Non Profit Organizations That Help Immigrants

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The estimated number of undocumented immigrants in the United States alone is 10.5 to 12 million – about 3.2%-3.6% of the total population. And undocumented or not, they are valuable members of society. They not only embody diversity and enrich our culture, but also contribute to the workforce and economy. So we had to ask: What are the best charities to help undocumented immigrants?

Non Profit Organizations That Help Immigrants

The best charities to help undocumented immigrants are United Ve Dream and Movimiento Cosecha as some immigrant empowerment platforms and Immigrants Rising with their focus on desperately needed legal services. In addition, Define American helps to humanize the conversation about immigration.

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Whether you want to help undocumented immigrants overcome the many barriers they face in society or help them live a more peaceful, just and orderly life, there is a charity for you. Keep reading to learn more about the best charities for kk, how they work, and what your best way to contribute would be.

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All of the charities mentioned in this article work to end the alienation of undocumented immigrants. Instead, promote ways of integrating immigrants into society – legally and otherwise – so that all immigrants have a chance to become full members of society. Just as they deserve to be.

These charities offer help in areas such as education, human rights, legal support and due process. Their programs and projects are stepping stones toward fairer treatment, open opportunities, and a fair justice system for undocumented immigrants.

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(At the end of this article, we’ll also share our six-step approach to choosing the best charity to support.)

United We Dream is a youth-led community for undocumented immigrants in the United States to help people discover their voices, leadership skills, and advocates. It was founded by Christina Jimenez in 2008 as an advocacy group for young immigrants and family members. They help undocumented immigrants develop leadership and also organize campaigns for immigrant rights and justice.

Their impact and transparency scores: The organization has an overall Charity Navigator score of 100%. They also have a silver rating from GuideStar.

“We create welcoming spaces for young people – regardless of immigration status – to support, engage and empower them to make their voices heard and win!” United We Dream

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What they do: United We Dream allocates its resources to multiple causes for undocumented immigrants in the areas of education, leadership, immigrant protection and community stability. They also conduct training in campaigning and critical thinking for racial justice. In addition, they include indigenous groups, women’s social justice movements, and the LGBTQ community of immigrant groups.

What they’ve accomplished: United We Dream has provided vital education—especially about their rights, mental health, and overall well-being—to over 4 million undocumented immigrants through its online programs. In addition to their 400,000 members that they reach and help locally. They also received support from 1,000 schools to make education accessible to undocumented students.

Ways to Contribute: You can support United We Dream through monthly and one-time donations directly on their website. You can also be an active member of the organization through their petitions and campaigns. If you have suggestions that you would like to make to the charity, you can also do so by submitting petitions and actions

Define American was founded in 2011 by Jake Brewer and Jose Antonio Vargas to serve as a narrative force to improve the discourse on immigrants. It focuses on changing the culture through news, entertainment and digital media to humanize conversations about undocumented immigrants. The organization uses stories to influence policy and lobby for immigrant identity and citizenship in America.

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Their impact and transparency ratings: Their overall rating of Charity Navigator is 97%, and the same rating applies to its accountability and transparency. And they have a silver seal from GuideStar. In addition, it is one of the 10 most innovative Fast Company companies in the world.

“We humanize the immigration conversation through television advocacy, original content development and production, media advocacy and live events.” Define American

What they do: Define America’s focus on inclusion in the entertainment industry to include realistic immigrant characters to promote positive cultural change. He also offers his research and resources to creatives in the entertainment industry to help viewers understand immigrants in America. The organization also launches information campaigns to raise awareness of the problems faced by undocumented immigrants.

What they’ve accomplished: With almost every one of their projects, Define American reaches millions of viewers. The charity has consulted on over 90 TV and film projects across 23 streaming platforms and entertainment networks such as Walt Disney, Netflix and Warner Bros. They also hosted the Define American Film Festival to showcase content about undocumented immigrants and their identity.

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Ways to Contribute: You can donate directly to Define American (they even have a flexible donation plan). They also sell t-shirts, phone cases and hats through their online store to normalize conversations and dispel misconceptions about undocumented immigrants. And they also accept planned wills – for personal bequests to the legal profession.

Movimiento Cosecha was launched in 2015 as a movement dedicated to raising respect and protection for the millions of undocumented immigrants in America. Their name translates to “harvest movement” and symbolizes their goal to honor the undocumented immigrants who have worked hard to feed the nation. They now have a network of volunteers supporting the movement.

Their impact and transparency ratings: 100% of their donations go to crisis-affected undocumented immigrants through the Undocumented Workers Fund. Fund applicants are screened by regional committees to ensure proper fund redistribution.

“We believe that to get real protections for our community, we need to mobilize millions of active supporters — polarizing the American people to take an active stance on immigration issues.” Movimiento Cosecha

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What they do: Movimiento Cosecha aims to encourage undocumented immigrants to become active in the

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