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Northeastern University Ms In Data Science – Northeastern University Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex, Boston, MA How to create a laboratory that combines high performance with energy efficiency?

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Northeastern University Ms In Data Science

Provided comprehensive strategies for Northeastern University’s new Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex (ISEC). This LEED Gold Certified, 234,000-ft

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The facility includes a variety of laboratories and other research support facilities designed to foster collaboration and innovation in the computer sciences, basic sciences, health sciences and engineering.

In addition to helping Northeastern raise its profile in the academic community and attract new talent, the project provides a pedestrian walkway, an important new hub connection between ISEC’s main campus and the communities of Fenway and Roxbury.

Worked with Payette on both the new building and footbridges, providing services including structural, geotechnical, EP/FP engineering, facade and lighting design consultancy.

Our involvement in the ISEC project began in 2013 when Payette and Northeastern selected us to provide a range of services for the new complex, including mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering, energy modeling, facade consulting, sustainability consulting and lighting design. It was important to the client that ISEC epitomized Northeastern’s commitment to sustainability. and Payette worked closely together during the design process to deliver an amazing and energy efficient building to a tight schedule.

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In the early stages of the project, we developed a 3D Revit model of the building system, which allowed the team to quickly assess the impact of different configurations in real time. The model allowed us to effectively adapt to the changing requirements of the client and the architect and helped to simplify the identification of strategies that provided the best form and function. The 3D Revit model was also used as the basis for our energy modeling, daylighting modeling, CFD studies and facade analyses.

Developed several innovative solutions that improved the sustainability of the project and helped maximize its overall value to the university and the wider community.

One of the distinctive features of ISEC is its complex facade. Bronze, curved fins march across the curved office block, undulating in plan and dividing in height to create a free form. To achieve ISEC’s elegant, organic form, Payette relied heavily on modeling to solve technical problems.

Our Revit model was particularly helpful in determining how to seamlessly integrate the ribs into the building’s engineering in a way that optimizes energy efficiency. The fins contribute to the daylighting and thermal strategy by reducing direct solar radiation from the south-west while allowing for views to the outside and daylight. Combined with the high-performance glazed curtain wall and the building’s mechanical system, the fins balance the thermal, daylighting and comfort requirements of the facade. They also mask service aisles, protect insulated triple packs in offices from direct exposure to the elements and hang with prominent cantilevers.

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The cascade air system developed by ISEC was the single largest contribution to energy savings. The system works by recirculating the conditioned air from the ISEC offices and atrium and then transporting it to the laboratory. In addition to significant energy savings compared to standard laboratory HVAC systems, the cascade air system helps reduce operating and capital costs by reducing return ducts. Since the ventilation load in laboratories is the main energy consumption, instead of air cooling, active cooling beams are used for additional cooling. Since chilled beams have no moving parts, they are a low-energy alternative to fan convectors. To increase heating, we developed a hydraulic coil system that recovers energy from the laboratory’s exhaust air and uses it to pre-condition the outdoor air used for heating. A heat recovery chiller was also used to redirect the heat normally rejected in the cooling towers to meet the building’s summer heat needs.

Our sustainable lighting and daylighting strategies were key to maximizing the efficiency of the architectural design. The six-story central atrium was carefully designed with Payette to provide views of the sky and provide ample daylight, while providing visual amenity to the adjacent laboratory and support spaces. The result is an interior glazed facade that allows researchers to fully appear in the atrium space. The electric lighting design further complements the building design strategy with integrated lighting in the laboratory stalls and mainly indirect lighting for ambient light levels in the research areas.

Provides a major connection between campus, the ISEC complex immediately to the south, and the Fenway and Roxbury neighborhoods. In addition to improving accessibility, the bridge also provides an important connection to the adjacent MBTA Orange Line and bus station.

Our structural designers helped Payette realize the dramatic shape of the bridge, which uses weather-resistant steel plates. The bridge’s most prominent features are the two asymmetrical parapet barriers that connect the structure along its western and eastern edges. Both parapets are angled 10 degrees outward to provide a view of the sky. The longest western parapet rises slightly to a height of 18 feet towards the southern abutment of the bridge. This barrier is constructed of overlapping panels made of solid weatherproof steel plate to conceal unsightly infrastructure to the west and direct views of ISEC and the Boston skyline to the east. Due to the corrosion resistance of the special steel, the bridge will not require repainting during its lifetime, resulting in reduced operating costs and little disruption to rail traffic.

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Our bridge lighting scheme continues the integrated design narrative, blending elegantly with the structural forms of the bridge to create an attractive, safe and elegant nighttime experience. The bridge’s main span was assembled in a sleeper area adjacent to ISEC and dramatically raised in one piece above the railroad tracks to minimize disruption to MBTA and Amtrak rail service.

The close collaboration between Payette and was instrumental in helping Northeastern achieve its ambitious aesthetic and performance goals for this project. The result is the Harleston Parker Medal, a LEED-Gold certified “Temple of Science” that exceeds the stringent Massachusetts Energy Code requirements for new buildings by 20%.

“This complex is a statement that this city, this state thrives on discovery, exploration, learning” Joseph Auns, President, Northeastern University’s Data Analytics Engineering Program enables students to meet the growing need for professionals capable of transforming large streams. transformation of data into understandable and usable information. Students also gain the analytical skills and research experience necessary for a doctoral program.

The MS in Data Analytics Engineering program offers students the opportunity to train in industry or gain rigorous analytical skills and research experience in preparation for a PhD program in Health, Safety and Sustainability at Northeastern University. The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering offers this degree program to meet the current and projected demand for an analytics-trained workforce. Although the core courses for this program are offered by the Faculty of Engineering, electives can be chosen from a variety of disciplines spread across various colleges in the Northeast. The MS degree in Data Analytics Engineering is designed to enable graduates to meet the growing need for professionals trained in advanced data analytics who can transform large streams of data into understandable and actionable information for decision making. The main industries in need of analytics professionals are healthcare, smart manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, national security, defense, banking, finance, marketing and human resources.

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The Data Analytics MS Engineering program meets the requirements for F-1 international student status. This graduate program aims to prepare students for a comprehensive list of tasks, including data collection, storage, processing and analysis, reporting statistics and models, drawing conclusions and insights, and making practical recommendations.

Many of the Northeastern professors and instructors who teach in the Data Analytics Engineering program represent some of the best experts in their fields. In addition, many of our faculty hold influential positions and tenures at some of the leading technology companies in and around the Northeast campus region and around the world.

Jie holds a PhD in industrial and systems engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Her research focuses on stochastic optimization and machine learning for various applied problems. As an instructor of data analytics engineering, he teaches courses in machine learning, operations research, and statistics. She would also like to advise students and explore collaborations with faculty on research issues in these areas.

April joined Northeastern University as a part-time lecturer in September 2018. He has over 15 years of experience in web development and design for commercial clients, with proven experience in all phases of website development: client facing, information architecture, user interface design, graphic production, testing cycle, implementation, website maintenance.

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April graduated from Michigan Technological University with a BA in Science and Technical Communications in 1998. During her extensive career, she has worked as a web designer, front-end developer, and user experience developer at companies such as Zillow, Pulse Communications, and Wetpaint. He has been working as a Frontend Developer at Uplevel since 2019.

Ph.D. Biran is a software/integration engineer, professional service manager and product manager with over 11 years of experience

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