Online Auction Platforms For Nonprofits

Online Auction Platforms For Nonprofits – In 2020, the world of non-profit events has come to a standstill. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken entire industries by surprise, and shutdowns have hurt organizations around the world. He has had a particularly hard time with informal events such as banquets, fashion shows and golf tournaments that have been moved or turned into virtual events. Charities and other non-governmental organizations rely on fundraising events to raise the capital they need to cover operations.

Now they understand the benefits of hosting virtual events, even if the mirror is a pandemic.

Online Auction Platforms For Nonprofits

Digital auctions, virtual events and hybrid fundraising approaches are opening up new opportunities and making events bigger than ever.

Silent Auction Mobile Bidding Software

Online auction platforms allow non-profit organizations to carry out this important part of their fundraising activities, and many organizations have been using these systems for years with great success.

With many features and capabilities, silent auction software can run a silent auction or even one like eBay, creating a highly competitive bidding atmosphere when connected to your email marketing and online donation systems.

Givesmart makes it easy to run online auctions. Host your very own charity auction with this cloud-based solution designed specifically for donors.

Advanced artificial intelligence allows Givesmart to streamline the auction process, helping your donors save money and increase your earnings.

Top 16 Silent Auction Software For Live And Virtual Events

Givesmart is a useful online auction tool for nonprofit organizations such as associations, K-12 schools, and churches. The platform’s rich functionality includes modules for donation management, admissions, registration, career center, accounting and everything you need for your event.

Users get pre- and post-event promotional tools built into the platform to help build awareness of your auction before it launches. You get real-time updates and event reports, allowing you to find your best donors and potential clients.

Some of the outstanding auction features available with Givesmart are silent and online auctions, and the company offers world-class customer support.

32Auctions offers non-profits another digital solution for its online auction platform. This software also provides silent or live auction functionality, offering you a cloud-based fundraising system to organize, manage and track every aspect of your auctions.

Online Auctions: Modern Day Auctioning

Other unique features available on the 32Auctions platform include a target scale that allows you to manage and track your personal silent auctions.

Improve your online auction with offer tables and scale the auction to fit your needs. 32Auctions has a flexible user interface that suits both the largest and smallest bidders. You also get easy payment processes that allow you to receive donations in leading currencies.

You have options to complete transactions using traditional methods such as credit and debit cards, as well as new solutions such as PayPal and other e-wallets such as Stripe.

This online auction platform is ideal for small fundraising events and auctions. Non-profit organizations such as schools, community centers, and animal shelters will find them useful for fundraising operations.

Top Charity Auction Sites For Your Fundraiser

To help your nonprofit or charity achieve your goals, BiddingForGood provides you with a 24/7 auction feature that supports your auction from start to finish.

Dynamic event management tools and a user-friendly user interface ensure a smooth auction process. You get access to the BiddingforGood community, which will help you increase your site’s referral activity and get more sponsors to your CTAs.

To make closing donations easier, BiddingForGood offers multiple payment methods for closing donations. You have credit and debit card options, but no option for e-wallets.

You also get a set of customizable reports before and after the event, and an account manager is assigned to track the success of your auction.

Mobile Bidding Technology: App Based Vs. Browser Based Silent Auction Software

Get affordable mobile auction software from HandBid. This company helps run auctions for non-profit organizations of all sizes.

HandBid helps streamline the auction process from start to finish. Set up auctions, manage guest lists, set your own bidding contests, make donations, and view useful reports on your stats with comprehensive reporting tools.

HandBid also comes with several tools to help non-profits and charities optimize their auction process and get more bids.

Run the software platform on any mobile device or desktop computer. Bidders will receive prompt updates, messages and information when they are not bidding.

Charity Auction Software For Golf Auctions

HandBid offers a user-friendly interface with remote access from anywhere with an internet connection. The platform also includes search features to help your bidders find the right auction, and you get a QR code feature.

Rally Up creates intuitive online auction solutions for small businesses. The company operates in 10 countries helping all charities, teams, schools, churches and non-profit groups to accelerate their fundraising needs and goals.

With Rally Up, you can host live events, sweepstakes, auctions, sales, and crowdfunding events. This platform comes with advanced fundraising tools and built-in mobile promotion features including text message options.

You receive international support and multi-currency donations. The step-by-step interface makes it easy to use, and the company already has over 500,000 users worldwide.

Steps To Plan A Nonprofit Fundraising Auction

Better World is another easy-to-use auction and crowdfunding platform that helps charities and nonprofits meet their fundraising goals. You get free lifetime access to various fundraising tools for your live or hidden auctions.

Better World comes with mobile-friendly auction templates and customizable landing pages to help you raise awareness and sell tickets.

Professionally designed donation pages increase donor engagement, and the platform is PCI compliant for strong data protection.

Track, manage and interact with your donors through the platform’s user interface with a user-friendly dashboard for quick access to your campaigns. You get multiple integrations and direct deposits to your non-commercial bank account.

The 31 Best Free Auction Software Solutions 2023

QGiv is the last entry on this list, but it is the main contender for your online auction software.

This online fundraising platform comes with bidding features and includes standard features such as push notifications to let your bidders know when they win or don’t bid.

Advertisers can check their watchlists and top shows in the auction. You also have the functionality to create donations of funds as needed, host a live auction with offline bidding and in-app bidding. Allow registered hosts to invite their friends with individual virtual invitations.

There are many widgets to help you customize your donation page with easy navigation for donors. The company offers fantastic customer service and you get unlimited users with unlimited access to support and auction tools.

Best Auction Software For Nonprofits

No long-term contractual obligations and hidden fees. This system also integrates with all your CRM tools and sales funnels. Wild Apricot Membership Management Software / Blog / The Complete Guide to Online Auctions for Nonprofits

“Let’s stop waiting and have a silent auction online!” announced development manager Leticia at the July meeting of the medical association staff.

Her office was full of quiet auction prizes and her 2020 budget was full of holes. She knew she had to do something.

COVID-19 forced her to cancel the association’s spring meeting. At first, Letizia thought that she would be able to restart the event at the end of the summer, but it turned out not to be the case. She did not know when a live event would be possible, and in the meantime faced a significant loss of income.

Snowball Price, Reviews & Ratings

She had seen other organizations successfully run virtual silent auctions, so she knew they could raise money. What she didn’t know was how to assemble the online auction collection herself.

Many non-profit organizations find themselves in the same situation. Live events are not discussed yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t raise money. Online auctions are a great way to generate income, build a community, and keep your nonprofit alive in 2020.

She perfected her communication system and specialized in presenting auction items during live event programming.

Year after year, she used the same templates, and basically it all came down to science.

Step By Step Guide On How To Run A Silent Auction

But in the era of COVID-19, fundraising has changed. Instead of focusing on her usual tactics, Letizia had to find a fundraising option that would allow her to raise the same amount.

She still needed items for the auction, but instead of performing live, she used photographs and textual descriptions to lure bidders.

But to her delight, she found that many of the tedious parts of running an auction were covered by the software—tracking bids, enforcing minimum bids, and managing bidder activity.

But there are benefits to going online, even if you have the opportunity to host an in-person event, including:

Charity Auctions Today Software

The main risk for virtual fundraisers is that it can be difficult to match the excitement and engagement that comes from live events.

Therefore, in order to cultivate enthusiasm, you will have to be very careful in your promotion and engagement strategies. It’s not impossible – just something you won’t forget if you choose to run it.

Letitia already had her awards, so once she chose a bidding platform, she was ready to start taking photos and promoting her merchandise.

If you’re planning an online auction for your non-profit organization from the ground up, you should consider whether to run your auction as a standalone event or as part of a larger virtual fundraiser. Both approaches have value. You might find it easier to just hold an auction or create buzz around something that looks more like an event.

Fundraising Auction Platform And Management

“Memory Drive” by Sharp Again Naturally online for inspiration. They combine a 45-minute live virtual event with a silent auction. Participants are invited to learn about their work, hear a success story, watch demonstrations of yoga and cooking,


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