Modern Dining Room Window Treatments

Modern Dining Room Window Treatments – One of my goals with Nadine Stay is to break down design and make it more accessible to anyone confused about design. My job is to make design less scary and more inspiring by showing the thought process, the renovation and the mistakes we make along the way. Demonstrating the process from start to finish in our own home and looking at someone else’s finished space and detailing why each element works together as a whole.

I don’t know why curtains have become such a recurring theme on my blog, but then again…they carry so much weight in the overall aesthetic of a room. A year ago, I shared some recommendations for hanging curtains to make the room and window feel bigger. That’s a good place to start. Then I got questions about what window treatments to use if there is a heat register under the window. So I broke it down in this post.

Modern Dining Room Window Treatments

Modern Dining Room Window Treatments

This sparked further discussion about specific window situations, as every home is unique, so today I’m going to highlight 7 unique window configurations and if I prefer curtains vs.

Solutions For How To Dress Awkward Windows

(Please note that these suggestions are just my own preferences and may be modified or changed to suit.)

Modern Dining Room Window Treatments

SHADES – Shades look best when they have room to breathe, so if space is tight on either side of the window, I prefer a shadow look. I have a general rule of thumb that I use in my own home – if there is less than 12″ of space on either side of the window, I will use shades. This applies to a wall window, door, fireplace, cabinets, etc.

My exception to this rule is if the window is large and you can afford to cover part of the window with curtains.

Modern Dining Room Window Treatments

Modern Dining Room With Green Painted Ceiling, White Curtains Over A Sunny Window, And A Round Wood Dining Table And Chairs Stock Photo

MY RULE OF THUMB “If there is less than 12” of space on each side of the window, use curtains instead of curtains.

CURTAINS – As I mentioned above, curtains work wonders when they have room to breathe. A large blank wall with a window is a great opportunity to create illusions with curtains! Fill the empty space on both sides of the window with double wide curtains. Drapes that extend over an 18″+ window frame will make the window appear larger. However, drapes also soften the space by breaking up hard surfaces.

Modern Dining Room Window Treatments

WHEN SPACE PERMITS “Use extra-wide curtains to fill in dead wall space and break up any hard surfaces.”

The Best Shades For Sunny Rooms

SHADES MOST – The size of the bay window and the bottom of the window affects what I prefer, but I generally recommend shades. If there is a window seat, shades provide privacy without encumbering the space.

Modern Dining Room Window Treatments

My recommendation is to change to curtains if the bay window is more of an extension of the room. If the windows or wall are floor-to-ceiling and there’s at least 12″ of space at each end of the bay, I like the look of drapes. Take this room from @houseabovetheriver for example.

IT’S OK IN MY BOOK “You can use both curtains and drapes in a room without it looking out of place! Don’t worry about shades on the bay window and drapes on the other windows.”

Modern Dining Room Window Treatments

Modern Window Treatment Ideas For Every Room

CURTAINS OR SHADES – There are many factors involved and honestly, there is no one size fits all situation. Every home is different, so my advice is to experiment with your options and see what feels best in your space.

Is there a trim between each window to connect them? Is the gap less than 12 inches? If so, I want to treat it as a single window with curtains on both sides. If the distance is greater than 12, a set of panels may work for each window. Or maybe you have a row of windows and drapes that might obstruct the view too much…then I like to dress up the windows with a set of drapes at each end.

Modern Dining Room Window Treatments

Shades could work well too! If you want to soften the room, choose a fabric shade versus a natural woven material.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas For 2023| Photos & Tips

SHADES – We have narrow windows in the house and the curtains just drown them out. There are no hard and fast rules (that I know of) of how wide a window should be for curtains, but I think that if there is more fabric than the window, the shades might look more appropriate.

Modern Dining Room Window Treatments

CURTAINS OR SHADES – We often see these short and wide windows placed high above the floor in rooms or basements. Whether you choose curtains or shades is entirely up to you, but I have a few thoughts on both options.

Since the window is so short, blinds can take up valuable window space, so consider the height of the ledge or how much space the blind will take up when fully extended. Depending on the height of the window, this may not be a problem. Otherwise, you can consider blinds that cover less of the window.

Modern Dining Room Window Treatments

When choosing curtains, I want to balance the visual weight of the room by placing a piece of furniture under the window. The empty space under the window is filled, for example, by a chest of drawers, a bed, a side table. (Make sure there is enough space behind the furniture to draw the curtains!)

GARDEN – I prefer glass doors to windows, so if space permits, I prefer to use curtains. Hang them high and wide and don’t skimp on the number of panels you use. If you have enough fabric, the wool should still be there even when it is gathered. If not, add another panel until there is enough fabric to cover the door with wool.

Modern Dining Room Window Treatments

How about INDIVIDUAL DOORS WITH WINDOWS? “The door mount shade is a great choice for a simple door.”

Standout Dining Room Curtain Ideas Worth Trying

This is for you if you’ve ever wondered what window treatment would look best on your intricate windows.

Modern Dining Room Window Treatments

My goal is simple: to make planning less intimidating and more inspiring with DIY, DIY and design tips.

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Modern Dining Room Window Treatments

Rectangular Window Treatments

Window treatments are a simple addition to any room, but choosing the right one can be challenging. Once you’ve figured out where the window treatments should go and what you need them for, you need to find a set that will look really good in your home. And it’s hard to get away from it – even if you’re inspired by one of the most popular design styles.

In recent years, farmhouse style has become a definite fan favorite (seriously, farmhouse style is the most popular design style in 26 states—that’s more than half the country). But popularity does not always make the design process easier. In fact, if you’ve tried to build your own charming country house, you’ve probably realized that popularity is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that you have many farmhouse design ideas to peruse while shopping for curtains. At the same time, it can take a while to digest all the inspo – and you’ll likely see the same ideas over and over again.

Modern Dining Room Window Treatments

To save you from scrolling endlessly for inspo, we’ve rounded up a few farmhouse window treatment ideas worth bookmarking. Ranging from the classic (hanging ruffled curtains in your kitchen) to the creative (curtains made from curtain rods), these ideas should give you everything you need to find the perfect window treatment for your cozy farmhouse.

Small Dining Room Window Treatment Ideas

Since curtains tend to draw the eye, they can be a great way to set the tone in any room. Think about how you want your room to feel and get curtains that will get you there. If the room starts to feel too elegant, cheer it up with printed curtains. Stick to a traditional print – like a subtle floral print – for classic country charm.

Modern Dining Room Window Treatments

You’ll find all kinds of different textures in farmhouse design – shiny metals, rustic woods, cozy textiles and more. So why not enjoy a window treatment? Add texture to the room by hanging a woven roman shade above the kitchen window. In addition to helping you block the late afternoon sun, the shade should add a rustic feel to the room.

White curtains are a classic addition to any home and should look particularly good in a bright modern farmhouse. Stylish curtains should match the fresh white walls and due to their traditional look, the curtains should also match

Modern Dining Room Window Treatments

Farmhouse Window Treatments I Ideas For Modern & Rustic

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