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Online Masters Degree Higher Education – Teachers work closely with their peers, administrators and parents. Above all, they make an immeasurable impact on the lives of their students.

Daily activities at the middle and high school levels include creating lesson plans, student assessments, and evaluations. Some teachers choose to lead extracurricular activities, coach teams, or offer homework for lunch.

Online Masters Degree Higher Education

The greatest middle and high school teachers know their material. They relate to tweens and tweens using real world scenarios. An ideal teacher sets clear and understandable goals for students. He or she remains positive and flexible, providing structure and support.

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Any of the outstanding graduate programs on our list can help you become that effective and transformative educator.

A high school teaching certificate is usually obtained in a specific content area, such as mathematics, history, English or science. Be sure to find a degree program that offers a specialization in the content area you plan to teach.

Some master’s programs in secondary education are for entry-level teaching licensure. Others require students to have several years of experience as a classroom teacher before beginning their studies. Look for a program that fits your current career stage.

If you haven’t earned a bachelor’s degree yet, don’t miss our rankings of the best online bachelor’s degrees in secondary education and the best online bachelor’s degrees in elementary education.

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In addition to teaching, those with a master’s degree in secondary education can pursue new careers. They can become principals, school counselors and educational directors for public attractions. Graduates with this type of degree can act as consultants, curriculum developers or company trainers.

The median salary for middle school teachers is slightly higher than the high school equivalent. Middle school teachers report a median annual salary of $56,720, with middle school educators earning $58,030.

Income varies by state. High school teachers in New York City earn $78,060. In Connecticut, they report $77,250. Alaska, Massachusetts and New Jersey also pay median annual wages above $71,000.

Meanwhile, high school teachers with the highest median annual salary live in Alaska ($82,020). New York followed with $81,410. Connecticut, New Jersey and California range from $74,940 to $46,260.

What Are The Best Online Master’s Degree Programmes?

He anticipates that by 2026 the number of jobs for middle and high school teachers will increase by eight percent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics points to an increase in teacher retirements to explain the need for new teachers. In secondary school, eight percent is equivalent to 47,300 additional jobs. For higher education teachers, this number is 76,800 new positions.

Learn more about geographic profiles, state employment data, and middle and high school teacher salaries in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment Statistics.

Every public school teacher must be licensed or certified by the state. A graduate degree program leading to initial licensure, supplemental endorsement, or certification renewal typically includes private practice. This internship or internship can last several weeks during the school year. Other degree requirements vary from program to program.

We use a variety of statistics to compile this list of the 15 best online master’s degrees in secondary education.

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Factors in each classification include average net price, acceptance criteria, and graduation rates. Each university or college’s website provides information on study requirements, course descriptions and entry standards.

Distance learning data is obtained from the National Center for Education Statistics. The same source provides the Carnegie ratings. The website also provides student numbers, net prices, retention rates and loan default rates for each institution.

The University of Alabama (UA) began in 1831. Today, the school receives the Carnegie Doctoral/Advanced Research classification. Of the more than 5,000 graduates, 38 percent take some or all of their classes remotely.

The University of Alabama offers an online master’s degree in secondary education with an English language arts certificate 6-12. Students complete 30 credit hours. University of Alabama Secondary Education Curriculum Sample:

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UA uses rolling admission each semester. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate. The program requires a GRE score of 300 or higher or a MAT score in the 50th percentile.

St. Joseph’s University (SJU) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, follows the Jesuit model of education. SJU ranks in the Carnegie Ranking of Major/Graduate Programs. Three thousand are pursuing graduate school. Of these, 63 percent attend all online courses.

SJU offers 36 credit hours of MS in Education – Secondary Education. The degree includes an Online Certificate in Accelerated Training (OATCERT). Alternatively, students may choose an accelerated 30-hour program for OATCERT only. Classes in MS in Education – Secondary Education:

The Master’s study program lasts two years. Applicants can gain admission without any teaching experience or education. Sessions start in January, May and August with recurring admissions.

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Liberty University (LU) in Lynchburg, Virginia offers a Christian education. It bills itself as the largest private, non-profit university in the United States, with 110,000 students. Ninety-six percent of all graduates take online classes.

Liberty created its Master of Teaching, a secondary education program for students with no prior teaching experience. The course work is certified by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Secondary education classes at Liberty University:

Interested applicants should learn more about state reciprocity requirements before applying to a Liberty University program. Students complete 36 credit hours to earn their degree. The school allows up to half of these hours to be transferred from other institutions.

Mississippi State University was founded in 1862. The Morrill Act, which established the nation’s land grant institutions. There are 3,532 graduates. Of them, 34 percent attend all or part of the classes remotely.

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The online MS degree in Secondary Education is suitable for both experienced and newly licensed teachers. Classes focus on research, theory and classroom practice. Secondary education coursework:

Applicants must already have a teaching license. The Office of Graduate Studies requires a purpose and three references. Plan to submit both transcripts and GRE scores.

Ball State University (BSU) began as a teaching college in 1899. It became a university in 1965. Sixty-seven percent of all graduates graduate online.

The Ball State master’s degree in secondary education focuses on six essential foundations. These include pedagogy, curriculum, technology, research, multicultural education, and educational foundations. Coursework for the Master of Secondary Education:

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Students who do not have a teaching license can earn one after completing their master’s degree. The courses amount to 30 credit hours. A research course at BSU is required.

Old Dominion University (ODU) began as an extension of the College of William and Mary and Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Students initially studied either teaching or engineering. Today, more than half of all graduates complete their classes through ODUOnline, the school’s distance learning program.

ODUOnline provides an online master’s degree in secondary education (ages 6-12) with a Virginia license. Students focus on English, Biology, Mathematics, History/Social Studies, Chemistry, TESOL, Physics or Earth Science. The degree prepares non-pedagogues for teaching careers. Coursework that may apply to the MS of Secondary Education:

The only entry ban is for Washington State students. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree outside of education. The program requires 34 credit hours.

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Georgia Southern University started in 1906. Today, the school boasts a Carnegie PhD / moderated research designation. Fifty-nine percent of all graduates take online classes.

Georgia Southern University offers a 100 percent online M.Ed. in high school. Candidates must have a professional level four certificate. Courses through the M.Ed. In a secondary education program in South Georgia:

36 credit hours are required for graduation. All candidates for the M.Ed. they must choose a concentration in the same field as their certification. Those who have completed their studies can obtain a Level 5 certificate.

Kennesaw State University serves the Atlanta metropolitan area and is part of the University System of Georgia. Carnegie designated the university as a doctoral/intermediate degree research paper. Forty-four percent of graduates complete their degree online.

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Kennesaw State University offers an online M.Ed. in middle or high school. Students majoring in English/language arts, history/social studies, mathematics, or science. Middle or postsecondary courses at Kennesaw State:

Master of Education candidates complete 36 credit hours. Of these, 15 hours consist of core lessons and 12 hours of learning area. Electives include the last nine credit hours.

The University of Cumberland (UC) was founded in 1888. Williamsburg, Kentucky. The school receives Carnegie Doctoral/Medium Research classification. Sixty percent of all students enroll. Of these, 79 percent complete their degrees in online courses.

UC offers an online Master of Teaching (MAT) in secondary education. Coursework includes curriculum development, classroom management, and field experiences. Cumberland University Secondary Education MAT Courses:

Ciu Online M.a. In Theological Studies Ranks #1; M.ed. Admin. Also Ranks High

The UC Department of Education accepts up to 9 transfer credits. Applicants need a minimum of 2.75 GPA, three letters of recommendation, and GRE or Praxis scores. The Secondary Education MAT requires 33 credit hours.

The University of Louisiana at Monroe began as a junior college in 1931. Carnegie classifies ULM as doctoral/mid-level research. Forty-seven percent of the 1,260 graduates take distance courses.

The university offers a Master of Teaching (MAT) degree in secondary education (6-12 years). Students without education-related bachelor’s degrees seek Louisiana teaching certification. Secondary education courses at ULM:

Program eligibility includes undergraduate studies

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