Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas

Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas – Blue is one of the most popular colors for sofas in the living room – check out our 11 ideas from professional interior designers for creating a blue sofa.

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Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas

Need blue sofa living room ideas? We asked the experts about everything from decor and texture to soothing blue color schemes to help you create the design of your dreams.

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Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas

Blue is a calming color and many designers use it as a neutral. Along with pure neutrals like white, gray, beige, brown, and black, this is one of the most versatile colors you can work with when designing. For example, blue jeans can be paired with almost anything.

However, since blue is not a true neutral blue color, a blue sofa will be the focal point of your living room design. According to Emily Ruff, owner and lead designer of Cohesively Curated Interiors, to make a sofa of any color bold, you need to surround it with neutral living room furniture. Neutral-colored pieces like coffee tables and accent chairs help balance out the blue sofa without overpowering the design.

Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas

Relaxing Blue And Gray Living Room Ideas

With neutral furniture to keep things cozy, you can add accent colors with artwork, pillows, and a rug. First, try creating a color scheme based on a rug or piece of art you like, which can be any combination of neutrals, blues, and other accent colors. Then choose the pillows accordingly. Ruff says purples, pinks and greens work well with blues and neutrals.

In modern living rooms, texture is very important, providing visual appeal, which influences the mood of the room. Even a white living room can be interesting with the right textures, and the magic happens when you mix different colors. Try using two or three different textures in each area to bring it to life.

Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas

“My tip for designing a room with a blue sofa is to create a tonal look with lots of textures. NJ-based interior designer and artist Darren Greenblatt tells Living Cozy that knit wool, thin gloss paints, mattes. Try options like ceramic, dark metal and limited pop.

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“My advice for designing a room with a blue sofa is to create a tonal look with lots of texture. Try options like thick wool, sleek glossy paint, matte ceramic, black metal and limited colors.”

Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas

Rugs, pillows, and other living room decor offer great opportunities to add texture. But don’t forget the walls, floor and sofa upholstery. For example, a light blue wall and wooden floor can help bring out the texture of your sofa, rug and pillows.

According to Alicia Lewis, interior designer at ADJ Interiors, a blue sofa is a great alternative to the popular neutral sofa. You can use it the same way by adding a neutral top with a complementary color. Or you can let it be a statement against the neutral drop.

Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas

Blue Living Room Ideas That Will Make An Unforgettable Statement

Applying the impression, different blues will change the mood of the room. For example, a dark blue sofa can look dignified and dignified, while teal or royal blue can look more playful.

Above, a blue crushed velvet Jane Churchill sofa anchors the long two-story space. The client envisioned a light palette for the room, so Lewis and the rest of the ADJ team kept the chairs, accessories and rugs muted. They then added visual interest and glamor with gold accents.

Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas

“This particular sofa also has a nice curved back, so it looks visually pleasing no matter what the angle,” explains Lewis. “A blue sofa can be versatile in any room and create a soft or heavy effect depending on the shade you choose. Go ahead!

Blue Couch Living Room Ideas We Love

Despite its popular status as a neutral color, blues can be powerful and attractive. That’s why, according to Karen Rohr, an interior designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors, it’s best not to overload your space with too much color, variation and decoration.

Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas

Less is usually more, so look to minimalist spaces and designs for inspiration. But don’t limit yourself to a very small design – instead, create a variety that reflects your unique style. Some options to consider are Scandinavian, boho and mid-century minimalism.

Try to use clean lines and carefully selected details so that your sofa does not take up too much space. And if you work with a small living room, this is very important – the velvet sofa stands out in the upper living room, which immediately catches the eye and invites you to rest. . Notice how it’s supported by patterned pillows, a neutral area rug, and green details.

Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas

Many designers prefer blue sofa living room ideas that emphasize neutral tones and thoughtful splashes of color. Small touches of blue throughout the room will keep the design cohesive, but you want your sofa to be the focal point of the space.

“Let your blue sofa stand out as the centerpiece of the space. Add a light shade of blue throughout the room for a sense of connection, but keep the sofa in the center as most of the other items are neutral. So be it,” says Patti Kelly, certified. Interior decorator and president of Inspired Home Interiors. “In this case

Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas

, we have a blue sofa with only blue table lamps and drawer handles. Placing a velvet sofa against a rustic wood accent wall really helps it stand out.

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If you have an open floor plan with other rooms visible from the living room, you may want to add blue accents in those spaces as well. For example, if your living room shares an open space with the dining room, you can try a navy blue sofa, a navy and neutral area rug, and a navy blue table.

Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas

The key to a beautiful website is a well-planned color palette. Generally, with a blue sofa, you want three or four main neutral colors and one complementary color. A pop of color will help set the right mood for your space, whether you’re going for a fun, bright look or a moody boho feel.

“If you have white walls, a light blue sofa is perfect for creating an airy, clean and fresh feel,” explains Karen Rohr. – Make sure to add some extra colorful pillows and blankets to make your sofa the center of attention. room. Blue goes well with light and dark colors, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas

Ways To Style Blue Velvet Sofa Living Room Ideas

Complementary colors are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. So depending on the shade of blue you choose, the best complementary color might be red, orange, yellow, or somewhere in between.

Adding plants to your living room is one of the easiest ways to add beauty, depth and serenity. Similar to the color psychology associated with the color blue, spending time around plants can help reduce anxiety and promote feelings of relaxation and calm. And since blue and green are next to each other, they work well together in the room.

Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas

Here, the greenery helps to accentuate the blue sofa and enhance the natural beauty created by the warm tones of the wood. The gold tone will help brighten up the space, while the neutral backdrops let the whole scene shine.

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Try to choose a variety of plants that range in size from small to ceiling-high – larger plants stand out as statement pieces, while smaller plants help create a calm atmosphere in the room. Play with the shape and color of the leaves as much as the light level of the room allows. And don’t forget to choose an attractive planter to keep the look bright and modern.

Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas

If you can’t get enough of blue, a black and white look might be the perfect answer. Monochromatic palettes use only one color – in this case, that means experimenting with different shades of blue. You still use some neutrals to keep the space from being overcrowded, but you can avoid accent colors.

“If you have a navy blue sofa, you can use it as a statement piece in a monochromatic room or combine it with bright colors to create an attractive and cheerful space,” says Karen Rohr.

Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas

Blue Living Room Ideas: 10 Ways With Blue In Living Rooms

Walls, artwork, rugs, and surrounding furniture provide opportunities to bring in more blue, playing with the artistic appeal that monochromatic rooms create. Choose shades and tones of blue that go well with the color of your sofa. Here, the floor, vases and furniture legs are the only elements that feature neutral tones, but the artwork has pastel tones and the blanket plays with dark gray.

Emily Chesnut, founder of Emily Chesnut Design, suggests adding additional colored lamps and artwork to make your living room bolder. “Just make sure you don’t go

Navy Blue Living Room Furniture Ideas

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