Most In Demand Careers For The Future

Most In Demand Careers For The Future – We live in a time where some or the other technological revolutions shake up our lives and ultimately affect the way we work. It’s 2021, and many previous jobs have now ceased to exist, bringing with them a new set of skills and jobs.

Because of this, several questions have occupied the minds of most people. What will happen in the future? How will future job requirements in 2021 differ from today? What will be the best jobs for 2021 and beyond? Should I look at business school programs? And what will be the most promising careers or high paying jobs in 2021?

Most In Demand Careers For The Future

In this article, we will not discuss all the jobs of the next decade, but the main jobs of 2021 and the next few years. So don’t worry… it won’t be much different than what you have now.

The Fastest Growing Jobs Over The Next Decade

While no one can predict the trendiest or highest paying jobs in 2021, we can make our best guesses based on current trends, technological evolution, people needs, future job needs, and more.

However, one thing is certain that nothing is permanent and change will continue into the next year or the next year or the next decade. However, by analyzing the latest job trends on platforms such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, UpWork and more, we have compiled the best jobs that will dominate in 2021.

But before you go any further, check out some surprising facts about the in-demand jobs of the future in 2021 in the database below.

Among the top jobs in demand for 2021, all the roles that show how businesses around the world are adapting to digital needs were the most common. AI and ML, Data Science, Cyber ​​Security Specialists, Full Stack Engineer, DevOps Specialists, Site Reliability Engineer are the biggest winners.

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All these trends are mainly focused on rapid growth and adoption of technologies by various businesses around the world. As the famous saying goes, “There’s never a bad time to be an engineer,” it comes to life when you observe all the career trends predicted for 2021 and beyond.

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Before we delve into the best jobs for 2021 and beyond, let’s look at the data that represents the best jobs in 2021 with the greatest growth in salary and total employment. All these jobs are in high demand and will be in high demand in 2021.

High Paying Skills: Top In Demand Skills For Future

Gone are the days when AI was confined to the walls of universities or research centers. Beyond the buzz, today AI and ML promise many opportunities in almost every sector. It has become one of the fastest growing jobs in 2021 and one of the highest paying jobs in 2021. Employment growth has increased by a staggering 74 percent since 2015, more than any occupation listed below. Along with this, the growth in this role in the coming years will increase further.

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In recent years, this industry has been on fire and is predicted to grow at an unprecedented rate. The role of robotics engineer is listed as the 2nd most in-demand job for 2021. All careers in robotics engineering can range from software to hardware roles. In addition, according to the data, jobs related to virtual and physical bots are on the rise. A 40% increase in robotics engineer roles will be seen from 2015.

For 3 years in a row now, data science has topped the list of hottest new jobs. Along with AI roles, this job is considered one of the best jobs for 2021 with salaries. It has grown by 37% since 2015 and is expected to grow even more in the coming years. This growth has become possible due to the increase in information along with significant improvements in computing power.

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Gone are the days when people were either a front-end developer or a back-end developer. Today, engineers are more interested in becoming a full stack developer ie. handling all aspects of web development and therefore they are looking for many possible ways to become a full stack web developer. This means that the full stack engineer role is one of the most in-demand jobs for 2021 and beyond. Since 2015, there has been a 35% growth in this type of work, as web developers are in high demand from small start-ups and large organisations.

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Have you ever wondered what happens if the app you are using stops working? Well sometimes it happens and sometimes it can be prevented. And the people who check the operation of these applications are site reliability engineers. With the increase in these applications, the demand for site reliability engineers has also increased. This role is predicted to be one of the highest paying jobs in 2021, with a very high demand for skilled engineers. Since 2015, there has been a 34% increase in this work and it could increase as long as we use these applications. The best part of this job is that all the skills needed can be used in other roles as well, like Cloud or Full Stack Web Development or whatever.

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Customer success jobs are in high demand due to the high demand for hands-on support in technology-based services. Since 2015, the total number of jobs related to customer success specialists has increased by 34%. And the majority (72%) of professionals in this field work in the software and IT sector. All professionals associated with this role have hard and soft skills suitable for customer relationship management and a core understanding of the technology.

Skills required for this role: Customer Retention, Software as a Service (SaaS), Customer Relationship Management, Salesforce, Account Management and others

Not only because this job is part of some modern technological developments that have been trending in the last few years, but because the skills required for this job are very demanding. It has not changed since 2015 and includes skills such as Salesforce, information and cold calling. In addition, this work has increased by 34% since 2015.

Skills required for this role: Software as a Service (SaaS), Salesforce, Lead Generation, Cold Calling, Sales and more

Technology, Jobs, And The Future Of Work

It’s no secret that in this digital age, the demand for cyber security professionals has increased due to the increasing amount of information. Cyber ​​security professional is one of the top 10 skills you can get in 2021. Nowadays, be it a big organization or a regular startup, everyone relies heavily on cyber security professionals considering the progress in data breaches, data theft and piracy in the last few years. The demand for cyber security experts has increased by 30 per cent since 2015.

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Today, almost every company is looking forward to increasing their online presence by building a digital asset. This has led to an increased demand for back-end developers. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to work remotely, which gives more freedom to developers. Since 2015, there has been a 30% growth in this work.

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DevOps is another innovative technology that has increased the demand for skilled engineers. It has become one of the top jobs of 2021. The main role of a DevOps engineer is to manage the organization’s IT infrastructure. It includes time spent with system operators, software developers, code testing, and others. According to one study, any organization that uses DevOps achieves higher performance and code deployment is 30 times faster than those that do not use DevOps. This has resulted in 29% job growth for the DevOps engineer role since 2015.

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