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Online Masters In Artificial Intelligence – This world-class master’s program will prepare future leaders of digital AI transformation in the public sector. You will learn to plan, design and use artificial intelligence in the delivery of public services, in order to provide, the efficiency and value of these public services and the power of the public sector with adequate management, information and AI -Related development. projects and services.

The overall expected result is limited to the training of working professionals and the use of AI in public works. A professional working in AI and public services will understand not only the basics and the state of the art of AI technology, but also the entire cycle of development and delivery of public services using AI technology, including design, development, delivery and evaluation. .

Online Masters In Artificial Intelligence

The main objectives of this program are education: (i) in the management of public services based on AI, (ii) the use of AI in public administration activities, and (iii) the management of AI in the public sector and the delivery of public services to society.

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Know and understand the power of data to create public services, and be able to critically assess the social and behavioral implications:

Understand what AI can do now, what different functional domains are focused on AI governance, and what features it can have:

Be able to hire/buy AI-based systems for companies and professionals, and test and analyze their performance and quality:

Gain the ability to think critically and analyze different use cases for the delivery of AI for public services in society:

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By working independently and in groups, students develop the ability to present and discuss their ideas and an attitude of negotiation in group work.

Our core team consists of four institutions with a long track record of excellence in research, development and delivery of AI technologies and services, as well as public services across EU-based institutions at local, regional, national and international levels. We are four European universities: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) in Spain, Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi) in Italy, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) in Germany, and Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) in Estonia. .

Lectures are taught not only by members of these institutions, but also by other experts who have extensive experience in the use of public services and institutions around the world.

Application fees for the course 2023-2024: 9600 euros (20% discount for early bird registration) Discounts are available for public sector workers and participants from low and middle income countries.

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Registration for the third group of students (academic course 2023-2024) is now open, with early bird registration ending on February 28, 2023. Regular pre-registration until the 30th.

Departmentamento de Intelligencia Artificial. ETSI Informatics, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Campus de Montegancedo sn, Boadilla del Monte, Spain What are the best experts in artificial intelligence online? AI degrees are a new academic pursuit in the field of machine learning. A variety of artificial intelligence applications can be made with advanced programming skills that students with this degree will excel at. Engineering and other subjects are often included in the courses, along with robotics, computer science, and algorithms.

Although it is still new, artificial intelligence is expected to grow in the coming years. Are you afraid of AI jargon? We have already created an AI glossary detailing the most commonly used artificial intelligence terms and explained the basics of artificial intelligence and the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence for organizations and others.

Most master’s degrees in artificial intelligence graduates work in computer or technology-related industries. Artificial Intelligence is used by public and private institutions, offering graduates a wide range of career opportunities.

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Some students may also choose to work independently as consultants, independent contractors or entrepreneurs using the skills they have acquired. With data architect, cloud computing, data engineer jobs, and machine learning engineers, artificial intelligence jobs are also hot and on the rise.

Artificial intelligence is a relatively new course and a well-established field with few degree options. This suggests that an online master’s in artificial intelligence from a particular university is important. So, can you fulfill this important requirement for free? Let’s start with that.

Finding a free Masters in AI is a challenging topic. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend years of your time in college studying to understand this seemingly complex technology. Many free online courses have appeared in recent years, from the best such as Google, Columbia University, MIT, and more.

“Learn about Google AI” is a tool that is part of Google’s strategy to increase public awareness of AI. Although content is still being added, a crash course on machine learning with TensorFlow (Google’s machine learning library) is already available.

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From a basic introduction to machine learning to getting started with TensorFlow to create and train neural networks, the course covers it all. The history of machine learning shows that a good understanding of the machine learning lifecycle greatly increases the benefits of machine learning for businesses.

Machine learning experts can use the tutorial as an introduction to TensorFlow, while those with some experience can choose their favorite modules. It’s designed so that those with no prior machine learning experience can jump in.

This Google course, which is a little more in-depth, is available through Udacity. As a result, it is not intended for complete beginners and assumes that you have some prior knowledge of machine learning, at least some familiarity with supervised learning techniques.

Deep learning and the creation of self-learning systems that can learn from large, complex data sets are the main topics of the course.

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This course is designed for those who want to apply machine learning and neural network technologies in their careers as data analysts, data scientists or machine learning engineers. It is also intended for beginners who want to use the wealth of open source libraries and resources available.

Best Masters in Artificial Intelligence online: The course is designed for those who want to apply machine learning and neural network technologies

The creator of Google Brain, Google’s deep learning research unit, and the head of AI at Baidu, Andrew Ng, is the teacher of this course, which is available through Coursera.

The full course is available for free, but you can also pay for a certificate, which can be useful if you want to use your AI knowledge to improve your professional prospects.

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The course examines a variety of machine learning applications, including speech recognition and web search optimization, while delving deeper into mathematical topics such as linear regression, back-propagation techniques used by neural networks to “learn,” and a Matlab tutorial, one. of the most popular programming languages ​​for probability-based AI tools.

You can access this course completely free online, with the option to pay for a certificate if you wish.

It aims to teach students how to use supervised and unsupervised learning and probabilistic and non-probabilistic methods to solve real-world problems.

You should budget eight to ten hours per week of study and assignments to get the most out of the course; however, since this is a free Ivy League education, you wouldn’t expect it to be easy.

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It is offered by the non-profit online course provider edX, where it is part of a nano-degree in artificial intelligence.

The field of artificial intelligence, known as “computer vision,” focuses on creating machines that can “see” by processing physical data much like our brains.

The course covers technical principles and how to identify situations or problems that can benefit from machine vision and image classification.

Nvidia is a manufacturer of graphics processing units (GPUs), so it should not be surprising that you talk about the important role of these powerful graphics engines – which were previously mainly aimed at displaying high-quality images – in the widespread emergence of computer vision applications. . In Artificial Intelligence

Although you can take the course at your own pace and the final exam covers the development and deployment of a neural network application, you should plan to spend about eight hours on it.

As the study mentioned above, MIT is using an important AI program as a starting point to investigate relevant technologies.

Self-driving cars that are expected to become a regular part of our lives rely on AI to interpret data from the car’s array of sensors and navigate the roads safely.

Students are challenged to teach a virtual car to travel as fast as possible on a busy road without hitting other vehicles as part of a course using the MIT DeepTraffic Simulator. However, you cannot get a certificate from this course.

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These days, artificial intelligence (AI) is getting a lot of attention because of the many developments based on it. Study artificial intelligence to research and develop computer systems that can consult data, make decisions on their own, and interact with people.

If you study a master’s degree in artificial intelligence, you can have a successful career because the technology is used in all industries, and employers are actively looking for applicants with this degree. Your extensive expertise gained during your master’s training in artificial intelligence gives you the opportunity to acquire it.

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