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Online Graduate Programs In Psychology – The term psychology can refer to a wide range of subjects and career fields There is a common misconception that cognitive psychology and cognitive science are the only ways for psychologists to make a living and make a difference in the world. Although psychology is deeply involved in our mental processes, a psychology program in an academic setting will deal with more than just human mental illness. In the meantime… if you have a passion for psychology and want to get a degree in this field, you might want to keep reading.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for psychologists is expected to grow by 8% through 2030. According to the American Psychological Association, psychologists study the mind and behavior. Professional psychology can include everything from diagnosing mental disorders in children, to helping athletes with their personal development, to studying animal behavior with dogs. The field of psychology consists of many different subfields or specializations such as applied psychology and educational psychology Skills and Abilities of Professionals with Psychology-Related Degrees:

Online Graduate Programs In Psychology

Fortunately, students can earn an online master’s degree in psychology while continuing to work in their current job while improving and expanding their skills.

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We’ve created a ranking of the top-rated online psychology master’s degree programs in the United States. We used data provided by the National Center for Education Statistics to create a ranking of the top 50 online master’s degrees in psychology. We’ve reviewed public and private nonprofit schools that offer online advanced degrees in psychology. We have reviewed both general and specialized psychology programs:

Schools are ranked based on total points Where ties are tied, preference will be given to schools with the lowest graduation rates

Palo Alto University’s high-quality online Master of Psychology was created for working professionals looking for a career change or career advancement. Students can choose from three program tracks which include:

All three tracks are delivered in a flexible online format via synchronous online Zoom sessions. Pre-doctoral students will come to campus for a week of intensive study Students can complete the degree in six or seven quarters, depending on the route chosen

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49. Pennsylvania State University World Campus – University Park, Pennsylvania Online Master of Professional Studies in Leadership Psychology in the Workplace.

The Master of Professional Studies in Leadership Psychology at Penn State World Campus focuses on helping students understand the people and social situations within their organizations in which effective leadership can make a difference. It is related to social psychology and is important for understanding human behavior Courses are taught by world renowned researchers and practitioners Elective courses allow students to tailor the program to meet their career goals Selectors include:

This program is a great choice for leaders who want to take their careers to the next level, as well as those looking for a leadership role.

Nova Southeastern University’s College of Psychology offers an online master’s in psychology. It is intended for professionals working in a variety of disciplines outside of clinical psychology This non-clinical program provides students with a strong foundation in psychological theory, research and scientific research practice. Healthcare professionals can major in applied health sciences, setting the stage for their resume and career advancement. The 10-course Core Course includes:

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New students are admitted in the months of August, January and May The program is open to students with a bachelor’s degree in a field other than psychology No GRE required

47. Southern New Hampshire University-Manchester, New Hampshire Online Master of Psychological Science (MS) with a Specialization in Child and Adolescent Psychology.

Child psychology is one of the most interesting ways to understand mental health and human behavior Our cognitive abilities are determined by our past, which is an important master’s program for people in the field. Southern New Hampshire University offers low-cost online master’s programs in child psychology without GRE/GMAT scores for admission. Students learn how to work with children and youth from teachers with real-world experience Main courses include:

There are no fixed class meeting times and students can access course materials online whenever convenient. The program does not lead to any kind of licensure, but the curriculum is aligned with industry standards so students can feel confident that they are receiving a relevant and meaningful education.

How Does Psychology Differ From Sociology?

The University of Alabama College of Continuing Studies offers a prestigious online Master of Arts degree in Educational Psychology with a focus on teaching and assessment. Students study fundamental psychological theories related to learning as well as educational assessment and evaluation. This NCATE-accredited 30-credit program explores the science of education and is open to educators and non-educators alike. Courses include:

In the final semester of the program, students complete a significant project demonstrating their knowledge and skills No thesis or comprehensive examination is required for graduation

Adler University has a rigorous online master’s in psychology program that students can complete from anywhere in the world. Four different concentrations available include:

Students can tailor their concentration courses to meet their career or educational path needs Courses are taught by the same faculty who teach on campus Faculty create interactive and engaging learning experiences, ideal for working professionals. All students complete a 200-hour internship working at an outreach site, gaining professional experience.

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The affordable online Master of Psychology from Medill College is a flexible program for students seeking career advancement or planning to pursue doctoral studies. This one-year program allows students to explore areas of psychology including evolutionary psychology and psychology. Course content also includes research design and statistical methods necessary for career success or additional graduate study. Students can advance their qualifications by choosing to complete an optional concentration in sport psychology. This advanced study is open to students working in fields such as athletic performance and coaching

Roosevelt University’s College of Arts and Sciences offers a fully online master’s in general psychology for professionals working in fields such as counseling and social work who want to expand their knowledge of the subject. Awake This one-year program is also an excellent choice for students planning to study Ph.D Required courses include:

Students can choose from two concentration options, including quantitative methods and applied research There is no research thesis requirement for this degree program

Rourkela University’s Education, Knowledge, and Development is the leading online master’s in psychology for students in education-based careers. Courses are taught by expert instructors who incorporate the latest research in the psychology of learning and cognition into their lectures. Required courses include:

Top Forensic Psychology Masters Online Degrees & Graduate Programs 2023+

Students can choose to do an independent study, research experience or semester paper to complete their degree. New students are admitted for the fall, spring and summer semesters

Fielding Graduate University is a private university that offers an innovative online master’s program in media psychology. The program is intended for working professionals and takes two years to complete Students learn how media influences human behavior Courses offered include:

This cutting-edge degree program in media psychology also covers cutting-edge areas such as neuromarketing and multimedia storytelling. All students complete a foundation course to demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired through the program

Northcentral University’s online Master of Psychology offers two unique areas of expertise. Students can choose from two career-related program tracks that include:

Online Ph.d. In Psychology

The top value online Master of Psychology from Mercy College is a 36-credit hour program that includes courses in theory and research, along with field experience to gain professional experience. This program appeals to students who want to advance their careers through an advanced education and to students who want to build a resume for medical studies. The highlight of the program is a one-year research project that includes hands-on experience There is no GRE requirement for admission and both full-time and part-time program options are available.

Eastern Michigan University’s College of Psychology offers an affordable, accelerated online master’s degree. The program can be customized to meet the needs of different student groups, including educators and others interested in human development and learning. Students learn how to apply research findings and research designs They also learn how to apply educational psychology concepts in and out of the classroom Features courses include:

All students complete a seminar course in educational psychology, preparing them to complete an intensive, individual research project. Most students can complete the degree in two years

Saint Leo University’s Best Value Online Master’s in Psychology is a broad-based program for students seeking advanced knowledge in psychology. The course exposes students to various psychological theories and practices Courses are delivered in a flexible, asynchronous format Courses offered include:

Top Industrial Organization (io) Psychology Graduate Programs Online 2023+

This 36-credit hour program follows a cohort model where students stay with a group of peers while pursuing their degree.

The affordable online counseling psychology master’s degree at California Baptist University is a 60-credit hour program with a Christian worldview. This program is appropriate for students planning to enter the fields of marriage and family therapy or professional clinical counseling. There are graduates

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