Most Needed Jobs In The Army

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After America’s long involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, most of us are well aware of how stressful serving in the military can be. Many soldiers risk their lives every day. Officers may not be on the front lines, but their lives are often at risk, and their work can be more stressful than worrying about their own well-being: they are responsible for the lives of those under their command.

Most Needed Jobs In The Army

In addition to these risks, the military has an even more stressful job. Enlistees and officers must travel extensively, their jobs are subject to public scrutiny, and they have little say in how they spend their time. They are also separated from their families for months, sometimes years. Soldiers must endure the physical demands of everything from boot camp and basic training to demanding duties that include not only war but providing aid during natural disasters such as typhoons in the Philippines. Another challenge for enlisted personnel: Finding a job after serving. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the post-9/11 unemployment rate for veterans was 10 percent in August 2013, nearly 3 percent higher than the national average.

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All of this stress made active duty military personnel and military generals the top two on’s 2013 list of the most stressful jobs. The rankings come from an annual list of the best and worst jobs that began under the auspices of Dow Jones in 1995. In 2009, the rankings were moved to, a Carlsbad, California-based career and job listing website. The Best and Worst Jobs list, which ranks 200 jobs based on more than 100 criteria, was published in April. This is the fourth year that CareerCast has published a list of the smallest and most stressful jobs in its best and worst list.

To assess which jobs are the most stressful, CareerCast considered 200 occupations in its database and focused on 11 different job demands it believed could trigger stress, including travel, growth potential, competitiveness, physical demands, hazards, environmental conditions and the risk of one’s own life. or other people’s lives.

In addition to military jobs, several other positions in the top 10 most stressful jobs involve risk to one’s own life or responsibility for the lives of others. This includes 3 listed firefighters, 4 airline pilots and 9 police officers.

Other jobs with more stress may seem surprising: public relations executives and senior corporate executives. As much as many people might imagine PR executives drinking, eating and lunching with friends and friends in the city, in fact, they are almost always turned down by people like me. I get hit with such an onslaught of PR emails – often more than 100 a day – that I don’t even respond to most of the notes I get. I’m sure this was frustrating and stressful for anyone close to me.

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Corporate executives’ image similarly overshadows their work lives, Lee said. “They are responsible for the lives of all those who work in the company,” he noted. “If the company is a public company, they are responsible to the shareholders.” In addition, they travel a lot and work around the clock on their own schedule.

Then there is another profession that is closer to me, a newspaper reporter, which is number 8 on the list. In an era of newsrooms and the increasing pressure to produce multimedia coverage as news breaks, while competing with lightning-fast social media and a multitude of blogs, this work deserves to be in the top ten. Of course, journalists also cover war and take some of the same risks as soldiers. Meanwhile, the market for older newspaper reporters continues to shrink, meaning many journalists feel forced to remain in unhappy, risky positions at a time when they would prefer to move on.

How useful are these lists to the general reader? Most people who choose dangerous jobs like firefighters or police officers want to work in those fields, despite the stress, Lee said. As Lee puts it, some people have the “genes” for these jobs. But maybe young people reading this story will think twice about trying to become a newspaper reporter. Although I think that journalists may have this high-stress career in their DNA. Still, if you are a young person deciding on a career, check this list of the least stressful jobs. WASHINGTON — Two women have now passed the rigorous Army Ranger test, and could have tougher, more dangerous jobs ahead of them. Senior officials told The Associated Press that the military is preparing to allow women to fill most front-line combat jobs, including special operations forces.

Based on early talks, officials said the Army, Navy and Air Force were not seeking exceptions to closing any jobs to women. Marine Corps leaders have raised concerns about allowing women to serve in the infantry but may seek an exception, they said.

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The services are completing a review and are expected to make recommendations to Defense Secretary Ash Carter this fall. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the internal dispute.

Even if Marine Corps leaders object, they are likely to face resistance from senior Navy and Defense Department officials who want the military to unite on the issue.

The Marine Corps reserve lead is that Special Operations Command may allow women to compete for the most demanding military commando positions — including Navy SEALs and Army Delta Force — even though they know it could take years for women to compete . in these fields.

Women have gradually entered previously male-only jobs in the military, including as members of the Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, most notably as the helicopter crew that flew Navy SEALs into Osama bin Laden’s personal compound. Women now also serve in navy submarines and army artillery.

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Friday will mark another milestone when the two women graduate from Ranger School, a physically and mentally demanding two-month combat leadership program at Fort Benning, Georgia. Completing the course allowed the two women to wear the coveted black and gold Ranger badge, but it did not make them members of the Ranger regiment. The army has not publicly identified the two women.

In the long term, the uncertainty over the Marine Corps’ decision underscores a raging debate in the military about the changing role of women, which reflects who the service is as people and how the warrior spirit is perceived.

Last year, the Navy considered seeking exceptions to prevent women from serving on older guided-missile frigates, countermeasures ships and coastal patrol ships. Some argue that the multimillion-dollar construction of the ships, which will be phased out in the next few years, adding facilities for women is not worth the expense.

But Navy Secretary Ray Mabus backed away from the plan in a memo late last month obtained by The Associated Press. Navy leaders have concluded that since women can do all the same jobs on other ships, there is no real exclusion, officials said.

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However, thousands of infantry, weapons and armor positions in the Army and Marine Corps are currently closed to women. There has been much research and debate about whether these positions should be created, as they often involve small combat units on the front lines, performing corporal punishment duties.

The Marine Corps formed a task force this year to develop gender-neutral work standards and determine whether including women in squadrons would affect unit cohesion or readiness. The all-male and mixed-gender companies spent up to three months in California doing a lot of unit work and getting a detailed scientific evaluation to see how they did. These results are reviewed by senior leadership.

Army leaders conducted a similar scientific analysis, reviewed all tasks required to perform combat duties, and developed gender-neutral standards that troops must meet to qualify. At the same time, however, the Army began to slowly open up some combat positions to women, including those in artillery.

In recent days, officials familiar with the discussions have said they believe the Army will allow women to seek infantry and weapons jobs.

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“To best manage your talent, you have to choose the best people who can perform to the standards we set,” Odierno said. “If you can meet the standards that we set, then you should be able to fill this (position). I think that is where we are headed.”

In January 2013, then Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, signed an order that lifted generations of restrictions on women fighting for their country, ordering the opening of 250,000 jobs, regardless of gender. . . They called for a complete review of the physical demands of combat work and provide

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