorian home. I love a simple, casual textured look, and I love the boho look for its laid-back, hygge nature.

Modern Boho Mantel Decor

I’m joining my #SeasonalSimplicity friends who are sharing so many beautiful mantel ideas. I am always very inspired by DIY ideas. Scroll down to the jump and check out their mantle!

One of my favorite things to do is change places. I like to move things from room to room to get different looks without spending too much. This year, the only thing I bought were cheap rattan pumpkin lights! I love twinkling lights and this is the perfect size for a shelf or mantel!

Modern Boho Mantel Decor

Simple Boho Fall Decor

I am amazed lately!! Have you seen the new dining room basket wall I made with my friend Shannon from Thrifts and Wicks?? She sells complete basket walls and will even send you a picture of how to hang them on your wall. I love how the baskets look on the wall in our black dining room. I bought the texture on my stove and hung our hanging shelves in our family room with baskets that coordinate with the baskets in the dining room!

My focus this fall is the owl vase. I bought this years ago. I think I got it at Target. But I have linked some similar RESOURCES at the bottom of the article. I use it every year. It was a staple on our dinner table last year! I used these beautiful red stems and some wheat stems below to add some fall colors to the sideboard.

Modern Boho Mantel Decor

After collecting items from around the house, such as baskets and pictures, experiment with placement of items. This beautiful orange card stock was originally a spring print. I think it’s perfect for fall too. First I put the owl vase in the center of the fire and then I put the baskets and print around the vase.

My Colorful Boho Christmas Mantel — House On A Sugar Hill

Now add those pumpkins! They can be real and artificial. These pumpkins are real and I found them at Trader Joes! I love the color – it reminds me of terracotta.

Modern Boho Mantel Decor

I added glitter in two ways. One was with these twinkling pumpkin lights and the other was with these metal mercury glass gifts! They come in three different metals – copper, gold and black bronze. I love watching the candles light up inside. I used scented pumpkins inside the candles so they smell wonderful. But you can also use battery operated candles!

You can also add some items to the bottom of the mantle! Items like flashlights are great to include below. I had these lights on the porch and put them in the fireplace for this. I have battery operated lights in the lanterns so they glow at night, as well as pumpkin lights and gifts. Very cozy at night with candles and twinkling lights!

Modern Boho Mantel Decor

Decorate Your Mantel With These 7 Spring Mantel Decor Ideas

Some of my used items are no longer for sale since I bought my house, but I have similar items!

This week I’m teaming up with some of my talented blogger friends for a Fall Seasonal Simplicity series. Today we are going to share fireplace decorating ideas with you! Don’t forget to check out all the beautiful inspiration by following the links below the images. I wanted to keep my seasonal decor a little more contemporary than in years past and thought about what’s in the house and garden to add some simple boho fall decor to our home.

Modern Boho Mantel Decor

Today’s post is part of Marty’s Fall Blog Hop (Journey of Life by Life) and is from Rachel of If This Is Our Blessing, Welcome! And see who’s after me at the bottom of this post.

Festive Christmas Decorating Ideas For Every Room

This post may contain affiliate links for which I may receive a commission at no additional charge.

Modern Boho Mantel Decor

I look forward to adding to my plant collection and every summer all the plants grow outside in abundance. So for me, decorating for fall means bringing plants back home and finding a place for them. Not all plants leave much room for additional fall decorations.

I also want to tell you that I have done many styles in our house over the years. He went from traditional to colorful Jonathan Adler to boho and other looks in between. It is always important to pay attention to this, because the house has not changed and most of the furniture provided is here.

Modern Boho Mantel Decor

Pink Boho Halloween Mantel Reveal + Styling Tips

I want to emphasize that you don’t have to make a big change to change your look and to include you and how your taste changes. It can be done on a budget.

Some of your plants like the praying mantis and rattlesnake aren’t doing so well and I’m glad to see them outside blooming and looking better than ever. I mean, look at that prayer plant on the little coffee table! It is very beautiful. In fact, it flourished.

Modern Boho Mantel Decor

I’ve added a DIY macrame wreath for beginners that I made a few years ago. Hey, why don’t you answer, right? I have never had plants like this on my mantle. They don’t last forever because it’s still coming and when it’s too cold the fire always goes out and it’s too hot and dry for most plants. So this is clearly a seasonal fall display and the plants will eventually spread throughout the rest of the house. I don’t know where it is yet, because I don’t have enough space. Usually our bedroom is like a forest in winter because we have a big window with a big ceiling.

Mantel Decor Ideas To Modernize Your Fireplace In 2023

We have mums, sunflowers and grasses in our yard so I made the simple flower arrangement below with vintage macrame.

Modern Boho Mantel Decor

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