Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights – Six Bulbs • Black and Gold Finish • Medium E26/E27 Bulbs (Not Included) • Wired • UL/CE Listed Description

Known for its iconic appearance and trendy style, this modern farmhouse kitchen island lighting is ideal for placement in the kitchen, dining room, living room and other places where you want to create a statement. solid design. The rustic Island pendant light is presented in an open rectangular cage frame crafted from durable metal with a black finish. Six medium-sized 40W E26/E27 bulbs (not included) arranged in a row provide excellent task lighting for cooking and working. Plus, the exposed lamp design adds an industrial touch to this modern farmhouse kitchen island lighting. Two adjustable legs allow you to hang this linear chandelier according to your ceiling height. Measuring an attractive 43.3″ (110cm) wide x 13.77″ (35cm) high, this modern farmhouse kitchen island light will enhance the style of your kitchen island or dining area. Details

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

When we installed it, one light bulb did not work. The company worked with me to replace it right away and the second one worked great. I still recommend their services.

Farmhouse Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home

I love, love, love this light!!! Easy to assemble and install. Fully adjustable with the ability to adjust to the height of the lamp. I can’t stop looking at my finally finished kitchen, this beautiful inexpensive light fixture is the perfect finishing touch!! Plus I received it 3 days after ordering thanks to excellent communication with the company.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

My husband and I love this hanging island and enjoy the abundance of light from the exposed bulbs.

The pendant looks high quality. But it took me at least 1 week to find the bulbs.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

Modern Farmhouse Wagon Wheel Chandelier

The black color is very beautiful. Even the design is simple but it looks good in my home. Also the lighting is quite bright. We recently renovated our dining room and today I’m sharing all the design details.

Another bedroom makeover is in the books! A few weeks ago I shared our design plans and in just a few weekends we completely transformed the space into a modern farmhouse dining room. We haven’t touched this space much since we moved here and it feels like a cozy new sanctuary.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

Our original space had a faux mantel, a rustic table and not much else. My goal is to make it more sophisticated, full and warm. This post shows exactly what we did to transform this room, as well as tips and tricks on how to design your own dining room.

Westport Modern Farmhouse Design Of Farmhouse Dining Table Lighting

A modern farmhouse is a combination of everything you love about farmhouse style with the subtle beauty of modern design. These are comfortable, cozy, neutral pieces without the rustic and rugged style found in traditional farmhouse style. It’s more sophisticated, but warm and inviting.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

What I love about modern farmhouse style is that it is affordable, comfortable, and allows you to easily combine elements of other design styles. Whether it’s a traditional rug or an architectural piece, you can easily place it.

Whatever design style you love, I always recommend mixing and matching different design styles. It is the combination of design elements that creates a beautiful design.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

Dining Room Lighting Ideas For Every Style

The main part of the restaurant is where you eat! This is the first place I started from. I have one piece of advice: don’t buy a traditional matching set. Your dining room will look more “designer” if the table and chairs are different.

I started with the table first. I chose the Farmhouse Leona Extension Dining Table from World Market. This is a beautiful pine table in light gray. I like the overall design and it has two layout extensions that are perfect for hosting. It also comes with a great price tag. It looks and feels more expensive than it costs.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

When I had a table, there were chairs. Finding the right dining room chairs can be a daunting task, especially when shopping online. I sat down on the uncomfortable chairs in the dining room. There’s nothing worse than ordering furniture and it’s inconvenient.

Chandelier Size Guide

So the first thing I look for is comfort and the next thing is the end. I usually prefer light and airy interiors, but this time I knew I wanted to add some dark elements to warm up the space. I found the perfect chairs to meet both needs and was amazed.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

We have sculptural wood dining chairs from the Magnolia line at Target. They are very spacious, well built for the price and very comfortable. I love the carved barrel chairs and they add the perfect modern farmhouse look to our space.

That’s why it usually sells out. I recommend subscribing to notifications about the availability of goods in stock. You can read this post on how to get in stock items at Target. Scroll to the end 🙂

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

Kitchen Lighting Ideas That Make A Statement

Next is the blanket. Rugs are essential for every room. They define the room and can set the tone for the entire space. You may wonder if the dining room will get dirty with food, spills, etc., especially if you have children. This is where washable rugs come in handy. Washable rugs allow you to get all the benefits of adding a rug to your space without the worry of ruining it. You can throw it in the wash!

For our dining room I chose a washable Rosman rug from Boutique Rugs. This is my chance to add some color to the space. A little out of my comfort zone, but I love the depth and personality it adds.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

A tip when purchasing any rug, especially a washable one, is to purchase a felt rug. It adds comfort, protects the floor and extends the life of the carpet. Washable rugs are thinner than traditional rugs and add an extra layer underfoot. This is the felt pad I use.

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Spectacular chandeliers are indispensable on dining tables. I wanted to add another black element to the space to maintain the integrity of the design and this was the perfect opportunity. I chose a classic candelabra style chandelier that was a knockoff from a more expensive seller. It’s almost the same thing at a fraction of the cost.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

The next important part is storage. If you have the space, I recommend a large buffet against the main open wall. It will store extra linens and dishes, and you can also place statement art or a mirror on top. Unfortunately, we didn’t have room for a large buffet, so I opted for a small cabinet. This still gives us less space to store and create a stylish vignette.

If you have a small dining room and don’t have enough space for a buffet, one option is to add a faux mantel.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

Beyond Modern Farmhouse 5/6 Light Black Gold Chandelier Glass Linear Island Lights For Dining Room 6 6 Light

In our home, the windowless feature wall is too close to the dining table to add a sideboard. To add some interest and character to the space, we added an antique mantel. This is one of our largest dining room renovation projects.

The original tablecloth was white and fluffy. I wanted this space to look more sophisticated, so we stripped off years of paint and repainted it a classic Benjamin Moore gray to match the walls. I love how it turned out.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

Below are some other design features that can instantly breathe new life into your space and what we did to complete our transformation.

Lanhall 6 Light Farmhouse Chandelier Light Fixture Dining Room Lighting Fixtures Hanging Wagon Wheel Chandelier Kitchen Island Pendant Lights Modern Black Industrial Rustic Adjustable Height Metal E26

Paint is a very inexpensive way to completely transform a room. I always recommend giving your room a fresh coat when you need a makeover. For the top half of our dining room, we chose Benjamin Moores classic gray. It’s a warm neutral light gray that really brightens up a room.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

Adding some wall detail to the dining room is a great idea and adds visual interest and character. This could be a feature wall such as shiplap or floor to ceiling board and batten. Another option is a trim piece. Trim is a panel or trim piece applied to the bottom half or three-quarters of a wall. This could be a corner board, a board and groove, panels or a trim piece. The beading is dyed pure white by Glidden.

Window framing is another design element that makes a big difference. We only have cheap blinds in this room, although I know the curtains can be changed. Honestly, I think they have made the biggest impact on our dining room and can’t believe I waited so long to add them.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting Ideas That Fashionably Illuminate

We make bamboo Roman blinds. This added texture and tied into the wood table. Then we hung white curtains, hung them long and wide. This makes the space full and attractive. It’s a good idea to prioritize window treatments for each room in your area.

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