Online Colleges That Offer Bachelor Degrees

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Becoming a professional in a competitive business environment inherently requires you to make a professional contribution to your knowledge and skills.

Online Colleges That Offer Bachelor Degrees

You will help and be a valuable part of the success of the organization or company you work for and represent. You may also be called upon to speak or meet with customers, consumers and any other business stakeholders as part of your day-to-day functions.

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When the schedule and demands of traditional college seem inconvenient, you have the next best option: earning a Bachelor of Business Administration degree online.

Studying online allows you to earn the same bachelor’s degree as students taking classes on campus. You have the same opportunity to get your dream career.

Your journey to earning a Bachelor of Business Administration degree starts with the right online school. We created this list to help you make good educational decisions.

When we rank these online colleges and universities, we consider comprehensiveness in terms of program characteristics and course selection. Options for tuition and financial support also form our criteria. We’ve also highlighted program details unique to these online schools, arranged and listed in random order. We hope you find the right online college that meets your requirements!

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With more than 2,250 students, the University of Illinois at Chicago offers the Bachelor of Business Administration Completion Program, the leading undergraduate business program in the Chicago area. UIC Business strives to provide BBA students with a “comprehensive background in all aspects of running a business” so that they can deal with the complexities of the business environment and prepare them for technological advancement and economic globalization.

UIC Business aims to produce capable online BBA graduates with exceptional critical thinking, problem solving and leadership skills. UIC’s comprehensive education shapes students into experts who can fill operational and leadership positions.

UIC offers comprehensive online support through easy-to-use and accessible learning software, live technical support and online tool tutorials. You can take the UIC BBA and other online programs in 49 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Except for California.

The University of Florida offers the Bachelor of Business Administration (BSBA) and Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA) degrees online. Under the Warrington School of Business, UF Online Business Administration offers students opportunities across a range of business disciplines to prepare them for a business career or specialization.

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The online school maintains a top-notch teaching methodology, with respected professors imparting their knowledge in many aspects of running a business. UFIDA is committed to developing “business leaders from all walks of life” who have strong strategic development capabilities in improving business processes, implementing ethical practices, and researching market and economic trends for organizations, businesses, and businesses of all types and sizes.

The online BSBA and online BABA equip students to manage and adapt to the complexities of business ownership. Therefore, several entrepreneurs of UF Online invested in starting a business.

Penn State World Campus was established in 1998 to educate online students about key aspects of doing business. The online Bachelor of Science in Business degree prepares students to become proficient in developing and implementing marketing strategies, solving organizational problems, analyzing business data, understanding capital risk and returns, understanding financial and accounting measures, and operating in global markets.

Offering business programs in partnership with Penn State’s 17 campuses, the online Bachelor of Science in Business develops business professionals with “multifaceted skills” who thrive in cross-functional teams.

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Penn State World Campus students may develop their own “business-focused study plan” in collaboration with their advisor and with the approval of the program coordinator. The online Bachelor of Science in Business degree program is taught by Penn State faculty. Your diploma “looks no different than the diplomas students earn on our campuses.”

With an average enrollment of 29,000, ASU Online’s Bachelor of Arts in Business program is 100% computer-based learning. It provides students with “the broad knowledge and skills required to manage a business” to forecast demand, buy services, negotiate, plan inventory, manage people and develop business risk and financial strategies.

ASU’s W. P. Carey Business Administration degree equips students with these skills, giving them a competitive edge in killer job marketing. ASU’s online Bachelor of Arts in Business degree prepares students to confidently enter business career opportunities in all industry verticals in the public and private sectors.

CSU Global Campus, established in 2007, is the online campus of the public CSU system. The CSU Global Campus hopes that its approximately 19,000 students “acquire a fundamental knowledge of what it means to be an effective, proficient, analytical manager in a professional environment.”

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CSU-Global Campus bills itself as the “first and only 100% online, independent, regionally accredited state university” in the United States, offering an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree program. It is designed to help students understand the integration of many aspects of business and acquire the knowledge and skills for critical analysis and organizational decision-making from a global perspective.

When students complete a series of courses, they will receive a Completion Award for that skill area. The award will be presented as a digital certificate consisting of “three to five courses whose results combine to produce specific workplace skills.” Completion awards and endorsements of related skills can be added to students’ resumes, LinkedIn profiles and interviews Reply to enhance their professional ability.

The University of Georgia offers an online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) through the Terry School of Business. Online courses are taught by distinguished faculty who also deliver on-campus using e-Learning Commons (eLC), UGA’s state-of-the-art learning management system.

With the UGA online BBA degree, faculty aim to provide “a broad background of practical business knowledge” to students who need flexible options to pursue a career path as a future business professional or entrepreneur.

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The number of students in UGA’s online programs is limited. UGA sets this high standard to keep online courses not only academically rigorous, but in full compliance with the principle of “quality over quantity.”

“We help you become a professional student capable of delivering innovative solutions to complex global challenges,” says Oregon State University in its online Bachelor of Business Administration degree program. Offered by the Oregon eCampus, this degree is taught 100% online, with an in-person option available.

Most of the online Bachelor of Business Administration degrees at OSU eCampus complete the degree in six years. They manage to find employment in various fields such as market research, human resources, finance and management, or start their own businesses.

Students in the Portland area can supplement their online learning experience with in-person learning. In-person classes allow online students to connect with faculty and students. Opportunities include advising, mentoring, faculty meetings, student workgroups, skills workshops, guest speaker series, mentoring, networking, career fairs and company visits. OSU eCampus students earn the same diploma as on-campus students.

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Oklahoma State University enrollment statistics show more than 35,000 students across its five campuses. The Spears School of Business offers online the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Management/General Business/Marketing, which is comprised of “seven academic divisions, including Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management, Accounting for Management, Finance and Legal Studies Sciences and information systems, as well as marketing and international business.”

Spears School of Business degree programs, including the online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, are tailored to meet the needs of degree-seeking working professionals.

Online Oklahoma State University Online BSBA students can discuss sponsoring their online studies with their current employers, as the program equips them with the skills they need to work. Spears will meet with her student leaders to discuss the plan in detail.

Drexel University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration through the LeBow School of Business. It provides students with “the fundamentals of business practice and operations” by introducing and demonstrating all aspects of business.

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The courses are designed to provide a “broad business education” to students in Drexel University’s online bachelor of business administration degree. Graduates should be good at expressing their ideas and formulating strategies, while having a good understanding of the operating systems of enterprises.

From online admissions counselors, academic advisors, professors, and fellow students, you’ll get all the extra support you need to succeed, including 24/7 tech support, and online access to Drexel University’s award-winning W.W. Haggerty Library and its writing Center and Steinbright Career Center.

Southern New Hampshire University’s online Bachelor of Business Administration degree offers affordability and flexibility. The university offers low tuition and accepts many credits. Also, you can complete the course whenever you want as there is no fixed class schedule.

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