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Online Graduate Schools In Texas – Earn an accredited, career-level degree from Texas State University. Get an education everywhere you go so you can get ahead in life.

Learning at Texas State represents our passion for teaching and learning, our courage to prioritize, our discipline, our deep commitment to our core values, and our allocation of resources to deliver superior performance and exceptional impact. The University of Texas is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Commission on Colleges to offer bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees through distance learning.

Online Graduate Schools In Texas

Whether you’re figuring out how to juggle life and school, get a raise, get a promotion, start a new career, or take the next step in your education, our programs focus and educate on the needs of today’s workforce. credentials you need to achieve your goals.

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Out-of-state Texas students pay the equivalent of in-state tuition for an approved 100% degree program*.

Our programs are taught by diverse, award-winning, widely published faculty who teach face-to-face programs.

Wherever you are, The University of Texas can help you achieve your educational and career goals. See what our alumni have to say.

We offer a wide range of distance learning and extended programs with 50% – 80% tuition. Find the right one for you. As the cost of college tuition continues to rise, prospective students and their families worry about not being able to afford an education after high school. However, free online colleges that offer free online degrees can help ease the anxiety associated with the cost of higher education. Prestigious, accredited, and top-tier institutions now offer free education for a specific demographic of students. Some higher education institutions offer free options to all, regardless of race, gender or financial need.

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Through data collection and research, we have identified 25 colleges and universities that offer free education. We’ve also listed 75 two-year institutes that offer free online courses, online certificates, diplomas, and online AA, AS, and AAS.

We reviewed nearly 100 colleges and universities for online courses, programs and financial aid packages designed to eliminate tuition. Based on this information, we compiled two lists. The first list includes 25 free online four-year colleges that offer free programs to qualified students. We ranked 25 colleges or universities based on the number of programs they offer online. Institutions with more online offerings are ranked higher than institutions with fewer online programs or courses. In case of a tie, institutions are ranked alphabetically. Our second list includes two-year institutions, or community colleges, that offer free or no tuition to qualified students. Two-year colleges are listed in alphabetical order.

One of the free online colleges on our list, Alice Lloyd College offers free online degrees and courses. Alice Lloyd is a four-year, Christian, liberal arts college located in Kentucky. Students can earn degrees in business administration, liberal arts, sociology, sports and fitness, all of which can be earned online. Alice Lloyd is committed to providing free education to students living in Central Appalachia. Tuition is free for some students, but those who live on campus may owe money for room and board. However, work hours and grants (both state and federal) are offered to offset costs.

Berea College is a private liberal arts institution offering courses and degrees in nearly thirty disciplines. Berea was named one of the best free online colleges on our list because of the school’s promise of no tuition to every student who enrolls. In fact, the Tuition Commitment Scholarship guarantees that the accepted student will pay no tuition. Instead, Berea students pay an average of $1,000 for room, board and student fees. The school also provides financial aid for textbooks, reducing costs even further. Berea’s commitment to debt-free education allows students to earn a degree without taking out loans or accumulating debt. Compared to national trends, students graduating from Berea carry relatively little debt. Berea is a fully accredited Christian institution of higher education.

Online Schools In Texas

College of the Ozarks has a debt-free mission for full-time students, making it the best free online college.

College of the Ozarks is one of the best free online colleges on our list. The school provides a large endowment that allows full-time students to graduate debt-free thanks to scholarships, grants and many work-study programs. Also, thanks to the debt-free mission offered by the organization, students work in college-provided jobs, but no money is exchanged between the employee (student) and the employer (college). Instead, students receive compensation in the form of free tuition. Full-time students must work 15 hours per week while in school and two forty hours per week during breaks. College of the Ozarks is accredited and ranked by US News and World Report.

Well-chosen and one of the best free online colleges on our list – CUNY Macaulay Honors College.

Macaulay College at CUNY is a highly selective school serving promising students from New York. It’s one of our free online college picks because of its generous financial aid awards and commitment to debt-free education. Macaulay students must meet CUNY’s New York residency requirements to receive in-state tuition scholarships. Known as the Macaulay Scholarship, this scholarship funds four years of full-time undergraduate study, excluding fees. Scholarships come from many sources including CUNY, TAP, Federal, City, State and other grants and scholarships. The school offers minimal online programs, although some full-time students may take online classes in addition to traditional on-campus classes.

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The Curtis Institute of Music is one of the best free online colleges on our list. Recognized as a leading conservatory, the school trains and educates talented musicians and prepares them for professional performing careers. Curtis is very selective and accepts only the best. All admitted students receive a merit-based, full-fee scholarship regardless of need. Schools reward talent over need. There are a number of courses where students can educate themselves through free open and online courses; However, degrees are awarded only to on-campus students. Curtis is an American News and World Report ranked top art school and a leader in offering free online programs.

Over $50,000 in scholarships puts Deep Springs College at the top of our list of free online colleges.

Deep Springs College is included in our list of free online colleges because of its commitment to not placing a financial burden on all selected applicants. In fact, the school offers a full scholarship worth $50,000, which includes tuition, room and board. While students must pay for books, medical insurance and extras themselves, major tuition fees are fully covered by the school. However, in cases of extreme financial difficulties, small payments can be compensated with additional scholarship money. Most students study full-time on campus, so minimal online courses are available, but as the educational landscape changes, more online programs are becoming available.

Warren Wilson College recently announced a tuition-free program for North Carolina residents who qualify for federal and/or state need-based financial aid. Full-time undergraduate students enrolled for the first time at Warren Wilson are eligible for tuition. According to the organization, after federal and state financial aid is disbursed, the student’s remaining tuition will be paid by the Warren Wilson Scholarship (merit or athletic). If a student cannot receive a scholarship, a need-based scholarship or a unique work scholarship will be considered. The school promises that student loans will not count toward tuition. Warren Wilson is a leading liberal arts institution. In fact, the school is ranked 143rd among the nation’s best liberal arts colleges by US News and World Report.

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The Webb Institute offers full tuition scholarships to every US citizen and permanent resident to help cover the cost of attending school. And for need-based admissions, Webb offers assistance to help cover additional costs to attend the institution, such as emergency breaks and textbooks. Federal aid is awarded in the form of grants from the federal government, and scholarships are offered based on need, merit, and other criteria. Due to the number of students receiving full-tuition scholarships, the Webb Institute generally enrolls a small number of students. In fact, one of the best undergraduate engineering schools in the country has an average student body of eighty. Keeping enrollment rates low helps the school serve both the current student body and incoming freshmen.

All students accepted into the Williamson College of Business receive a full scholarship that covers tuition, room, board and books. Students must pay admission fees, accrued fees for personal possessions, or annual tuition fees, but most students attend college without any major expenses. while

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