Natural Stone Fireplace Mantels

Natural Stone Fireplace Mantels – We offer modern, traditional and old world beauty for any decor style with an Indiana limestone fireplace surround. Get a wide range of standard designs or discuss fully customized options with us.

A granite fireplace is the centerpiece of a home, providing warmth and style. The burning of smoke, the smell of wood smoke, and the gentle warmth of the fire signal a cold winter’s day. But the fireplace is not only a source of heat, but also a beautiful hearth.

Natural Stone Fireplace Mantels

Natural Stone Fireplace Mantels

A well-designed limestone fireplace can enhance the look of any room, from a great room to a cozy den. Plus, with so many different styles to choose from (Deco Modern Fireplace, Marlboro Castle Stone Fireplace Mantel, Gothic Limestone Tudor Mantel, and more), you’re sure to find the perfect fireplace for your home.

Perfection Stone Products Natural Looking Cast Stone & Wood Mantels Shelf Hi Quailty, Light Weight

A custom limestone fireplace with selected stone from Ohio Stone Center is a great way to bring your living room or family room together. Whether you want it understated or unobtrusive, a new natural stone fireplace and hearth will make a wonderful addition to any room.

Natural Stone Fireplace Mantels

From the staircase to the wall color, you’ve chosen your space carefully. Why should a carved stone fireplace stand out from your surroundings? Each natural stone in the center of the stone has a unique pattern and shape, so we allow you to choose each stone.

We’ll help you create the perfect Indiana limestone fireplace to complement your style. Our team of designers and artisans will work with you to create a unique environment that will become the centerpiece of your home. We specialize in custom limestone fireplace mantels, but we have many pre-made designs for you to choose from.

Natural Stone Fireplace Mantels

Stone Fireplace Ideas For Creating A Fireplace You’ll Love!

Stone centerpieces are the best choice for limestone fireplace mantels for a variety of reasons. We use the highest quality stones, provide excellent customer service and employ advanced craftsmanship and technology.

This place is amazing! When you think of Stone Center, think beyond the commercial experience. I have a fireplace project that requires a lot of creativity and special stone

Natural Stone Fireplace Mantels

After calling several stone yards looking for someone to cut a bluestone fireplace, the stone center said they could cut it to order and that I should take a look at their products. Chris greeted me when I arrived and showed me who they were. He explained the process to me. After choosing details such as the shape and edge of the stone, we determined that it would come to my home to exact measurements. Appreciated for service and honesty with expectations and timing. Chris explained that it can take 2-3 months to get a large slab out of the quarry, and once they got there, they went out a second time to double check the measurements before cutting their equipment. They don’t build and Chris walked me through the process as I did. The pieces around the fireplace also had to be cut, taking the large panel down and giving me extra time to make sure they fit as well. I could not be happier with the results and highly recommend The Stone Center for all your natural stone needs. Ask Chris!

Architectural Cast Stone

Stone Center was great to work with and I would highly recommend them. A stone stove and a camel natural stone cabinet were purchased. Both were high quality stones. After a while I needed extra stones and they sent extra stones from another location that day to pick up the next day. Also, it’s too thin to replace the thicker edges of my edging stones. The team was great to work with and I will definitely be back if I need additional stone work in the future. Great product. Good grades. Excellent service. Excellent company in my experience.

Natural Stone Fireplace Mantels

The cost of a typical fireplace depends on many factors. This may include size, materials, any detailing, and more.

There are currently no previous designs. All designs are fully customizable to your taste, preferences and needs. We will guide you and work with you to determine which custom fireplace is right for you.

Natural Stone Fireplace Mantels

Magrahearth Natural Wood Series Concrete Mantels

Our stone experts are ready to help you create beautiful custom stone fireplaces that will complement any room. Contact us today! Hedberg Home Brick + Stone is proud to represent two of the leading manufacturers of architectural stone products in the country. Whether you’re choosing from our range of premium products or looking for custom lighting, our goal is to make it easy for you to access the highest quality decor anywhere.

Designed to add beauty and warmth to a variety of home design styles. Each profile has legs and a cover to frame the fireplace and decorate the room. All designs are handcrafted using a special finishing process, creating an authentic look of naturally carved limestone. Differences in color and texture are distinctive features of the product, giving each piece its unique beauty.

Natural Stone Fireplace Mantels

Available in 2 classic styles and 2 sizes, the easy-to-build shelves provide the perfect platform for family photos and collections.

Makeover: How We Replastered Our Mountain House Stone Fireplace

Matching fireplaces and mantelpieces are available as optional extras, giving you even more design options to customize your fireplace.

Natural Stone Fireplace Mantels

Kindred fireplace surrounds are available in four classic colors designed to reflect the look of natural limestone found in France and other parts of Europe.

One of the leading custom cast stone manufacturers in the country. When looking for the right manufacturer to represent our market, we wanted the best. Fall is here, which means it’s the perfect time of year to focus on the fireplace! A fireplace is the perfect way to combat the chilly fall weather in Pennsylvania, and a fireplace is a great place to decorate for fall and winter holidays. Get ready for the season by giving your fireplace a natural stone look with these simple tips!

Natural Stone Fireplace Mantels

Custom Mill Creek Veneer Stone Fireplace Hearth & Surround

The first step to giving your fireplace a new look with natural stone is choosing the right material. Natural stone is an excellent choice for a fireplace because of its unparalleled durability. With so many types of natural stone, you can find the perfect material for any home design. Marble, granite, quartzite and onyx are beautiful and durable materials with many advantages.

Design tip: Choose the same stone as the kitchen countertop material to give a sense of coziness, especially if the rooms are connected.

Natural Stone Fireplace Mantels

A natural stone fireplace with a full bed or natural veneer has a more textured and earthy feel. A natural stone fireplace has a more formal, contemporary look.

Stacked Stone Fireplace Rustic Wood Mantel Living Room Interior Design Idea Buechel Stone

After choosing a stone, the next step is to choose a design. The design of the fireplace depends on the layout of your room. Also, if you are using wood in your gas stove, consider the building codes in your city.

Natural Stone Fireplace Mantels

Learning building code requirements is key to a successful fireplace renovation. This will give the builder and builder the knowledge to ask the right questions.

Finding the best installer to help you complete your project depends on the project and your personal needs.

Natural Stone Fireplace Mantels

Stunning Stone Fireplaces For Every Style

A more complex project requires a team with a good understanding of design and mechanics to ensure it is installed correctly.

A properly designed fireplace can become a popular gathering place for friends and family in the home. It’s important to invest time in your project and make the right decision to enjoy your investment for many years to come!

Natural Stone Fireplace Mantels

Looking for stone masons in the Pennsylvania area? Call BC Stone Experts! From sets to stoves, our team has the knowledge and experience. Learn more about what we can do for you! It’s time to turn your home into the center of your holiday gatherings. There is no better memory than a fireplace with your family and friends. But is your focus a little off? Prepare with stone crushers.

Natural Stone Fireplace: What Stone Type Is The Best For Fireplace Surround

The look of a natural stone fireplace adds charm to any space and is easy to build. A brick or brick fireplace with thin surrounds may not be glued. The industry term is “fireplace surround” because it gives your fireplace a new look.

Natural Stone Fireplace Mantels

As the name suggests, the fireplace surround consists of all the elements surrounding the stove, including the fireplace surround. Thin stone covers can be installed around the fireplace

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