Online Donation Platforms For Nonprofits

Online Donation Platforms For Nonprofits – Donations are moving toward the nonprofit world. But it’s the online donation platform that keeps it from falling off its axis and into the sun. However, a robust donation platform allows your donors to give anytime, anywhere, safely and easily.

Whatever your needs, there’s a platform ready to jump into action and help you accept online donations like a pro. And while it’s the best fundraising platform for nonprofits (we’ll get to that in a second), there are some other great platforms out there if you’re not quite ready for that level of sophistication.

Online Donation Platforms For Nonprofits

We know why you’re here, so we’ll get straight to the good stuff. Here are 10 online donation platforms for nonprofit organizations, depending on your specific needs.

Top 13+ Peer To Peer Fundraising Platforms For Nonprofits

While the fundraising platform guide comes with all the features you could need, want or imagine in your wildest dreams (we don’t just dream about fundraising, right?), there are different types of donations.

Whether you’re going purely text fundraising or focusing your fundraising campaign on anything else, there’s a donation platform for you—and often, you’ll have a few dozen options to choose from. To cut through the noise, here are the best donation platforms for nonprofits. We will start, of course.

There are donation platforms for P2P campaigns, email fundraising, and pigmy goat fundraising. (Well, that last one doesn’t exist; though, if you want great goat-related fundraising ideas, ask!) But they all do. It’s a user-friendly CRM with fantastic customer support, transparent pricing, and all the fundraising tools you could want. For this reason, it is the best donation platform for non-profits.

It does what other nonprofit donation platforms only dream of (if donation platforms are a dream), create an exceptional giving experience and make fundraising easy. Our integrated suite of donor management and digital fundraising tools are easy to use, our customer support team goes above and beyond, and the functionality of our platform is second to none. And we’re not just talking about broad generalizations: in 2020, organizations using the Internet grew by an average of 77% and recurring income by an average of 53%.

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Nothing but love here! But if we list one reason, it is that absolute perfection can be blinding for some.

Streamlabs is a live streaming and recording software. Here, we’re big fans of live streaming fundraising, which looks very cutting-edge and high-tech but accessible to everyone. Streamlabs makes it easy to apply for funding directly on the live stream.

First of all, Streamlabs is 100% free for nonprofits, with no hidden monthly fees (a rarity these days!). It allows you to use multiple audio and video sources, and while there is a bit of a learning curve, after that, you can move quickly. Streamlabs gives you access to a new donor base, many of whom will be the next generation of major donors. And while you’ll have to flex your relationship-building muscles to take full advantage of this fundraising stream, once you’ve partnered with some good influencers, you can sit back, relax, and watch your income grow.

Streamlabs makes your streaming dreams come true, and that’s why Streamlabs has a fundraising integration. With it, you can access all of the features above, and easily link fundraising events to partner campaign pages, set up on-screen notifications for each donation, and non-live access to all streaming features.

Top Online Fundraising Platforms You Can Use

GoFundMe is known as a crowdfunding platform for individual fundraising efforts. Sometimes that means raising money for a local animal shelter; Other times, it means funding someone’s motorcycle backpacking trip to Europe.

GoFundMe has been around the block, and they know what they’re doing when it comes to crowdfunding. Anyone can create a page and get funding for a non-profit with a few clicks. What does this mean for you, the nonprofit? Accessible tools (and technical capabilities) for your supporters of all ages, as well as access to a wide network of potential donors.

GoFundMe is a great way to raise money with crowdfunding and fundraising with friends, but it doesn’t offer other donation tools. No company matching, recurring donation options, or brand pages. No CRM to keep track of your donors. None of these specific nonprofit innovations will make your job (and life!) easier. (What is it? It offers all these tools and more? You don’t say!) Basically, it’s a minimal online fundraising tool—and we think you deserve a little more.

Thankview lets you easily create personalized videos to promote your fundraising efforts. You can create a wonderful donor experience with event invitations, customized thank you clips, and customer stories. It’s like a cameo, except nobody’s famous!

How To Create Nonprofit Website Fundraising And Donate Pages

In a world where personalization is rampant (that’s a non-gender term for King + Queen, FYI), ThankView offers truly personalized recognition and accessories. Everything is branded, creating a consistent, polished donor experience, and recipients can engage with the videos in a variety of ways. Besides, we really like videos. They remind us of Netflix!

ThankView is great for building donor relationships and is a fun way to do your fundraising. But videos alone do not make a fundraising platform. Instead, use different tools to explore and appeal to as many people as possible. Once you zero in on the best contact method for each donor, you can keep track of them in our powerful CRM and follow up accordingly.

PledgeIt is all about P2P fundraising campaigns, allowing supporters to raise money for nonprofits across their network. It is athletics and non-profit fundraising oriented, so there is an emphasis on making a positive impact through sports.

Whether your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy is built around Walk-a-thons, Bike-a-thons, or Chess-a-thons (why not?), Pledge is a powerful platform. And while we don’t see ourselves as the competitive kind, we love real-time leaderboards and personal fitness challenges, which can encourage your most competitive donors to raise the bar.

The 3 Best Online Fundraising Platforms For Nonprofits

PledgeIt is great for all your fundraising needs with friends if you don’t have one, but we bet you need more than that. With it, you have the industry’s best fundraising partner and more. Do some social fundraising to spread the word, and follow up with a virtual donor appreciation event to make sure your new supporters stick around. Also, sometimes we don’t want to go jogging, but we still want to raise money for a good cause! Where is the Netflix-binge-a-thon option?

MailChimp is a marketing platform that offers you a variety of growth-focused tools. It has pre-designed email templates and landing pages as well as marketing automation tools.

MailChimp is a great tool when it comes to small businesses and marketing startups. And Melchamp + = a strong pair. Together, they allow you to automate email streams based on donations and fundraising activities, send segmented emails based on donation volume, and send donation requests based on a donor’s last donation date. This is powerful stuff!

MailChimp is a marketing powerhouse, but it’s not designed for nonprofits. To get the most out of the platform, you need to integrate it with donor and fundraising data. Fortunately, there is something for that. Also, MailChimp plans can be expensive for larger organizations because they scale based on your customers.

Nonprofit Organization Management Software Raklet

Give Lively is an online fundraising solution focused on mobile giving. The platform offers a variety of fundraising tools, including text campaigns, event registrations, and fundraising pages.

Give Lively provides the basic tools you need for digital fundraising, and it’s completely free for nonprofits. This makes a great jumping off point for small nonprofits that don’t need a lot of flexibility or customization. (A note: While the Give Live software is free, there are still payment processing fees associated with third-party payment processors, such as Stripe and PayPal.)

Both Give Lively and Text Engagement are masters, but Give Lively uses short code text, while Long Code uses text. What is the difference? Short code is for one-way, impersonal communication and group text while long code is the language of engaging customer relationships. In other words, it’s the one you want to personalize, highlight text. And once you use Text Tools, you’ll have a world of nonprofit wonder at your fingertips thanks to our powerful CRM and automation tools.

Doubling Donations is an online fundraising software. This makes it easy to see if an employer matches the donation, potentially doubling your fundraising power.

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Corporate matching is the best way to, well, double your donation, and yet many donors don’t even know it’s an option. With Double Donation, you can activate company matching in seconds, saving donors time and effort. Donors simply search for employers, click, and go about their day.

The Donation Double Funding integration allows you to automate the matching process by automating and setting up automation so that donors receive an email to double their donation and individual thank yous. It’s a match made in nonprofit heaven!

PayPal was founded in 1998, so it certainly has some legacy. This online payment platform allows anyone to send money to anyone else. It also offers nonprofit fundraising tools and connects you to a network of nearly 400 million dollars

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