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Online Linux Server For Practice – Cron is a system that helps Linux users to schedule any task. However, a cron job is a task that is set to run at a specific time. It can be a shell script or a simple bash command. Cron jobs help automate routine tasks, can be hourly, daily, monthly, etc.

Note: In most Linux systems, we need to ask system administrator’s permission before defining the specific cron project registered there.

Online Linux Server For Practice

Meanwhile, crontab is short for cron table. It is a Linux system file that contains a list of cron jobs. We define tasks – bash commands, shell scripts, Python scripts etc. scheduled in crontab.

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Note: Day names start from 0-6 Sundays. We can easily define a schedule at to handle errors in your cron job

If the cron job encounters an error, by default, it will send an email to the system administrator. However, we find two common methods when there are errors.

It’s a common method and I use it all the time in cron jobs. It’s simple. We want to create a file that will store our cron job logs. It prints the output only if the task completes correctly or prints an error if it fails.

Note: We must write a complete and clear command in crontab. You must specify the location of the file to use

Simple Tips To Secure Your Linux Server

Note: 2>&1 tells cron to redirect all errors (STDERR) to the same standard output (STDOUT). Write a simple cron automation script

To complete this article, I’ve created a Python script to demonstrate how to use a cron job. This Python script will collect Covid-19 data from Kompas News, one of the largest online news sites in Indonesia. You can find a Python script for web scraping of Covid-19 data in the GitHub repo. The name of the file

Apache Airflow is the orchestrator of Covid-19 Data Jobs (send notifications via email and telegram) Indonesia’s Covid-19 data web scraping

A cron job runs on a Linux system to run and execute common tasks (terminal commands). The most important thing to learn about the cron project is the bash command in the terminal, how to schedule our tasks and make sure to catch all the possibilities when our script runs in production to avoid these errors.

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Data scientist. Technical writer. Statistics, data analysis and computer science enthusiasts. Portfolio Link and Social Media at This article is aimed at those who want to learn how to use a Linux terminal without having a comfortable working Linux machine. You can use it not only to practice Linux commands, but also to test scripts, analyze compile time.

Tutorials Point is a website that allows users to develop various programming skills and conventions for free and offers an online coding environment and IDE for the technologies presented.

It has a customizable online interface that lets you change the theme, font size, use Git, and save your progress, among other functions.

Webminal is a platform that allows you to learn how to use a Linux terminal using inbuilt lessons presented in the same working directory that you use to run Linux commands.

How To Deploy High Availability Web App Using Terraform

You must have an account to use it, but an account and all other features offered by Webminal (such as working with groups),  are free.

JSLinux is an advanced JavaScript program that allows you to run Linux or any other (supported) OS in your browser.

For Linux OS, you have the option to build a command line or GUI based system. Since it’s a Linux terminal you want to use, you’ll want to choose a command-line-based option.

We’ve written about CodeAnywhere before. It’s an excellent online platform that offers a cross-platform IDE built into a virtual container that users can access directly from the browser and via SSH.

Linux Server Management And Security

You need to create an account to use it and the free option plan should be enough to start learning. is an efficient online Linux terminal capable of emulating other OSes including FreeDOS, Solar OS, Windows 98, and Windows 1.01.

When you first run the emulator, you have the ability to select the OS you want and customize it to suit your needs.

JS/UX is another product of the JavaScript programming language that is amazing without using a single plugin. It has a built-in terminal with a shell, virtual machine and file system, process management, and screen and keyboard mapping.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Linux Containers is a project sponsored by Canonical that aims to provide a distro and vendor-neutral environment for container technology development. If you’re familiar with LXC, LXD, and LXCFS, it’s because of the project.

Using Linux containers allows you to clone a server in up to 30 minutes with 256MB of dedicated memory. Using the demo server comes with other limitations that you can read about on the demo page.

CB.VU is a free and straightforward FreeBSD 7.1 emulator that you can use to run Linux commands in your browser. I mention it directly because it doesn’t have any customization options nor does it allow you to upload files or save data.

It’s just you, a browser, and a command. If you’re lost, you can call the People page via the “Help” command.

How To Switch Between The Cli And Gui On A Linux Server

Have more online Linux terminals to add to the list? Comment and mention in the discussion section below.

Divine Okoi is a cyber security postgraduate with a passion for the open source community. With 700+ articles covering a wide range of topics in IT, you can always count on them to tell you about the coolest tech. If you want to test an application or web service, you need a Linux server. Thanks to the advancement of cloud computing, using a pre-configured Linux server has become child’s play.

Additionally, many cloud server providers offer free credits to try out the platform. You can take advantage of this offer to deploy a Linux server and test web applications or services.

Not only does this help keep costs down, but it also gives you a chance to find out whether or not a particular platform suits your needs and skills.

How To Run Linux Commands On Windows 10?

It should be noted that some cloud servers offer large amounts of credit, which may have time limits.

The Linux Handbook is an official partner of Linode. The Linux Handbook website is hosted on Linode. We also use Linode servers to test and validate the tutorials discussed here.

You can install any Linux server of your choice (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, SUSE, Arch, Slackware etc) in minutes and clicks. You can shutdown or restart the server right from the dashboard.

Moreover, with Linode Market, you can install a Linux server configured with WordPress, WireGuard VPN, Discourse and many other web services.

Becoming A Linux Server Admin

Want more? You can deploy Load Balancer, object storage, Kubernetes cluster among other DevOps focused tools.

Like Linode, DigitalOcean is developer-centric. This means you can deploy a bare Linux server or pre-configured with web services of your choice.

Kubernetes clusters, databases, load balancers, object storage, automatic backups and everything else you see with Linode are also available in Digital Ocean.

New Digital Ocean users get a free $100 credit and the credit lasts for 60 days. You can sign up for Digital Ocean here.

Top 5 Best Free Linux Cloud Servers [2022]

They have a micronode with 10 GB of SSD storage and 512 MB of RAM for $2.50 per month (or $0.004/hour). This is ideal for me when I want to avoid costs and don’t need high configuration of Linux server.

You can deploy the Linux server of your choice and you can use the One Click application to deploy pre-configured servers.

Vultr offers $100 free credit to try the platform and the credit is valid for 30 days. You can sign up for a free Linux cloud server with Vultr.

Unlike Linode and Digital Ocean, UpCloud does not have a marketplace that allows you to deploy pre-configured web services on Linux servers.

Linux Server Administration 2018 2019 Computer Science Semester 5 (tybsc) Set 1 Question Paper With Pdf Download

You can deploy any Linux server of your choice in minutes, and Linux servers offered by UpCloud have excellent performance due to MaxIOPS block storage.

You can get a free Linux cloud server with a $25 line of credit at UpCloud. They are tough with free credits and free trials.

These big platforms can be overwhelming and personally, I don’t use corporate giants. I like to support small players as they have good products and services.

However, Google offers a $300 credit to try Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The loan is valid for one year.

Try ‘labs As A Service’ To Learn Linux In The Cloud

Do you see the difference here? Another small player is limited to 2 months with almost $100 free credits. Giants like Google with deep pockets can offer big deals to undermine competitors.

I will share my experience with cloud server providers here. Hopefully the free credits will allow you to try out some of these platforms.

What are your cloud service options? Do you know of any other reliable cloud server providers that offer free credit? Why not share it with us in the comments section?

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