Online Auction Sites For Nonprofits

Online Auction Sites For Nonprofits – In this article, we’ll explain how to choose an online auction site for your nonprofit and summarize solutions from major auction software companies.

One of the most important tasks when choosing auction software is to rule out which auction software is a “deal breaker.” Below are some questions to get you started.

Online Auction Sites For Nonprofits

TravelPledge Auctions is the perfect software for your online fundraising auction or golf event. Best of all, it’s free!

Awesome Charity Auction Items Ideas For Silent Auctions

Maybe you’re running a basic online auction and want a simple solution. Or maybe you have a private celebration with a silent auction and a live auction and need more features.

Consider the following features you need for your event (in addition to bidding and payment functionality) and reject solutions you don’t need:

Often, the tradeoff for more features is complexity. Not only is additional configuration time-consuming, it can lead to errors, such as closing an offer at the wrong time.

Evaluate your organization’s technical expertise and bandwidth to determine whether a typical but complex auction software is right for your event.

Tips To Host A Successful Online Auction

Note that many auction software companies offer event consultants to help set up your auction for an additional fee.

Additionally, view the software demo from a bidder’s perspective to verify that registration is easy and that there are no applications to download.

Pro Tip: Some auction software providers ask winning bidders to leave an optional tip at checkout for the software provider, but the software is free for your nonprofit. The “Tip” model is good for your bottom line!

Auctioneers who hope to collect more than $ 100,000 in the winning bid will likely prefer a transaction structure with a more fixed price, a basic license fee, but low or non-existent payment processing fees.

Free Non Profit Form Templates

* In almost all cases, additional fees from payment processors, such as Stripe or PayPal, are charged. The fee is usually between 2.5% and 3.5%. The amount varies depending on the contract your auction software makes with the processor and if your auction software marks the fee.

School Auctions Previous Post: Best Fundraiser with Class Projects Next Post Introducing Travelledge Auctions, Simple Online Auction Software is widely reviewed as the top online auction platform, but it’s not the only one with strong user approval. We encourage you to check out other online auction platforms so you can choose the one that best suits your fundraising goals.

The magic of online auction platforms is the ability to reach bidders across the country, increasing the bidding pool—and profits! The physical limitations of traditional auctions, such as geographic or time constraints, are a thing of the past, thanks to online auction platforms.

There are dozens of online auction platforms for your fundraising. Any platform you choose will work but some are known to work better than others and that’s why we’ve reviewed 12 of the top online auction platforms today. Of course, we want you to vote for us!

Best Online Auction Software To Use In 2023

It depends on your goals or what is important to your organization. Cost can be an important factor. Others want to work with a partner who specializes in charity auctions.

Browse the top 12 online auction platforms below to get a feel for what’s available. You’ll find that each one “will do,” but it’s hard to decide how to separate them to choose the best one.

• Is live support available, or is it just an online knowledge base? Is support free or paid?

That is a lofty thought. If you have specific needs – such as event tickets, custom invoices, or popcorn offers – ask if the platform has this level of sophistication.

How To Maximize Your Auction Fundraiser

Pro Tip: If you want to go a step further, read their Google reviews to find out what users like and don’t like! Check us out!

If you don’t want to spend time reviewing the top 12 online auction platforms we’ve researched below, jump right in and test our online auction platform! No credit card required.

Let’s start with us, Benchmark: a versatile online charity auction site, supporting individuals, non-profits, schools and businesses in their fundraising experience so they can raise more funds for causes they care about. We are proud of our great reviews and continue to improve our platform.

The two features that users love the most are the unparalleled live support and the setup that only takes five minutes! If you want to run a small auction, our Flex plans are for you – they are risk-free and do not pay up front, because you will be charged a commission from the amount collected as payment.

Big Reasons To Use Auction Website

If you are aiming for a large auction, choose a prepaid plan and we will waive the commission fee. Whichever way you choose to go, our Auction Success Managers will be there to support you every step of the way.

Our charity auctions are not only easy to set up, but offer seamless functionality across all devices and auction types, such as silent auctions. It simplifies the process of management and bidding for users, making it easier to collect money and access donor information. Finally, a hassle-free fundraising auction!

You don’t have to do this alone. The team is your safety net, ensuring a smooth setup and successful fundraising. Plus, we’re a great bunch of people!

Always striving to improve our platform, we have 24Fundraiser to improve the functionality of the platform – especially the fundraising team building feature to encourage healthy competition among your volunteers as they strive to be the team that raises the most funds. Other features and benefits of Editing help improve your experience by creating simple and powerful online auctions. Buy 24 fundraisers. Software Reviews, Demo & Pricing

How easy is it? You can register and collect donations, monitor attendance, sell sponsored ads, and run mobile auctions from one page. Easy!

Bonus: 24Fundraiser integration allows you to collect dues for your organization. From online auctions and donation forms to donor management and processing, we have a range of new and improved services to make your charity auction smooth and stress-free.

For nonprofit and corporate clients, can be an online auction savior. With ongoing plans ranging from $79 to $3000 per year. offers auction software to help your fundraising efforts and help you double your donations without doubling your efforts.

While they provide a variety of auctions, from traditional to digital and fusion, their pricing is inflexible for smaller auctions (for example, they offer the option of an auction that starts without paying in advance). If you don’t have a pre-allocated budget for your auction, is not the way to go. Custom plans are also not available if you choose to host your auction.

The Self Serve Online Bidding Auction

BiddingOwl is one of the top charity auction sites. You get a comprehensive auction management system that meets all your needs, whether planning a silent auction, live auction or online. They offer free auction management software where a 5% performance fee is paid when the auction ends.

One caveat we found in their Google reviews was the confusion of different bidders and organizers. BiddingOwl and offers free set-up options. But the benefits include promoting the auction to the entire bidder pool to increase your auction profits.

Octria is a charity auction software company, dedicated to providing affordable tools to help nonprofits of any size run successful fundraising auctions. Charity auction websites and their software were born from the need to facilitate real-time fundraising efforts by offering customers an affordable solution that provides reliable and efficient fundraising tools.

Octria offers powerful and easy-to-use auctions with your choice of silent, live or virtual auctions. Users enjoy real-time monitoring, streamlined inventory management, complete donor tracking, and the option for bidders to “buy now.

The 13 Best Fundraising Sites For Individuals & Nonprofits

The two issues plaguing the platform are in customer support and site design. Some users claim that customer support is difficult to reach and phone calls are not included in every package level. Unfortunately, their website design is not their main focus and can negatively affect bidders.

Some users ignore this problem. Those who will not look beyond this flaw prefer a platform that focuses more on customer support and web design, as such, can create a more satisfying auction partnership.

ClickBid is one charity auction site that allows schools and nonprofits to raise funds through hybrid events. Using live auctions and video services, organizations can run a variety of fundraising events through mobile bidding apps. A basic annual program license runs $795 for unlimited programs.

ClickBid offers many great features at a fixed price. You can communicate your auction plan to your superiors, knowing that there are no hidden costs waiting behind the scenes. However, this means that there are no free options. Although the initial price may seem like a steal, you soon realize that several paid add-ons may be required to get the full effect – and it can be a venture for small auctions and small initial budgets.

Make Your Nonprofit Auction A Success

SilentAuctionPro is a web-based multi-user team environment designed to allow online, hybrid or even in-person creation.

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