Northeastern Ms In Data Science

Northeastern Ms In Data Science – The Master of Professional Studies in Analytics prepares you to analyze data and identify trends to support tactical and strategic decision making.

We are committed to creating an education as unique as your professional career. So whether your goal is a new career or advancement in your field, our innovation program will keep you on track.

Northeastern Ms In Data Science

The Master of Professional Studies in Analytics trains you to effectively explore, interpret and communicate data to help organizations make decisions. Focusing on skills you can easily apply in the workplace, our program will develop your knowledge of statistics and mathematics, analytical systems technology, business intelligence , business process management, agile analytics, data leadership and governance, policy and ethics. You will have the opportunity to work with a sponsoring organization to expand your professional network and gain hands-on experience from data mining to compiling and performing data analysis. In the process, you’ll explore the local, national and global implications of analytics, learn to back up ideas with data, and build a portfolio to showcase your skills.

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Build a portfolio of real-world projects that demonstrate competence with key technologies, visualization and communication techniques, and the ability to translate information into recommended actions.

Northeastern’s signature experiential learning model has been at the heart of the university for more than a century. It combines world-class academics with professional practice, providing you with important real-world skills that you can immediately apply to your current workplace.

This makes an education at Northeastern a dynamic and transformative experience, offering you many opportunities to grow as a professional and as a person.

Please note: The following is a sample resume and is subject to change. Registered students should consult the academic catalog for current program requirements.

Beginners Guide To Data Visualization

Note: The ITC6000 is intended for students with no prior training or professional experience in data and database structures. Students who do not complete ITC 6000 must take a third elective course to achieve 45 quarter hours.

The remaining quarter hours of the program can be completed by a combination of a concentration and additional electives or by choosing any of the courses listed in the concentrations and electives.

Our faculty represents a broad cross-section of activities and areas of expertise. They act as mentors and mentors, and collaborate with students to address the most pressing global challenges facing established and emerging markets.

“It’s important to leverage data and technology to understand what an organization’s problems are, tie them to people’s ability to recognize opportunities and barriers, and deliver possible solutions. . MPS in Analytics trains you to be an Analytics expert and use it ethically.” – Uwe Hohgrawe, Business and Analytics Director of the Department of Domain Intelligence

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Professors are constantly immersed in their area of ​​expertise and make sure to connect with real-life examples. This allows me to bring new ideas into the workplace, applying them directly to the problems we face.

You know where you’re going and you’ve seen how our program will take you. So let’s go. Here’s what you need to know before you sign up.

Some of the courses in this program provide transfer credit for student experience through previous academic assessments and professional certifications. See the full list of eligible certificates and transferable credits.

The PlusOne Accelerated Master’s Program allows motivated students to begin earning a master’s degree while attending an undergraduate program. After completing your bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, you can advance your studies by applying up to 16 semester hours (or 22.5 quarter hours) towards bachelor’s and master’s degrees, for allows you to receive your diploma one year ahead of time. With a traditional Master of Professional Studies degree in Analytics.

Master’s In Data Science

This is an estimate based on tuition for the 2022-2023 Academic Year and does not include any other fees or charges. Some courses and labs have tuition fees that may increase or decrease the total tuition. Enrollment and fees may be reviewed by the President and Board of Directors at any time. For more information, visit Student Financial Services.

Our admissions process is ongoing; however, we recommend the registration guidelines below to ensure you can get started on your desired start date:

Below is a breakdown of where our Analytics alumni work, their roles, and the skills they bring to their organizations.

Responding to the challenge from the US Department of State, our students and faculty teamed up with their peers in the Master of Science program in Global Studies and International Relations and Design. Digital whiteboard to investigate how UN stakeholders vote in UN member states. Diverse topics The platform is publicly accessible to level the playing field for policy making, especially among large, small and developing countries. The Data Analytics Engineering program enables students to respond to the growing need for professionals who can create intelligible and intelligible streams of large data. Useful information Students also gain the analytical skills and research experience required for a doctoral program.

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The MS in Data Analytics Engineering program offers students the opportunity to train for jobs in industry or gain rigorous analytical skills and research experience in preparation for a doctoral program in health. Health, Safety and Sustainability at Northeastern University. The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering offers this degree to meet current and projected demand for an analytically trained workforce. Although the core courses of this program are offered by the Faculty of Engineering, elective courses can be chosen from different disciplines distributed at different universities in the Northeast. The MS degree in data analysis engineering is designed to enable graduates to meet the growing demand for professionals trained in advanced data analysis and the ability to transform data streams. into information that is understandable and actionable for decision-making purposes. Key areas for analysts include healthcare, smart manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, defense and security, defense, banking, finance, marketing and human resources.

The MS program in Data Analytics Engineering meets the F-1 international student status requirements. This degree program seeks to prepare students to perform a broad list of tasks, including collecting, storing, processing and analyzing data, reporting statistics and models, drawing draw conclusions and insights, and make recommendations.

Many of the Northeastern faculty members and professors who teach in the Data Analytics Engineering program are some of the leading experts in their fields. In addition, many of our faculty hold influential positions and have working relationships with some of the leading technology companies in the Northeast campus region and around the world.

Jie holds a doctorate in industrial and systems engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. His research focuses on stochastic optimization and machine learning for various application problems. As a professor of data analysis techniques, he teaches courses in machine learning, operations research, and statistics. He also wants to mentor students and explore collaborations with professors on research issues in these fields.

Research Prospectus And Higher Education In United States

April joined Northeastern University in September 2018 as a part-time lecturer. He has over 15 years of experience designing and developing web for commercial clients, proven experience in all phases of website development: customer contact, information architecture, interface design, graphic production, test cycle, deployment, ongoing maintenance.

April graduated from Michigan Technological University with a Bachelor of Science and Engineering Communications degree in 1998. During his long career, he has worked as a web designer, user interface developer, and user interface developer. user and user experience developer for companies like Zillow, Pulse Communications, and  Wetpaint. Since 2019 he has been working as a front end developer at Uplevel.

Dr. Biran is a software/integration engineer, professional services manager and product manager with over 11 years of experience in innovation in a variety of environments including the military, private and public, corporate startups and large enterprises. created award winning products. Dr. Biran joined Northeastern University as a part-time faculty member in February 2018.

Dr. Biran earned his BA in Systems Engineering from Colorado State University in 2017. His research interests include large-scale scientific computing (HPC) and multi-core, computing optimization, systems. Web-based decision support, integrated design systems, distributed networks, and multi-agent systems.

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Siva studied at Jawaharlal Nehru University of Technology and now has over 20 years of experience in software development/design and leadership in automotive digital marketing, product lifecycle management, banking. , HR and payroll applications. Siva has taught at Northeastern since 2015 on application engineering and object-oriented programming. Siva is currently the Chief Technical Officer at, driving disruptive changes in software quality and operational engineering efficiency.

Role at Northeast: Ramkumar Hariharan, Ph.D., is the Department of Data Science Engineering and the first Director of the College of Engineering Program on campus. Ram’s research is the link between Artificial Intelligence and Gerontology.

Professional background: Previously, he was Head of Applied Artificial Intelligence at Macro-Eyes, Inc and led a globally diverse team of data scientists. Previously, Ram was a senior data scientist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, building new AI applications to drive biomedical discoveries using big imaging and genomic data. Ram has also worked with biomedical data at Hood-Price . Laboratories

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